How Many Swaddles Do I Need?

Swaddling is a great way to help newborns fall asleep on their own. Thus, as a new parent, you must be wondering how many swaddles do I need.

Most parents advise having about 4-8 swaddles. So, if you get four swaddles, try to balance them with your receiving blanket.

About 3-4 are okay. Additionally, if you prefer using swaddles when on the go, always ensure to pack 2-3 for the day.

Parents have used these blankets for so long to keep their babies warm. Therefore, swaddle blankets and sleep sacks are essential to have on hand.

What is a baby swaddle?

Swaddles are designed to be lightweight while still a breathable blanket for wrapping your baby. Why it is so common because this wrap immediately reminds your baby of the womb they have spent the better part of their life.

Well, this trend is not new; it is a practice that has been among us for years, and probably it was the easiest way to help babies adjust to the outside world.

As a result, if you properly swaddle your baby, they will sleep for longer because of the extra comfort the swaddle offers.

Is a receiving blanket the same as a swaddle?

It can be a very confusing concept for most new moms, but no, these are two different items.

A receiving blanket is much thicker and can be used in several ways, for burping your little one, or swaddling, while others prefer using it as a towel.

And when you look at both items, a swaddle is much thinner and breathable to make it easier to wrap your baby.

As a result, during the cold months, it is advisable to use both, starting with the swaddle, then finishing off the wrap with a blanket to keep your little warm.

Do newborns need to be swaddled all day?

Newborns don’t need to be swaddled all day. Remember that newborns are still learning to regulate their body temperature and should always be kept in a warm environment.

The best way to keep your baby comfortable is by bundling them up in the best baby blankets. Swaddle blankets are essential in keeping them warm.

However, you don’t need to swaddle your baby all day.

Some of the best swaddles you should try include muslin, Velcro, and flannel receiving blankets.

It is important to note that over-swaddling your baby can make them uncomfortable and cranky.

However, you are not limited to just using swaddling blankets; onesies are also a good go-to option. It keeps your baby warm while giving them room to move around freely.

But these can also be a lazy go-to option for parents, so try to figure out when babies stop wearing onesies before you get too hooked.

What are sleep sacks?

These are designed to be wearable blankets for your little one, however, not for a newborn.

When your baby is ready to move to a crib, it is advisable to start with a sleep sack rather than a blanket.

Blankets are dangerous and could cause suffocation when your baby pulls them over their face.

However, with a sleep sack, your baby can stay warm at night and move around their crib without worries.

We all want our kids to graduate to the crib, but it also comes with its fair share of risks we must be aware of. So do some research and find out the truth about SIDS.

How many sleep sacks do you need for a newborn?

As a new parent, you probably have many questions. One of the most common ones is: How many sleep sacks do I need for a newborn?

We recommend purchasing at least three.

One to use as a blanket in the crib to keep it clean, one to use as an everyday blanket throughout the house, and one to put on when you’re going out or having guests over.

That way, when you’re not home, you don’t have to worry about folding up the one used as a blanket in the nursery.

One of the most important investments you can make for your baby is purchasing a sleep sack and the best swaddles in town.

And while we are about making your life easier, how about finding out how many baby clothes you need for each size?

Sleep sacks are especially great for wintertime because they help keep your baby warm and cozy while protecting their delicate layers of skin.

If you need help deciding which one you should use, we recommend using a heavier one for warmth and a lighter one for comfort.

The best sleep sack is made of pure cotton or cotton muslin.

The cotton sleep sack is of good quality and affordable for babies. Additionally, they come in different designs and colors to offer you variety.

Can you use two swaddles?

Can I use two swaddles, or how many swaddles do I need? It is not advisable to use two blankets to swaddle your baby. Double swaddling or over-swaddling can be very uncomfortable for your baby.

One of the effects is that it can cause overheating, which may lead to sudden death.

Some of the signs of overheating in our babies include rapid breathing, sweating, flushed cheeks, and damp hair.

You can avoid the idea of double swaddling by buying the best baby blankets in terms of size and material to ensure your baby’s warmth and safety.

Reasons why many moms love to swaddle

Swaddling babies has been used for many years, and why it has still stuck is due to the numerous benefits it offers.

No waking up from startle reflexes

If you have watched your baby sleep, you must have seen the sudden kicks and arm throws that randomly happen. These are referred to as startle reflexes.

And if it shocked you for that second when you so it happens, you can only imagine what it does to your baby as they are in dreamland.

But when you properly swaddle your baby, it prevents this and limits instances of your baby wakes up crying and cranky.

Offer your baby a womb feeling

Being out in the world can be a new drastic change for your little one. Remember, they have been in a tight space, in your womb, for the past nine months.

So how about extending that womb-like feeling with a quick swaddle before a nap?

Protects your little one from germs

Your baby’s immune system is still young and unprepared to face the harsh germs surrounding us, but swaddling keeps the germs at bay. How, might you ask?

When people visit, everyone wants to carry your little one, some wash their hands, but others jump into hugging them before proper sanitizing.

Additionally, their clothes could carry germs from wherever they are from.

But with a swaddle, the germs get are on the cloth, not your baby. It offers that extra layer of protection.

It will help regulate your baby’s temperature

When shopping, get the best swaddle you can find in the market. Because as we all know, quality goes a long way in enjoying an item’s benefits.

And in this case, being able to regulate your baby’s body temperature. Especially in the cold months, it is a good idea to get into the swaddling habit.

Reduces the risks of SIDS

When we hear SIDS, we start panicking, but swaddling might be a solution. It is said that when babies sleep on their backs while comfortably swaddled, they are about 1/3 less prone to SIDS.

You can reap some benefits

Remember that womb-like feeling a swaddle offers; this is where you get to enjoy the benefits as your baby sleeps for longer.

The swaddle keeps them comfortable and snug, reducing the times you need to wake up at night. Therefore, you can get that extra hour or two of sleep, or extra ‘me time.’

Final thoughts

Swaddling offers a list of benefits, from giving your baby that extra womb-like comfort, safety, and keeps germs at bay.

However, it would be best if you did not overdo it. Remember, this is a growing small human, so they need to stretch and kick freely occasionally.

Additionally, once your baby has reached about 2-4 months, you might notice your baby trying to get free from the swaddle and probably rolling over.

This is a perfect time to let go of the swaddles.

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