Middle Names For Ella 55+ Unique Names To Explore

Naming your princess is something every parent strives to do perfectly.

It’s no surprise as a name should be great-sounding yet meaningful so that it can be special to your little angel. From choosing beautiful long girl names to names that mean savior.

But since you have chosen Ella as your first choice, you are doing great so far!

Ella is a cute trendy name among parents’ favorites. Looking for middle names for Ella? This comprehensive list has classic, unique, popular, long to short middle options.

You are sure to get your Ella twin in no time. Keep reading!

What middle names goes with Ella?

Aurora: It is of Latin roots and means ‘dawn.’

Darcie: It has Old French roots and means ‘from Arcy.’

Mae: It has English origins and means ‘bitter; pearl.’

Skylar: It is of English origins and means ‘strength; love; eternal life; beauty.’

Willow: It has Old English origins and means ‘willow tree.’

What is the full name for Ella?

Ella is a trendy moniker of German and English origins that means ‘Fairy maiden; light; Goddess; her; a pistachio family tree.’

It is a pet form of Ellen and the nickname for Eleanor, Elizabeth, Isabella, and Gabriella.

Is Ella a cute name?

Undoubtedly! It’s gentle and cute, which is why it’s trending and consistent in the baby naming charts. It has equally pretty nicknames like Elle and Ellie. Its magical and enchanted meanings include ‘fairy maiden; goddess; light; her; and a pistachio family tree.’

What names are similar to Ella?

If you like Ella but aren’t sure about it, you can search from these similar names:












Middle names for Ella

Before diving right in, let’s explore Ella a bit. This beautiful name has origins in English and German and is rich with enchanted meanings.

These include Goddess, Light, Fairy Maiden, Her, and a Pistachio family tree. The middle names for Ella include:

Ella Aisha

The feminine-given name stems from the Arabic region and means ‘alive and well.’

Ella Amaya

The variation of Amaia has Spanish and Japanese roots and means ‘the end.’

Ella Amelia

It is derived from the name Amalia, meaning ‘work,’ and has Latin origins. Work here refers to industriousness and fertility, not labor.

Ella Aurora

Aurora features Latin roots and means ‘dawn.’ In mythology, it was the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise; her tears turned into morning dew.

Ella Blaire

Blaire has Scottish roots and means ‘battlefield or plain.’

Ella Bree

Bree is a stylish name derived from traditional Irish names, Brighe and Brigid, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘power.’

Ella Blake

It has British origins and means ‘black; dark; shining; pale; bright.’

Ella Birch

This nature-inspired name means ‘dweller in the birch wood,’ and has Old English roots.

Ella Chloe

Chloe is a sassy name of Greek origin and means ‘blooming; fertility; young green shoot.’ If Greek names amaze you then check out these Popular Greek names.

Ella Cadence

Also spelled as Kadence or Kaidence, the name roots in Latin and means ‘rhythm; beat.’

Ella Celeste

This pretty name has a Latin origin and means ‘heavenly.’

Ella Cassidy

It was initially an Irish surname, meaning ‘clever; curly-haired.’

Ella Diane

The name gained steam in the mid-20th century with origins in Latin. It is derived from the word ‘divinus,’ meaning ‘divine.’

Ella Darcie

Darcie has Old French roots and means ‘from Arcy.’ In Irish, it means ‘dark-haired; dark; descendant of the dark.’

Ella Erin

The name roots in the Irish region and means ‘from the island to the west.’

Ella Esmae

It has French origins and means ‘beloved.’ It is derived from the Old French verb ‘esmer,’ meaning ‘esteemed.’

Ella Felicity

The feminine-given name means ‘happiness.’ It comes from the Latin word Felicitas, meaning ‘good fortune; luck.’

Ella Freya

The ancient name was used by the Norse goddess of fertility, beauty, and love. It also results from Freyja and means ‘a noble woman.’

Ella Gianna

It has roots in Italian and Hebrew and means ‘God is gracious.’ It is the female version of John and a diminutive of Giovanna.

Ella Gwen

The feminine moniker stems from Welsh and means ‘white; holy.’ It is the shortened version of Gwendolyn and Gwendolen.

Ella Harper

It has English, Scottish, and Irish roots and means ‘one who plays the harp.’

Ella Heidi

The gorgeous moniker has Germanic roots and means ‘noble; nobility.’

Ella Imogen

The name has Celtic origins and means ‘maiden; girl; beloved child.’

Ella Isabelle

It has Hebrew and French roots and means ‘pledged to God; God is perfection; God is my oath.’

Ella Jasmine

It comes from the Persian word ‘Yasmin,’ meaning ‘fragrant flower’ and ‘gift from God.’

Ella Jade

It has Spanish origin and means ‘stone of the side.’ The ornamental stone jade is applied in artwork and jewelry making.

Ella Jules

It has French roots and means ‘youthful.’ It is a diminutive of Julia, Juliet, and Julien.

Ella Kate

The shortened version of Katherine means ‘pure’ with Greek and English roots.

Ella Kiley

This is one of the unique middle names for Ella, and guess what? It has Aboriginal roots and means ‘boomerang.’

Ella Laine

It is a variation of Lane, has English origins, and means ‘path; roadway; dweller in a lane.’

Ella Luna

In mythology, it was the name used by the Roman goddess of the moon. It has Latin roots and means ‘moon.’

Ella Mae

It has English origins and means ‘bitter; pearl.’ It is derived from the month May and is a nickname for Mary and Margaret.

Ella Mabel

Mabel is a gorgeous moniker with Latin roots. It also results from Amabilis and Amabel and means ‘lovable.’

Ella Nevaeh

Spell heaven backwards; what do you get? Nevaeh is a chic name of American roots that means ‘heaven.’

Ella Noelle

It has Old French origins and means ‘of or born on Christmas.’ As a Biblical moniker, it means ‘the Lord’s birthday.’

Ella Olive

Olive has English roots and means ‘olive tree.’ An olive wreath symbolizes victory, worn by champions.

Ella Oaklyn

The feminine-given moniker of American origin means ‘beautiful oak.’

Ella Paige

It is a classic name that dates to the Medieval age. In the French origin, it stands for ‘young servant.’ Similarly, it means ‘page to a Lord’ in English roots.

Ella Phoenix

This new age moniker has Greek roots and means ‘dark red.’ It symbolizes immortality and rebirth.

Ella Remi

It is of French roots and means ‘Oarsman.’

Ella Riley

It has Gaelic/Irish and Old English origins and means ‘rye clearing; courageous.’

Ella Skylar

It is of English origins and means ‘eternal life; love; strength; beauty.’

Ella Sage

It has Latin roots and means ‘wise’ and ‘healthy.’

Ella Scarlett

The moniker bears French roots and means ‘red.’

Ella Taylor

Taylor stems from Old English and is the occupational name for tailors.

Ella Teagan

It has Irish roots and means ‘attractive; beautiful.’

Ella Vivienne

The female name is of French roots and means ‘life.’

Ella Victoria

Victoria has Latin origins and means ‘victory.’

Ella Willow

It means ‘willow tree’ and is of Old English roots.

Ella Zoey

It has Greek origins and means ‘life.’

One last thing on middle names for Ella

Ella is one of the gorgeous names for girls. It is pretty and deserves a middle name just like it.

The list above has ancient, popular, and chic middle names for Ella, loved by different parents. Naming your child is a pain-staking process that needs adequate time to find ‘the one.’

So, take your time and know that whatever sounds great to you will be perfect for your little princess.

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