Why Does My Newborn Baby Wants Hands Out Of The Swaddle?

So your newborn baby has discovered its hands and wants them accessible, huh? Does this make you wonder why a newborn wants hands out of swaddle?

Those tiny fingers are too adorable to keep tucked away in a swaddle.

While swaddling has its perks, such as aiding sleep, it might be time for a change if your little bundle of joy is yearning to break free.

After all, a happy baby equals happy parents and, hopefully, more shut-eye for everyone.

Don’t worry; with a few simple adjustments, you can ensure your baby stays snug and hands-free for a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you’re also wondering how many swaddles you need, these might be some helpful tips.

Follow these effortless tips to break free from the swaddle struggle and enjoy well-deserved rest. Freedom for those little hands is just a tweak away.

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Why Does My Newborn Baby Wants Hands Out of the Swaddle?

Your newborn wants their hands free for a reason. At this stage, their little hands are discovering the world! Swaddling can feel restrictive and prevent them from exploring.

Give Baby Some Hands-Free Time when newborn baby wants hands out of the swaddle

For development, newborns must have opportunities to have their hands out of the swaddle during the day.

Try leaving one arm out during tummy time or playtime.

Supervise them closely since their startle reflex is still present, but giving them chances to grasp toys or swat at dangling objects helps hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Start with 10-15 minutes daily and build up.

Have some engaging toys, rattles, or other objects for them to grab, pat, and manipulate.

Gently massage their hands and fingers. This soothing stimulation helps them start to gain awareness of their hands.

Once they can roll over, you’ll need to completely transition them out of the swaddle. A safe alternative is an arms-free sleep sack or wearable blanket.

Meeting Baby’s Needs

Newborns communicate through crying, so if your baby seems particularly upset with their hands confined, they may need hands-free time to self-soothe.

Gently unswaddling and allowing them access to their hands can do the trick.

Every baby is different, so follow their cues.

By giving your newborn opportunities to play and explore the world around them each day, you’re helping their growth and development while keeping them happy!

With time and patience, you’ll better read what they need.

Alternatives to the Traditional Swaddle for Handsy Babies

Your little escape artist keeps wiggling out of their swaddle, huh? Don’t worry; some great options will keep those hands contained while allowing the baby some movement.

Try a wearable blanket or sleep sack.

These provide warmth without constriction. Look for one with built-in hand covers or scratch mitts to prevent those little fingernails from scratching.

If the baby still seems too confined, you can try one arm out swaddling.

Place one arm in and one out of the swaddle, securing the swaddle around the torso.

This gives them some freedom to move and self-soothe by touching their face or sucking on their hands. You may need to experiment to see which arm the baby prefers.

A simple sleep sack and scratch mitts may do the trick for the really determined Houdini baby.

The sack provides warmth, while the mitts prevent scratching, all without confining hands.

Using a breathable baby blanket, you can also try loosely swaddling hands and arms together in front of the body.

Secure with Velcro strips or ties, and make sure the baby’s fingers remain exposed.

Whatever method you choose, always place the baby to sleep on their back, keep loose bedding out of the crib, and never overheat them.

With time and patience, your little escape artist will get used to having their hands out and sleeping soundly through the night. You’ve got this!

Tips for Keeping Your Newborn’s Hands-Free and Still Sleeping Well

Your newborn may resist the swaddle after a few weeks as their movements become more coordinated.

Don’t worry; there are some tips to keep those little hands out while promoting good sleep.

Offer a sleep sack or wearable blanket

A sleep sack or wearable blanket lets your baby move their arms while keeping them warm.

Look for a snug but not constricting sack made of breathable cotton. The sack should reach your baby’s waist or have holes for their feet to poke through.

This allows leg movement, too.

Gently restrain one arm at a time

If your baby only wants one arm out, swaddle one arm in the blanket. Gently tuck the other arm at their side or over their chest before swaddling the rest of their body snugly.

Make sure any loose blanket material is kept away from their face. Rotate which arm is swaddled with each sleep period so they learn to self-soothe either arm.

Provide a transitional swaddle or wearable blanket

A transitional swaddle, like the Halo SleepSack Swaddle or Love to Dream Swaddle UP, has Velcro straps that can be adjusted to loosen the swaddle gradually.

 Start with arms in, then release one arm at a time over a few nights.

This helps your baby get used to having their arms out progressively while still feeling snug and secure.

Don’t swaddle at all if newborn baby wants hands out Of swaddle

If your newborn continues escaping from the swaddle or seems very unhappy with its arms confined, it may be time to stop swaddling altogether.

A loose wearable blanket and sleep sack, along with a pacifier or white noise for comfort, can help your baby sleep just as well with arms free.

Every baby is different, so do what helps your little one sleep the most peacefully.


So, there are a few simple ways to keep your little escape artists content while ensuring their hands stay out of mischief.

Remember, it may take trial and error; every baby is unique. The key is to stay calm, quiet, and patient throughout the process.

Before you know it, your newborn will adapt to having their hands free, and the days of swaddling will be a thing of the past.

Embrace the joy of watching those tiny hands explore the world, one discovery at a time. The days of newborn snuggles pass quickly, so cherish every precious moment.

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