Names Meaning Free Spirit For Your Free-Spirited Baby!

A baby’s name can go a long way in influencing the kind of people they become, so how about considering names meaning free spirit?

Following that, there are multiple names that we may find appealing.

From the cool badass boy names, names that mean savior, to Scandinavian names for something edgy.

But what’s better than names meaning free spirit? Probably nothing!

If your baby is on the way, you are probably in a predicament on what to name them.

Do you know their gender?

If you do, that may be helpful as it will narrow down your options.

Fortunately, I will compile a list of names for both boys and girls for you to choose from. Without wasting time, let’s get right into it.

Names That Mean Freedom

Below we have looked at both girls and boy names that means spirit, read on to find some inspiration for your little one.

Feminine names meaning free spirit


It is of German origin and means ‘free man or maiden.’


This name, meaning ‘a woman who loves freedom,’ is of English origin.


 It means ‘free’ and springs from Germany.


It originates in Greece and means ‘passionate and loves freedom.’


It springs from Germany and stands for ‘free man.’


It means ‘adventurous and free-spirited.’ It is also of Slavic origin.


It stands for ‘free,’ and hails in Italy.


It is of French origin and means ‘free will.’


It means ‘she who is free,’ and is of English origin.


It’s of German origin and stands for ‘free woman.’


It’s of Islam origin and means ‘a free woman.’


The moniker means ‘seeking freedom,’ and is of English origin.


It is of English origin and means ‘free.’


It is from Greece, and it stands for ‘freedom-loving.’


If you prefer a short name, this is the one for you. It means ‘adventure-loving,’ and originates in Scotland.


It originates in Latin and means’ free one.’ For its male version, it is Francis.


It is English in total sense and means ‘happy and carefree person.’


Despite its popularity, it means ‘free,’ and is of French origin.


It is of Albanian origin and means’ freedom.’

Male names that mean freedom


It stems from France and stands for ‘free person.’


It originates in Old German and means’ free man.’


It stems from Old German and means’ free man.’


Apart from symbolizing ‘free,’ it also means ‘noble,’ ‘generous,’ and ‘protection.’ It is also of French origin.


If you are searching for a unique moniker, this is one of them.

It is of English origin and means’ freedom from dispute.’


This moniker can be traced to Ireland, and it means ‘free-spirited.’


It springs from Spain and means’ free.’


Sounds Latin, right?

It is of Latin origin and means’ born to freedom.’ And if you want to spice it up, you could go for Camilo or Kamil.


It comes from Hebrew and means’ freedom.’


Are you interested in nicknames?

Ferenc can be Feri or Freko in short. However, it means ‘free,’ and is of Hungarian origin.


It is common in Iran and its neighbours. However, it originates in Persia and means ‘free.’


 It means ‘free’ and hails in Latin.


Its female version is Fritha.

Nonetheless, it stands for ‘free, “safety,’ and ‘protection.’ Its origin is from the Old English.


It is of French origin. Nevertheless, it comes from the name Karl, which is a German name. It means ‘free man.’


It is of Anglo-Saxon origin and symbolizes ‘man with freedom.’


It stands for ‘a free man’s town’ and is of English origin.


The moniker is of American origin and means ‘dynamic and exciting people who aspire towards freedom.’


This moniker of German origin means ‘a commoner who is free.’


Despite meaning ‘from France,’ it also symbolizes ‘free man.’

It is an improved version of Francis and springs from Italy.


If you like Indian culture or hail from there, this name which means ‘freedom-loving man,’ may be perfect.


It means ‘free landholder,’ and is of English origin.


It means ‘free,’ and is of Latin origin.


It originates in Albania and means ‘freedom to be.’

Characteristics of free spirits

How can we define a person with a free spirit?

For starters, you can’t even describe them.

They are free spirits in the complete sense. Conventionally, they are wild and daring, but that is not necessarily the case.

Instead, they do not stick to rules and live one day at a time. Below are signs of free-spirited people:

They get bored quickly

Free spirits like to change their environment frequently.

They can’t stay in one place or talk to the same people for long.

They don’t make commitments

It is rare to find free-spirited people in relationships, and when they are, they often do not last long. It’s the same case for their apartments.

They can’t stay for too long in a specific one as they have the need to make changes often.

There focus is more on experiences

Getting that latest model vehicle is a common goal.

However, free-spirited people will choose a trip, time spent with friends, or dinner over a fancy car any time.

Critical decision-makers

They tend to take time in making decisions.

It is because they fear missing out on what could be on the other side. For instance, during a dinner date with them, it may be a long wait when choosing a meal.

They are in love with their time

Despite going out and being in the company of others, free spirits like to spend their time alone.

Whether to contemplate the next adventure, read a book, or watch a movie, they want to be on their own.

They like learning

Free spirits never get enough of learning. Whether through a new language, reading blogs, or adding one vocabulary, the thirst never ends.

Opinions don’t get to them

While others are affected by other people’s sentiments and words, that is not the case for free spirits.

Even though others may find them mysterious, they do not care and are driven by their satisfaction.

They are opportunistic

Unlike others, they always have a way of solving their problems and are not worried about anything.

They always get ahead of any obstacles. Moreover, they find worry as a waste of their time.

They are friendly

They always make friends wherever they go and somehow find a way of getting in touch with them.

Have several hobbies

If you are a free spirit, you are probably that person who feels they can do many things.

It is thanks to your urge of learning as much as possible.

Born ready to lead

Since they can’t follow, free spirits are the best leaders. Moreover, they like passing down knowledge to others.

One last thing one Names meaning free spirit

Choosing a name for your baby may take a while. Moreover, there are a thousand options to consider.

Nevertheless, take your time since a moniker is used for a lifetime. It does not have to be perfect. Instead, let it sound right to you!

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