Celestial Names

Your little bun in the oven must be giving you all those warming feeling when you rub your belly or when you imagine the day you will finally meet. That instant joy just feels like a gift from above. So how about drawing your inspiration from above? The stars and the sky could make cute and creative celestial names to explore.

The beautiful stars in the sky inspire celestial names, and these names make a perfect option if you are looking for that unique name that will make your baby stand out. Not forgetting, you will also explore Gender-neutral names that are perfect for your little one.

68 unique celestial names

Celestial boy names

1. Orion

For your little prince, a name that means rising star.

2. Leo

If you’re expecting your bundle of joy to arrive between July 22 – August 22, this could be the perfect name for him. A zodiac sign and also a constellation name for your little lion cub.

3. Atlas

The name was for a mythological Titan who was so strong and carried the world on his shoulders, we don’t want your child to bare the struggles of this world, but it is a perfect strong name for your little man.

4. Titan

This is one of Saturn’s largest moons, but this is not all as it was a name for the ancient race, the giants in Greek mythology.

5. Apollo

If you can remember, the first Nasa Apollo mission was able to put the first man on the moon, and at the same time, the name was for a God of the sun when we look at Greek mythology.

6. Archer

If your baby is going to be a Sagittarius baby, between November 23 – December 21, this can be a fun twist to his name.

7. Stellan

If you love the name Stella, then this is the male version, a name that means star.

8. Cyrus

This name means sun in Persian.

9. Atlas

A cute boy name for your compass when you have lost your GPS.

10. Galileo

A perfect name for your little boy; he will most likely get obsessed with the constellation apps you might be having on your phone.

11. Aries

This is the first sign in zodiac signs, and if this is your firstborn, this can also be a perfect name for him.

Celestial girl names

12. Luna

This was the name of a Roman goddess, an Italian word that means moon; with such a name, your heart will be full when you look into your precious Luna.

13. Aurora

A name that means Dawn in Latin, but this is not all as the name has some Roman mythology roots, a name for the goddess of sunrise. If you have been lucky to fist your eyes on the Northern lights, you can recall the name aurora boreal. 

14. Cassiopeia

It is a constellation name given to the vain queen who boasted about her beauty in Greek mythology. But how cute would it be if you can call your beautiful queen Cassie in short?

15. Soleil

A French name that means the sun, she will surely light up your life.

16. Juno

A name with Latin origins meaning the queen of the heavens, the movie might have made it famous, but it is still a perfect name for your little queen.

17. Cressida

A name that means gold, however, this is a moon or inner satellite that is found in Uranus. An inner satellite is usually brought to light in the inception or a planet, and they don’t stay far from the parent’s orbit.

18. Nova

A perfect name for your little princess. She will be that extra light in any room that she walks in. 

19. Venus

The goddess of love, a name that has been used for centuries, not forgetting it is the second planet of the sun. And when we deep a little deeper into astrology, your Venus sign will reveal what you love and truly desire.

20. Roxana

The name has different spellings, thus making it easy to customize it for your little one, but all in all, you will only have one star; you can either have it as Roxana, Roxane, or Roxanne. 

21. Andromeda

A unique name for your little princess, just like the princess of Ethiopia.

22. Calypso

A moon that has been personified as a queen in Greek mythology, a strong name for your little princess.

More celestial names to explore

23. Astrid

For the gorgeous goddess and a name perfect for your gorgeous little girl.

24. Bianca

This is a small moon that is found in Uranus

25. Alula

The first twin stars that was discovered in our beautiful galaxy.

26. Aerglo

This is the natural glow of the night sky, the kind of glow your little one will bring into your home.

27. Alya

This is the first names of the Theta Serpentis star system

28. Castor

This is the largest star that you can find in the Gemini constellation

29. Halley

A comet that is visible from earth with just your naked eye.

30. Vega

It means the falling star or if you would like the swooping eagle. In Arabic, it has been considered the perfect gender-neutral name to give your little one.

31. Oberon

You will see it as the outermost major moon in Uranus, which has also been considered the second largest.

32. Artemis

This name was given to the Greek goddess of hunting; yes, it was given to a female but remained a neutral name.

33. Miranda

A name for one of the major moons that are found in Uranus.

34. Ophelia

If you are more curious about Uranus, another tiny moon is found in its orbit.

35. Phoebe

This has been the outermost moon found in Saturn for the last 100 years, a unique moon and name.

36. Titania

More on the Uranus moons, this is among the largest moons that you find around its orbit.

And more celestial names you can consider

These are more celestial baby names you can explore for you little one.

37. Telescopium

38. Vela

39. Taurus

40. Uranus

41. Triangulum

42. Vulpecula

43. Tucana

44. Sirius

45. Serpens

46. Puppis

47. Sagitta Arrow

48. Reticulum

49. Rigel

50. Pyxis

51. Portia

52. Ophiuchus

53. Norma

54. Oberon

55. Monoceros

56. Musca

57. Lupus

58. Lynx

59. Lacetra

60. Janus

61. Holmes

62. Indus

63. Hydrus

64. Halley

65. Estella

66. Fornax

67. Gemini

68. Eridanus

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