70+ Long Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings!

Having a little princess is a blessing, and out of the plethora of names, you may be looking for something more meaningful and dazzling like her, like long girl names.

While there has been a trend toward pet-like names in the past, their longer counterparts are becoming more and more popular.

This means you can sing them all the way to the last syllable. If you are embracing the new culture, worry not!

We’ve got you covered with beautiful long girl names that will meet different tastes. From unique to Vintage girl names you don’t hear anymore, find one that will taste good for yah!

What is the longest first name for a girl?

There is a trend toward long first names, and cute ones include Serenity, Marceline, Leilani, Finnleigh, find the meaning for these cite names below.

Serenity: Has Latin and French origins and means ‘peaceful; calm.’

Marceline: Has Latin origins and means ‘dedicated to Mars.’

Leilani: The Hawaiian name means ‘heavenly garland of flowers.’

Finnleigh: Has Irish origins and means ‘fair hero.’

Yasmeen: Has Persian, French, and Arabic origins and means ‘jasmine.’

Adorable Long Girl Names


The popular name from Hebrew origin means ’cause of joy.’


Meaning ‘son of Adam,’ the moniker originates from Old English. The name has long carried a sense of strength, leadership, and authority.


The strong name with Arabic roots is pretty rich with its meanings, ‘rising; ascending; highborn; exalted; sublime.’


The variant of Alison has Scottish roots and means ‘noble.’ It rose in popularity as a surname in Yorkshire, Durham, and Berwickshire, especially in the 1200s.


The pet name for Gabrielle is primarily used for girls and means ‘God is my strength.’


The name gained steam in 2020 and has been holding up to the name charts. It was formerly known as Ava and means ‘life.’


The female given moniker is a diminutive of Antonia and Antoine and comes from the Latin Antonius. It stems from French and means ‘highly praiseworthy; praise.’


It originates from English and means ‘beautiful brook.’ It was originally used as a surname, meaning, ‘one who lives near a brook.’


This name has various origins, including French, Irish, and Norman. It means ‘fine friend; good friend; handsome friend.’ Its variants include Bellamie and Belleamie.


The compound name features two parts, ‘Bryn’ and ‘Leigh,’ which mean ‘hill’ and ‘meadow.’ Beynleigh as whole means ‘meadow on a hill.’


The moniker is linked to royalty and is one of the gorgeous classics. The feminine form of Charles has French origin and means ‘free man; petite.’


The primarily feminine name comes from Charles and is quite popular, meaning ‘free woman; beloved and valuable.’


The long-abandoned name is back, and it sounds new! It features Latin and French origins and means ‘mild; merciful.’


The antique moniker stems from Arabic and Hebrew origins and means ‘delicate.’


The feminine version of Dennis has French and Greek origins. It means ‘to be devoted to Bacchus.’


Also pronounced as Eliana, it means ‘my God has answered’ and originates in Hebrew.


The name means ‘star’ and is derived from the Old French and Latin name Estelle. Its variant Asta is from Greek and Old Norse.


The female-given moniker stems from Spanish and means ‘hope; expectation.’


The name has English, French, and Latin roots and means ‘flourishing; prosperous.’


The name means ‘From France; Free one’ and originates from Latin.


It means ‘fair hero’ and originates in Irish.


It’s the Italian form of the male Gabrielle and means ‘devoted to God.’


The chic moniker is one of our favorites and means ‘God is gracious’ with Italian roots.


It means ‘origin; birth’ and features Hebrew and Greek origins.


The variant of Georgina and Georgia means ‘farmer’ and has English origins.


The name means ‘hazel tree’ and has English origins. During the 12th century, it was used by those who lived by the tree.


It is the Spanish and Italian variant of the Hebrew moniker Elisheba and means ‘God is my oath.’ These are perfect middle names For Isabella.


The name has Hebrew origins and means ‘Jehovah increases’ or ‘He shall increase.’


It has Hawaiian roots and means ‘precious one.’


The name is mainly used for girls and means ‘Pure’ and has Irish origins.


It comes from the Hawaiian words ‘Lei’ and ‘lani,’ which mean ‘flowers’ and ‘sky or heavens.’ As a whole, it means ‘heavenly garland of flowers’ or ‘royal child.’ Which can be pair well with these Hawaiian last names.


The name has French origins and means ‘from the Province of Lorraine.’


The name has Latin and English origins and means ‘lily; purity.’


The name has Latin origins and means ‘dedicated to Mars.’ It is a variant of the name Marcella.


It has Hebrew origins and means ‘those who do harm.’


The name has Spanish origins and means’ gracious gifts; benefits.’ It is one of the names with a touch of luxury.


You don’t have to wait until birthdays to celebrate a baby girl with this name meaning ‘born on Christmas; Christ’s birthday.’ It stems from Latin origins.


The name has American origins and means ‘beautiful oak.’


The saint’s moniker stems from Greek origins and means ‘from Mount Olympus.’ Mount Olympus was home to ancient Greek gods.


The girl’s name is the medieval version of the Latin Prudentia and means ‘good judgment.’ Its pet name includes Pru and Prue.


Paisley sounds great, has Scottish origins, and means ‘church; cemetery.’


The derivative of the Latin Prisca has English origins and means ‘venerable; ancient; classical; primordial.’


The name is primarily used by females, comes from Greek Names origins, and means ‘bringer of destruction.’ In mythology, it belonged to the daughter of Zeus by Demeter.


This is one of the cute long girl names with Greek roots, meaning ‘weaver.’


It has Old English origins and means ‘place on a riverbank; raven-family town.’


The name has French origins and means ‘rose.’


It combines the Greek name Samuel and the Greek word Anthea. The former means ‘God has heard’ or ‘God’s name’ while the latter means ‘flower’ or ‘blossom.’


The name has French origins and means ‘red.’


The unique name stems from French and Latin and means ‘peaceful; calm.’


The name has Spanish roots and means ‘treeless pain.’


The feminine form of Theodore bears Greek origins and means ‘gift of God.’


As the name suggests, it means ‘victory,’ and has Latin origins.


It has American origins and means ‘Wren Bird.’


The floral moniker has French, Persian, and Arabic origins and means ‘jasmine; jasmine flower.’


The name is of Hebrew origins and means ‘bird.’

What is the most attractive name for a girl?

Georgiana: Has English origins and means ‘farmer.’

Haisley: Has English origins and means ‘hazel tree.’

Isabella: Has Hebrew origins and means ‘God is my oath.’

Estrella: Has Old French and Latin origins and means ‘star.’

Charlotte: Has French origins and means ‘free man; petite.’

What’s the rarest name for a girl?

Persephone: Has Greek origins and means ‘bringer of destruction.’

Remmington: Has Old English origins and means ‘place on a riverbank.’

Theodora: Has Greek origins and means ‘gift of God.’

Kataleya: Has Irish origins and means ‘pure.’

Clementine: Has French and Latin origins and means ‘mild; merciful.’

What are some cute long names?

Mercedes: Means ‘gracious gifts; benefits’ and has Spanish roots.

Olympia: Means ‘from Mount Olympus’ and stems from Greek.

Savannah: Means ‘treeless pain’ and comes from Spanish.

Giavanna: Has Italian origins and means ‘God is gracious.’

Bellamy: Has French, Norman, and Irish origins and means ‘fine friend.’

Aren’t these cute long girl names perfect for your little one?

If you are shifting towards this new naming fad, you have many cute and timeless long girl names from the above list.

Your princess needs a meaningful and great-sounding name so that it can be special like her. Take your time, and once it sounds right, so it is!

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