Top 25 Unique Names Similar To Luna

Have you been enchanted by the name Luna recently? Are you looking for names similar to Luna?

Whether you’ve seen it in a book or movie or just heard it said in passing, Luna seems to capture something whimsical and magical.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for other names with a similar mystical vibe for a little girl or character.

In this list, we’ve gathered some of the most enchanting names, like Luna, that channel the moon, stars, night sky, or a sense of whimsy.

Some are more unusual, while others have been longtime favorites. Therefore, one of these 25 names is bound to cast a spell over you. Read on to discover your new favorite Celestial name.

Mythological Moon Names Similar To Luna

If you’re looking for an enchanting name inspired by the moon, consider these mythological moon names:

Artemis was the Greek goddess of the moon, hunting, and chastity. In Roman mythology, she is known as Diana.

These melodic names evoke images of a strong, independent woman and the moon’s silvery glow.

Selene was the Greek goddess of the moon and sister to the sun god Helios. Her name represents a peaceful, luminous quality. In Roman mythology, Selene was known as Luna, another lovely choice.

Chandra means “moon” in Sanskrit and was the Hindu god of the moon. Amaris, meaning “child of the moon,” is a sweet variation.

On the other hand, Phoebe was a moon goddess and one of the original Titans in Greek mythology. Her name has a whimsical, fanciful feel.

In Greek mythology, Io is a mortal woman, and Zeus turns into a cow to hide his love for her from his wife, Hera. Io was associated with the moon; her name has a distinctive sound.

Lunaria means “moonstruck” or “growing by moonlight.” It’s an enchanting choice for a little dreamy moonchild.

With so many beautiful moon-inspired names throughout mythology, you’ll find the perfect enchanting name to capture your little Luna’s whimsical spirit. Close your eyes and imagine her bathed in the pale glow of moonlight – the name will come to you.

Celestial Names That Mean “Moon”

Is Luna not quite the right fit? No worries, plenty of other dreamy celestial names meaning “moon” to choose from.


In Greek mythology, Selene was the goddess of the moon. The name means “moon” and just sounds magical.


The Roman goddess of the moon and hunting has a strong yet feminine name that calls to mind a goddess dancing under the moon’s light.


In Greek mythology, Phoebe is a Titan associated with the moon. The name means “bright, pure” and has a lovely, whimsical feel.


A short form of the Finnish name Lumikki, meaning “snow white,” it also means “Moon” in Haitian Creole.


In Welsh mythology, Arianrhod was the goddess of the moon and stars. It’s a stunning name with a mystical meaning, but maybe a bit of a tongue twister!


The name of the Roman goddess of childbirth, cradles, and the moon. It is a lovely name with lunar associations.


The crescent moon is a poetic symbol and a gorgeous name for a little girl. Simple but meaningful.

So, if Luna isn’t quite the perfect fit, consider one of these enchanting moon names.

Thus, any of these—mystical, whimsical, and filled with goddess energy—would be amazing names for your little celestial being.

Whimsical Names Similar To Luna

Luna is a whimsical name that conjures images of the moon and night sky. If you love the mystical quality of Luna but want something a bit more unique, consider these enchanting alternatives:


Stella means “star” in Latin. It’s a heavenly name perfect for a luminous little girl. Its celestial quality is similar to Luna’s but more unexpected.


In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of the dawn. As a name, Aurora evokes the first light of daybreak with a magical, whimsical feel like Luna.


Derived from the Latin word for “heavenly” or “celestial,” the name Celeste shares Luna’s starry quality in a distinctive way. Its heavenly meaning is subtle yet evocative.


In Greek mythology, Selene was the goddess of the moon. As a name, Selene has a charmingly mystical quality reminiscent of Luna. Selene offers lunar symbolism in an unexpected form for those who love meaningful names.


In Greek mythology, Phoebe is a Titan associated with the moon. As a name, Phoebe has a delightfully whimsical and quirky style similar to Luna. For a spunky little girl, Phoebe is a perfect match.


In Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the moon and the hunt. As a result, ss a name, Artemis is ideal for nature and animal lovers. It has a wild, free-spirited style like Luna, with added strength and independence.

With a magical, celestial meaning and style, names like Stella, Aurora, Celeste, Selene, Phoebe, and Artemis make perfect, whimsical alternatives to the lovely name Luna.

Thus, choosing one of these enchanting options will suit a luminous little girl.


With these enchanting name options like Luna, you have plenty of inspiration for your little moon goddess.

Whether you’re looking for something whimsical, celestial, or nature-inspired, this list covers you.

As you ponder the possibilities, consider which names speak to you and have the most meaning.

Go with what feels right. After all, the name you choose will be a part of your baby’s life.

Once you find “the one,” you’ll know—it will roll off the tongue perfectly and encapsulate all your hopes and dreams for your little girl.

Best of luck on your naming journey! The stars are the limit.

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