How long do you have to stay in the house after giving birth?

We often wonder when it is the right time to go out and meet the world after giving birth. How long do you have to stay in the house after giving birth?

The pregnancy period changes your normal routines.

And you might probably miss some of your hobbies despite the joy of having a mini-you. 

Did you know that there are after-birth injuries? 

If you did not, now you do.

Adjusting to the newfound bonding time with your baby while still trying to accomplish specific activities may cause this. 

Important things to note as you try to figure out how long do you have to stay in the house after giving birth?

You may stress how long it will take you to do chores on your own or even take a drive. Therefore, it is advisable to ease into your new routine.

This article will take you through some guidelines that may come in handy during this postpartum period.

Even though the experiences during childbirth can be quite different for mothers, the postpartum timeline is almost similar for everyone.

Immediately after birth, your muscles and ligaments are usually worn out, and you will need to take a rest to regain strength. 

The time taken in the delivery room is dependent on the birth process that you opted for or had to choose.

If you went through a natural delivery, you would be transferred to the postnatal ward soon after. 

Afterward, additional few hours are needed to get rid of the discharge and give you instructions on what to do.

It does not have to take long. However, it varies from person to person and from one hospital to another. 

And once that is done, you can go home with your beautiful baby.

On the other hand, if you had to go for a cesarean section, you will have to stay in the hospital for three more days as the doctors monitor your progress.

First day activities after giving birth

Hold your baby

The delivery room is usually a flurry of activities, but the first thing you would want to do is hold your baby.

The warm and sweet snuggles with your newborn create a bond between the two of you.

Nurse your baby

It may be time to breastfeed him after being in a moment of happiness for bringing a bundle of joy to the world. Breastfeeding is done an hour after birth.

The breastfeeding latch and suckling rhythmically stimulation to your cells to initiate milk production. 

But there are natural ways you can increase your milk production while at home.

How long do you have to stay in the house after giving birth?

Leaving your house for the first time to run some light errands can be as weird as getting out of hospital immediately after birth.

You were used to staying the whole day indoors and will probably find it a big deal by this time. 

It would be best not to rush into your regular routine before full recovery.

Instead, stay in bed for at least two to three days with short walks to the washroom.

During this period, you can have perfect skin-to-skin time with your newborn. 

This helps your baby to grow well and gain some weight.

You can also dedicate this time to breastfeeding; it is not an easy and natural process, plus breastfeeding affects your body one way or another.

And your current physical and mental state should help you decide when it is finally time to step out.

Tips on leaving the house postpartum

When the time comes, you will have tons of reasons why you should not go outside with your baby.

It is, however, vital that you play down all this anxiety and go for that therapeutic walk with your infant. 

At the same time, it would be best if you did not coincide with the infant’s natural rhythm.

At this tender age, the baby has a vague pattern for eating and sleeping, and you should work things out based on this.  

If you can take him out after feeding and taking his nap, it is the best time.

For a start, you should settle for short trips and gradually increase them once you are more comfortable. 

What should you do before taking your baby out?

Dress the baby appropriately

At this stage, the baby is sensitive to weather conditions. Therefore, before stepping out, you need to consider the weather.

If it is cold or chilly, you can use warm and full-body jammies. On the other hand, onesies opt for hot weather. 

You should also carry extra baby clothes in case there is a radical change in meteorological conditions.

Pack the diaper bag

As you are up and about, the diaper bag can carry all the contents that the baby will need.

The items should include wipes, diapers, pacifier, change clothes for you and the baby, feeding cover, swaddle blanket, nursing pads and a peri-bottle.

Wear comfortable clothing

Comfortable clothes are crucial in helping you ease the postpartum pains that result from stitches.

Besides that, if you are breastfeeding exclusively, you will need to wear specific clothes with the right fit. You may like them loose.

Avoid huge crowds

Congested places predispose the baby to many diseases and infections since, at a tender age, the baby’s immune system is weak.

Hence, it is only right that you minimize their exposure to germs. 

The noises that come out of the crowd can overstimulate the baby, making them cranky or have trouble sleeping.

One of the right outdoor activities is taking a nature walk in the park.

Find the right way to carry the baby

It can be challenging figuring out the best way to carry your baby.

You can choose between a baby stroller, a carrier, or your car. If the baby is uncomfortable about the chosen means, he will cry all along. 

In such a case, it would be best to find a better substitute.

Baby carriers and strollers are the most convenient as you can feel and see your baby. Also, keep in mind that a pacifier helps you manage the crying periods. 

One last thing on How long do you have to stay in the house after giving birth?

Set realistic expectations when going out.

The outdoor trips are not as easy as they sound as they involve the baby crying and changing diapers in unfriendly places.

The experience can be pretty overwhelming for the first time, but you will get used to it as time goes by.

Therefore, before going out, you will need to brace yourself and expect a daunting experience. Nevertheless, it will be worth every second!

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