Cool Names for girls with red hair you should check out!

Although red hair comes in various shades, you will probably make a ginger baby if one or both of you have the gene variant.

Aren’t they adorable? Just like the beautiful orange flowers we see in our gardens, or the beautiful red flower that stands out at the red yard.

Unquestionably! Just like the unique gold and scarlet bird red headed girl names are just as unique.

And the red head girl names? How about you tell me if you find these red head names adorable as we do?

Especially if you are expecting a baby girl, so what are the cool names for girls with red hair?

Despite thousands of names out there, naming your baby may pose some challenges.

Furthermore, you want it to be perfect. And with all that prettiness, you might want to get a moniker that compliments the unique color of her hair.

This article will compile a list of names for girls with red hair with their meanings.

Hopefully, you will get one that suits your baby.

Unique Names for Girl With Red Hair

Just like the unique brown gender-neutral names of Irish origin, these names as just as unique. Many red haired babies are considered to be rare as the deep red precious stone.


Apart from having Hawaiian descent, this cute name means “orange tree.”


It originated in Ireland and meant “little rose.” Making it perfect for your newborn.


Instead of calling your adorable baby typical Rose, Rosie sounds ideal and stands for ‘red rose.’


It means a ‘strong red color.’ What about its origin? It is just an English moniker.


We all know of the color scarlet red. As a moniker, it characterizes courage, passion, and joy. It is also actress Scarlett Ingrid Johansson’s first name!


Despite white, purple, and black poppies, we also have the red poppy, thereby making it to our ideal redhead girl names list.


If you prefer names of Latin or Greek origin, you should consider Rufina. It means ‘red-haired.’


If you are eyeing a gemstone name that will suit your redhead girl, Ruby is good to go!


Who hasn’t heard of the three films about Annie (the little orphan with red hair)?

Probably no one. If not all, you must have watched one of them. It is also not a wrong choice for your red-haired girl.


At sea, it looks like a pink plant despite being an animal. However, it sounds great and an ideal redhead girl name.


Its origin is both English and in Old French. This captivating name for the red fruit is quite a catch.


It is the season of red and brown colors. Apart from being attractive, it is also unique, just like the Red meadow.


If you can trace your origin to Italy, why not connect your baby to her motherland?

This moniker with Italian heritage means ‘reddish orange-brown.’


Hazelnuts are a blend of the colors red and brown. It is, therefore, suitable as a redhead girl name. Doesn’t it sound superb?

Well, only you can tell.


The yellowish-brown color is not so distinct from the red color you are interested in. In Old French, the moniker means ‘amber-colored,’ while it stands for ‘jewel’ in Arabic.

What more could you desire?


The maple tree features five-pointed leaves that turn bright red or gold during the autumn season.

As a moniker, it is of English origin and stands for ‘ someone who lived by the maple tree.’


This name of Welsh origin means ‘reed,’ which also means red hair.


Ooh-la-la! Guess who never thought about it? Despite being obvious, Ginger is a good fit.


Is it a boy’s or a girl’s name? No need to worry as it is a gender-neutral moniker.

Nevertheless, it refers to gold or scarlet birds and originates in Greece. It also means ‘reborn from the ashes.’


It is also unisex and means’ vivid red.’ On the other hand, its origin is Latin.


In Old English, it meant ‘red-haired.’


If Roisin sounds odd to you, this is its English version. As I had mentioned earlier, it means ‘little rose.’


It sounds boyish. Nonetheless, it is a unisex moniker to mean ‘red.’

If you target a unique name for your red-haired girl, it should make it to the list. A name that will make them stand out like the famous Red King.


In early French and old German, it was meant for girls with reddish-brown hair.


It is a gender-neutral name meaning ‘amber.’ It is also of French origin.


It may sound weird for redheads. Nevertheless, in Australia, it is a nickname for them.

Calling your red-haired baby girl Blue inspires mystery unless they have blue eyes, of course.


Some names do not sound good when shortened.

How about Rory? It is tasty to the mouth. Furthermore, Aurora is also a city in Colorado.


If you like the name Adam, this is its female version. It means ‘of the red earth.’


It is a short form for Ginger. This name belongs to a city in Nevada.

8 unique characteristics of red-haired girls

Did you know that natural red hair is rare?

It is because only 1 to 2% of the entire population in the world are lucky to have it. Without much ado, let’s get to know them better.

Thick hair strands

For ginger girls, each of their strands is exceptionally thicker compared to their counterparts with other colors.

Higher chances of getting skin cancer

Unfortunately, medical reports claim that red-haired girls are likely to suffer from cancer due to the low concentration of melanin in their sensitive skin.

They are two and a half times vulnerable.

That is why it’s common to see lines and wrinkles on their faces. 

The color of their eyes

What about the color of their eyes?

For most, they are brown.

At the same time, some have hazel or green-shaded eyes. Despite being rare, they could also have blue eyes, and the fusion is splendid!

Their hair doesn’t turn grey.

Unlike the rest of us, the red hair never turns grey in old age.

Instead, the color fades to rose gold and, eventually, white.

However, they tend to look aged or somehow a few years older than their agemates. It is due to facial aging characterized by wrinkles, sagging skin, and thinning lips.

  • Vitamin D production

Vitamin D is vital in ensuring our bones are healthy. Unknown to many, red-haired girls can manufacture their Vitamin D without much exposure to sunlight.

The subjection of their pale skin to lower light conditions is enough to get them going.

Are they left-handed?

Most redheads are likely to use their left instead of the usual right hand to perform activities.

Red hair is not for a specific ethnicity

Despite being common in Northern and Western Europe, red hair is also a character in other populations.

Higher sensitivity to pain

For ginger heads, they are likely to experience more pain due to their delicate nature.

Following that, they may require more anesthesia during surgeries.

One last thing on, Names for girls with red hair

Choosing an ideal name for your baby is a process.

Do not pressurize yourself too much. Instead, you can start by selecting five monikers as you narrow them down to the one that feels exquisite for you and your partner.

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