55+ Popular Boy And Girl Names That Mean Savior

The nine-month journey can be pretty long. From trying to figure out your symptoms at 10 weeks pregnant, finding the perfect name meaning free spirit for your little one to even helping your partner in preparing for fatherhood.

So, meeting your newborn is very exciting, and congrats! But if you didn’t start your name hunting earlier, you may be faced with an additional task amid this welcome ceremony like finding names that mean savior.

Regardless, naming is no longer about random names that sound great.

They should also incorporate an image that you’d like your little angel to portray as they grow further into adulthood. A great place to start is names that mean savior.

And if you are looking that way, we have boy and girl names that any parent should find irresistible and, wait, unique too!

What boy name means Savior?

There is a whole list of cute names that mean savior from Najjad, Gazika, Nagpal, Xalvador and Xavier just to name a few.

Najjad: Meaning ‘savior,’ it originates in Arabia.

Gaizka: It means ‘savior’ and features Basque origins.

Nagpal: It stems from India and means ‘savior of serpents.’

Xalvador: With Spanish origin, it means ‘savior.’

Xavier: It means ‘savior’ and comes from Latin origins.

Names That Mean Savior

The names spell a strong and bold nature for children ready to fight the world for their families and loved ones at all costs. Let’s jump right into it without further ado for the best monikers you can find across the internet with the meaning.

Baby boy names that mean savior

Talk of virtuous names for a boy with a strong personality.


The great name with a bold and virtuous nature means ‘savior’ and addition from Arabic origin.


Back to the classics, and one is Alexander. Its historical popularity in the world is a bonus and means ‘savior of mankind.’


With Hebrew origins, this beautiful name for a handsome boy like yours means ‘God is my savior.’


If you wish to incorporate the name to your final list of favorites, it means ‘savior’ and bears Basque origins.


It is such an elegant name and undoubtedly a gem. Unless you are keeping off famous names, follow your heart, love. The name stems from Irish origin and means ‘unwavering savior.’


Who would have thought that such a stylish name could mean ‘savior?’ They had us too, and it’s right from the Old Testament.


Its roots are of Indian origin for a holy name to mean ‘savior of serpents.’


We can owe this name to various origins like Hebrew, American, Spanish, and English, meaning ‘savior.’ It’s a short form or variation of Salvatore.


Searching for names with Latin origin? Salvino is one to watch out for. It means ‘protector or savior.’


We are feeling the charm of this one right here, perfect for your little champ. With a Spanish origin, it means ‘savior,’ and spells his strong personality.


This name that means ‘savior’ is another good alternative and is traceable to Spanish. 


We don’t know about you, but this name sounds like a handsome boy. It has Latin origin and means ‘savior.’ Call it perfecto!


The tribal name stems from Native America and means ‘savior.’


This name from traditional India is still a classic and means ‘savior.’


You can trace this name to biblical origins and means ‘savior’; its elegance goes without saying.


Wish for another pick from Hebrew origin? Elisai is looking your way to mean ‘God is my savior.’


The name was a fav during the 1930s, awaiting you for a resurface. With Greek origins, it means ‘savior and powerful.’


The beautiful name is borrowed from the Holy book and means ‘savior.’

Girl Names That Mean Savior

A beautiful princess with a rich personality is every parent’s dream. For a positive character that is enough to charm anyone, take your pick below:


A perfect virtuous name for the perfect mini-you is Aminta. It means ‘savior’ and is a variation of Amynta in Greek.


Take a hint from German origin with this name that boosts your child’s personality. It means ‘bright savior or protector.’


Remember the name Alexandra? It’s giving us this gorgeous name that means ‘defender or savior of mankind.’


The one-of-a-kind moniker is a derivative of the word Fada and is a product of Arab origins. It stands for ‘savior.’


Featuring African origins, Hola is not only short but rich with its meaning ‘savior.’


The last thing you want to call your baby is a woman with snakes all over her head.

But its meaning is noble and is fitting for any parent that wishes for a meaningful name meaning ‘savior or guardian.’ The Greek moniker is of Gorgon, a character in Greek Mythology.


Indian names carry a unique vibe, and Hashna equally sounds good. It means ‘savior.’


You may call it old-fashioned, but Lutgardis is a unique name. It is a Latin word for the German moniker Luitgard. It means ‘savior.’


For one of the best and most uncommon Arabic names on our list, you can bet on Najia. It means ‘protector or savior.’


Short names are excellent, and it’s hard to let it pass by when it comes with an ideal meaning like ‘savior’ from the Choctaw origin.


A charming name for a great blessing like your princess. It’s the female version of Spanish Ramon which means ‘wise savior or protector.’


Meaning ‘savior,’ the Spanish-originated name is also good to go.


If you know of the male Sandu, this is its female version. The Romanian meaning is ‘defender or savior of mankind.’


If you don’t mind famous names, then Sopatra is a good choice. It is of Old Greek origin and means ‘father’s savior.’


It means ‘perfect savior’ and sounds ideal for your lovely daughter.


The name with Indian origin equally fits with its meaning ‘savior.’


Another name that doesn’t need a short form is Osha. It means ‘dew eagle savior’ with beauty written all over it. Besides, it’s a few of those monikers from Iroquois origin and, therefore, stands out!


Names of African origins sure sound interesting, and another to that list is this name. It means ‘savior.’


The name is borrowed from rich Indian Punjab culture and means ‘heroic savior.’


Hawaiian names don’t show up often, but it is today with the best meaning any parent should wish for. It means ‘savior.’


Russian names are of rare quality as they come. It’s no wonder Branislava has gained such fame. It is of Slavic origin and the female variation of Bronsilav, meaning ‘glorious savior.’

What name means guardian?

How about a name that means guardian?

Aminta: Meaning savior, it is the variation of Amynta in Greek.

Claramond: Means ‘bright savior or protector’ and stems from a German origin.

Alejandra: Means ‘defender or savior of mankind’ and is a derivative of Alexandra.

Fadia: From the Arab origins, and means ‘savior.’

Hola: Means ‘savior, and from African origins.

What name means to save?

Lutgardis: The unique name means ‘savior,’ with German origins.

Hashna: The Indian name means ‘savior.’

Alexander: The classic name means ‘savior of mankind.’

Najjad: Means ‘savior’ from Arabic origin.

Elikai: Meaning ‘God is my savior,’ from Hebrew origins.

What name means God’s saved?

Liam: It means ‘unwavering savior,’ with Irish origins.

Misham: It means ‘savior’ in the Old Testament.

Najia: Unique Arabic name meaning ‘protector or savior.’

Salvadora: It means ‘savior,’ and roots from Spanish origins.

Ramona: It means ‘wise savior or protector.’

One last thing on names that mean savior

With a rich name comes a rich character, and names that mean savior ensure that you bring up a virtuous child that receives admiration from their peers and everyone in general.

Take your time to go through the names above as you draft the final list, you can even consider looking into names that mean forgiveness. It will help you settle on the best one there is that sounds equally good.

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