Our Top 50 Unique Middle Names for Madeline

So you’ve decided on the perfect first name for your daughter, Madeline – congratulations! Now comes the next big decision: what is the best middle name for Madeline?

Middle names are a chance to get creative, honor a family name, or pick something unique.

The options are endless, but don’t worry; we’re here to help you navigate. When choosing a middle name for Madeline, you’ll want to consider the origin, name meaning, or what characters you would like to see in your child.

Some middle names to consider.

Madeline Sophia

Madeline Victoria

Madeline Evelyn

Madeline Harper

Madeline Olivia

Madeline Aurora

Madeline Juliet

Madeline Iris

Madeline Isabella

Madeline Penelope

Madeline Harper

Madeline Beatrice

Madeline Celeste

Popular Middle Name Options for Madeline

When choosing a middle name for Madeline, you have many great options! Here are a few of the most popular and timeless choices:


A virtuous and elegant name that pairs beautifully with Madeline. Grace is a classic that will stand the test of time.


A royal name with history and meaning. Elizabeth has been a popular name for queens and saints and signifies “God is my oath.” It’s a lovely, feminine choice that gives Madeline a sophisticated middle name.


A French name that honors Madeline’s French origins. Marie means “sea of bitterness” or “sea of sorrow” and is a common and cherished middle name.


The floral name Rose is sweet, charming, and feminine. It’s a romantic name that symbolizes beauty and purity. Madeline Rose has a lovely ring to it.


A Hebrew name meaning “grace” or “favor.” Anne is a timeless, dignified name that provides a simple but stunning middle name option for Madeline.


A diminutive of Mary, meaning “bitter.” Mae is a charming vintage name that gives Madeline a short, one-syllable middle name with style. Madeline Mae has an adorable cadence.

With so many amazing choices, you really can’t go wrong.

Choose a name that you find meaningful and that pairs well with the lyrical name Madeline. Her middle name will be one she carries for life, so take your time and do what feels right!

Meaningful Middle Names for Madeline

So you’ve picked Madeline for your baby girl, but now you need the perfect middle name to complement it.

Choosing a meaningful middle name is a great way to give your daughter a name she can connect with.

Madeline Grace

Grace is a timeless virtue name meaning charm, kindness, and mercy. It flows beautifully and emphasizes the positive qualities you hope for your daughter.

Madeline Joy

Another lovely virtue name, Joy, represents delight, happiness, and cheerfulness. What better sentiment to capture in her name?

Madeline Rose

The rose flower is a symbol of love, beauty, and sweetness. This middle name is feminine, romantic, and whimsical.

Madeline Faith

Faith is a strong, spiritual name meaning confidence, belief, and trust. It indicates inner strength and conviction that would serve your daughter well through life.

Madeline Louise

A charming, feminine name meaning famous warrior. While a paradox, it has a lovely old-fashioned elegance and rhythm.

And if you are into Classic girl names, this extensive list can help.

Madeline Elizabeth

A regal, timeless name meaning God is my oath. It carries a sense of nobility, duty, and promise that would complement the name Madeline beautifully.

The perfect middle name for Madeline is out there. Look for names with special meaning, virtue names, or floral/nature names.

Think of the qualities you hope for your daughter and find a name to match. With so many meaningful options, you really can’t go wrong.

Middle Names for Madeline Based on Family Names

Family Surnames

One classic option is to use a family surname as Madeline’s middle name. This timeless choice honors your family history and connects her to past generations.

Some examples could be:

Madeline Elizabeth Smith (maternal grandmother’s maiden name)

Madeline Marie Johnson (paternal great-grandmother’s name)

Madeline Avery Williams (mother’s or father’s middle name)

Using a family surname as a middle name gives Madeline a sense of roots and helps preserve her family legacy meaningfully. She will surely appreciate this heartfelt choice as she gets older.

Location Names

If your family does not have a long history in one place, consider a location meaningful to you as a middle name for Madeline. This could be:

The city or state where you went to college or met

A country from which your ancestors immigrated

A place you have fond memories of traveling together as a couple

Some examples are Madeline Victoria (after Victoria, British Columbia) and Madeline Savannah (after Savannah, Georgia). Location names are poetic and help tell the story of where your journey together began.

Timeless Virtues

You may want Madeline’s middle name to represent certain virtues, traits, or aspirations you hold dear. Some classic, feminine options include:

Madeline Grace

Madeline Joy

Madeline Faith

Madeline Hope

Madeline Joy

Madeline Rosemary

Madeline Catherine

Madeline Amelia

Madeline Charlotte

Madeline Harper

Madeline Ivy

Madeline Luna

Madeline Stella

Madeline Autumn

Madeline Scarlett

Madeline Vivienne

Madeline Isabelle

Madeline Aurora

Madeline Seraphina

Madeline Penelope

Madeline Genevieve

Choosing a middle name with special meaning or symbolism gives Madeline a lifelong reminder of the values she cherishes.

She will carry these timeless virtues as a source of inspiration and guidance.

In the end, you want to choose a middle name for Madeline that is meaningful, personal, and complements her first name well.

The options are endless, so consider different names from family, places, or virtues that resonate most with you. The perfect middle name is out there waiting to be discovered!


So there, you have a few options for Madeline’s perfect middle name. The choice is personal and meaningful, so take your time exploring options with your family to find one that resonates most.

A middle name is a gift that will be part of her identity for life, so choose wisely and follow your heart.

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