Popular Greek girl names

If you anticipate the arrival of a beautiful baby girl, you have probably searched for names. If Greek names are one of your inspirations, then you have come to the right place. Greece is an ancient country known for its beauty, architecture, food, and traditions. It is the birthplace of modern democracy, philosophy, medicine, the Olympics, and so much more. From Greek mythology with rich history and culture to modern influences of heroes and gods, below are some popular greek girl names.

22 Popular Greek girl names

1. Alexandra

One of the famous Greek girl names, which means the defender and helper of humankind. Alexa is a simple short form and sophisticated name that also has a modern appeal to it. It means “defending men.” Other variations you could incorporate include Alexandera, Alexsandra, Alexandria, Alessandra, Allie, Aly, and Lexi. In the world of royalty, Princess Alexandra of Greece is the daughter of Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark.

2. Anastasia

Anastasia is also a very classic name from Greek origin for baby girls. It means “will rise again or resurrect.”

3. Angelina

This beautiful Greek name means “An angel or a messenger of God.” Angelina is a trendy and well-established name for a baby girl. Other variations of this name are; Angeline, Angel, Angela, Angie, Angelica.

4. Ariana

This name is of Greek origin, meaning “most holy.” Famous Namesakes include singer Ariana Grande, journalist and businesswoman Arianna Huffington.

5. Athena

This name belonged to the ancient “Goddess of Wisdom & War.” The name Athena is a trendy Greek name for baby girls. Athena is the patron goddess of the capital city of Athens, Greece.

6. Calliope

The name Calliope has a very bold and creative feel to it. It is of Greek origin name and means “beautiful voice.”

7. Cassandra

Cassandra is of Greek origin, which means “She who entangles men, insightful, a seer, or one who shines among mankind.” Some of its variations and spellings include Kassandra, Cassie, Cassey, Sandra, Sandy, Sandi, among others.

The Cassandra complex is an expression that describes a warning that is not heeded and disregarded. It’s a reference to Cassandra in Greek Mythology, who was a prophet that no one believed.

8. Evangeline

The name Evangeline means “Messenger of Good News” and is of Greek origin. It is a lovely vintage name for a baby girl. Variations of this name are Evangelina, Evangelica, Evangelyne, Eva, and Lina.

9. Helena

Helena’s name means “Beautiful,” “shining bright light,” and is of Greek origin. Some of Helena’s most famous namesake include Actress Helena Bonham Carter and Princess Helena of the United Kingdom. Helena is also a principal character in Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

10. Hermione

The name Hermione means “Messenger of the gods.” Some alternatives to this name include Hermine, Herma, Hermia, Hermina, and more. Celebrities with this name are actress Hermione Norris, entrepreneur Hermione Way. Hermione Granger, the female character in the top-rated Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling, has got popularity.

11. Olympia

The name Olympia means “Heavenly” or “a goddess from Mount Olympus” and is of Greek origin. Olympia is a small town in Greece where the Ancient Olympic Games were played.

12. Ophelia

The name Ophelia means “Helpful and wise” and is of Greek origin. Ophelia is a classic name for a baby girl. Ophelia is a character in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet and the name of one of the smaller moons belonging to the planet Uranus.

13. Phoebe

Phoebe Buffay from “Friends” is one of the beloved characters from the TV Sitcom, is a Greek Origin name that sounds nice just as it means “One who shines bright and pure.”

14. Rhea

An excellent and vintage name, Rhea, means “A flowing stream of water” “or mother of gods and goddesses” in Greek mythology. Rhea is also one of Saturn’s moons. Variations include Rhia, Ria, Rea, Riah, Rhya, Reeah, Rhiah, Rhiya, Rheia, Rhianna, Rheanna, and Rheana.

15. Selena

The name Selena is a popular name for girls, which means “the moon.” Selena comes from the ancient Greek goddess named “Selene.” She is the goddess of the moon. Famous namesakes include actress and singer Selena Gomez. Other ways to use this name are Selina, Salina, Selene, Salene, Celine, Celena, Celina, Saleen, Saleena, Sela, and Celia.

16. Sophia

A trendy name for girls, Sophia means “having great wisdom” and is of Greek origin. Sofia is a Greek origin name and the variation of Sophia. It means “wisdom” and is a very elegant alternative Spelling of Sophia. Others are Sophie, Sofie, Sofea, and Sofiya. Famous Namesakes include Actress Sophia Loren, actress Sofia Vergara. Sophia is classic and extremely popular. It is a top 10 name since 2006 and was the number 1 name for girls in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

17. Thalia

Thalia is an ancient name from Greek origin. Thaleia means “to bloom, or flourish.” Thalia was the daughter of Zeus in Greek Mythology. In Greek mythology, Thalia is the name of a goddess. She is the muse, or inspiration, of comedy.

18. Thelma

Thelma is a unique name for a baby girl. It means “ambition” or “willful” and is of Greek origin. This name can also be spelled as Telma or Thelmah. Though the name is not as popular today as it was a long time ago, it has famous namesakes: Singer Thelma Houston, actress Telma Hopkins.

19. Theodora

The name Theodora is one of the most charmingly old-fashioned Victorian valentine names for a girl. Theodora means “gift of God” and is of Greek origin. Other ways this name can be used are Theadora, Theodorah, Teadora, Teodora, Theo, Theora, Thea, Teddi, Teddie, Tia, and Dora. The name Thea has an artistic, sensitive, and serene appeal to it. This elegant Greek origin name means “Goddess or godly.” Empress Theodora lived in the sixth century and was the wife of Emporer Justinian the Great of Byzantine.

20. Xenia

The name Xenia is a unique name for a baby girl. Derived from Xenos (a stranger or guest in Greek), Xenia means “welcoming and hospitable.” Xenia is the ancient Greek belief that one should extend friendship and generosity to travelers and those who are far from home. Alternative Spellings & Variations: Xena, Xeniah, Xenya, Zenya, Zenia, and Zena.

21. Yolanda

Yolanda is a traditional name for a baby girl that has become relatively common. Yolanda means “Like the violet flower” or “modest.” Yolanda comes from the Greek name Ianthe or Iolanthe, which means purple flower. Some alternative variations of this name are Yolannda, Yolonda, Yolada, Yolanta, Yolanthe, Ianthe, Iolanthe, Violet, Yolie, Yoli, and Yolee.

22. Theresa

Theresa is a traditional name for a baby girl. Theresa means “Harvester” or “hunter” and is of Greek origin. Famous people with this name is Prime Minister Theresa May and Mother Theresa, who is well-known for the care and compassion she had for the poor during her lifetime. She became Saint Mother Teresa (Saint Teresa of Calcutta) in 2016. This name can be spelled in many different ways:  Teresa, Theresah, Therese, Theres, Thera, Tessa, Terri, Terry, and Teri.

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