21 Unique Scandinavian Boy Names

Once your gynecologist reveals the gender of your baby, it may be time to think about naming him or her with some cool gender neutral names or even Scandinavian Boy Names.

This will strengthen the bond between you and your baby. And if you have been eagerly waiting to finally hold your heir in your arms, you probably gave him two names in advance.

But hold on! Have you heard of the Scandinavian names? In case you have not, they originate from the ancient times of the Vikings or Norse gods.

Making them perfect for your little boy who will be running around in no time.

Come to think of it, which countries make up the Scandinavia?

They include Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe and Aland Islands. The Scandinavian boy names are numerous even though some, like Eric, may be common.

However, there are unique ones too.

Some are as gentle as a dove, while others inspire energy. In this article, I will take you through some of the Scandinavian boy names that you should consider.

Uncommon Scandinavian boy names


This boy name may be a good option if you are looking for a rare name in the Nordic countries. It is quite common for those whose origin can be mapped to Turkey. I particularly like its meaning, which is ‘God’s protection.’


If you think that your son will captivate the hearts of many with his good looks or actions, you should consider this name which translates to ‘handsome.’


It means ‘bear’ and is pronounced as B-orn. If you like it, you may also consider Sigbjorn, which stands for ‘victory bear.’ Keep in mind that bears are generally gentle and tolerant, making it an ideal moniker for many.


For those who would like their baby boy’s name to mean the ‘best of all,’ ‘eagle,’ or rather ‘lion,’ Arie is the moniker to go for. Who knows? It could inspire him to do great things.


How is it pronounced? Its Lay-f and is popular in Denmark and Sweden. However, in the other continents such as the USA, it may sound as ‘Leaf’ or ‘Life.’ It means ‘heir’ or ‘beloved.’


If you are religious and waited for some time before receiving this amazing blessing, you may consider naming your son Hanzel to mean ‘God is gracious.’


If you feel that your baby may beat odds or that is what you intend him to do, Ballard, to mean ‘brave and strong,’ may be the perfect choice for you.


Some of us may wish for our heirs to take up the footsteps of famous actors and singers. Therefore, it is no surprise that some parents may name their babies Axel to mean ‘a first-rising superstar.’

It is pronounced as Ax-el and is quite common in Denmark and Norway.


Are you a leader? Most parents are happy when their children take up a few things from them. And this Scandinavian boy name means ‘leader,’ and might inspire your young one to follow that line.


Some may write it down as Erick. It has been a classic since the beginning of time, and therefore not a preferred choice if you are looking for an exceptional name. However, it means ‘everlasting ruler.’


In the ancient times, this name was given to the Norse god of art and wisdom. It is pronounced as Oh-din and is quite unique, even though it is somewhat popular in Norway.


It is also a good option, and its meaning may be impressive to you. It translates to the ‘ruler’s counsel.’ In terms of popularity, it was ranked as the 493rd in the United States in 2018.


As for this name, some may spell it as Gunnar. However, it is pronounced as Gun-ar and is loved by many in the Nordic regions. It means ‘warrior’ and may portray your son as tough.

It is also not too popular and that may be the advantage.


This is also another Scandinavian name for boys that is capturing the attention of many. It is an alternative to Gunner. Therefore, if you liked Gunner but not its sound or direct meaning, you may consider Hunter.


For this name, you have probably heard of Gustave in France. As for Italy, Spain, and Portugal, it is known as Gustavo. But what does it mean? ‘Royal staff’ or ‘staff of the gods and to be sincere, it sounds quite nice.

It was more common in the 1880’s than it is now.


If extraordinary names are the only monikers you want, then this name should make it to the list. Although it is common in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, it is the contrary for other regions.

It means ‘secret,’ and who knows? He may be the one to discover the long-lost treasures recorded in history.


You have probably seen or heard the name Brandon a few or more times. However, you can spice it up a bit to Brandell. And if you did not know its meaning, its ‘sword’ and somehow sounds both inspiring and destructive to some.


It is pronounced as Suh-ren and is somehow common in Denmark. And known to some, it also appeared in the Game of Thrones novel. It means ‘stern.’


In terms of popularity, this name is liked by many, especially in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. It is pronounced as Sv-en. It means ‘boy’ or ‘young warrior.’ It got so popular after the release of the Frozen movie, where a character was given the name.


This name with origins from Germany, is pronounced as Ot-toh. As for its meaning, it stands for ‘rich’ or ‘wealthy.’ It is also similar to Otis or Otho. With this name, you may picture a very playful boy.


The Norwegian pronunciation of this name is ‘Ee-vor.’ It translates to ‘god’ or ‘warrior.’ Some may spell it as Iver.

Are you still deciding on the perfect Boy name to pick?

You may wish to name your little angel after a loved one, or simply admire certain names.

And the good news is that there are Scandinavian variants for names that may mean a thing or two to you.

An example of a Scandinavian variation is Kristoff for Christopher, and Anders for the popular Andrew.

The latter is known by many in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Another variant is Aaren for commonly known Aaron, and whose origin is the Dutch and Germany. The list is endless, and you may even have other examples yourself.

Some of the common Scandinavian names that you may want to avoid

  • Peter
  • Jens
  • Axel
  • Lucas
  • Elias
  • Jakob
  • Michael
  • Filip among others.

As for the Iceland names, they may be hard to spell, and may sound somehow complicated.

But that should not limit you if you like them. On that note, you can go ahead and name your baby boy with the Scandinavian name that sets your soul ablaze!

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