Adorable Classic Girl Names

Giving your baby girl a classical name has become the new trend; when we look back to our grandparent’s names they are becoming increasingly popular. And just to get your little angel the best classic name, we have a list of adorable classic girl names that you could explore. The list is composed of timeless, beautiful names, popular and old fashioned names that we have to agree are unique, these are names that will become a classic. 

28 Adorable Classic Girl Names

The trend towards the old fashioned names has caught a wave, I mean who wouldn’t want their daughter’s name to be one of a kind; it just gives her a type of classy look. And with a classic name, you will not regret it down the line. The names below are adorable for your baby girl, and as she grows up, her name will give her that edge and taken seriously, truly timeless names is what we are looking for.

These names can either be a striking first name, or you could choose to use them as a sophisticated middle name. Whichever way you wish to use it, it will sound lovely and will be a source of pride. If you might be thinking that the traditional names are becoming overused, don’t stress too much on this, their plenty of names you could explore. Read on and see what I am talking about.

Traditional baby girl names

1. Abigail

This name is from Hebrew, a popular name for the 17th century meaning ‘My father is joy.’ In the 16th century this name has been very popular in England and in the 20th century the name was revived.

2. Adelaide

This name means kind and noble. The Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great had a wife called Adelaide; as you can see, the name goes back in time but still unique in its own nature. In fact, a city in Austria bears this name.

3. Alice

This is actually a variant of the name Adelaide and was popularised in the 12th century, and not forgetting the famous Alice in Wonderland tales. 

4. Brynn

This name means hills or mound from Welsh. A very simple name, but we have to agree it is very classic in its own way.

5. Catherine

A name that has been popular in both English and French, meaning pure. We have had the name being used by numerous empresses and queens, it all resonates royalty.

6. Cecelia

This name was brought by the Normans to England back in the 2nd and 3rd century. A beautiful and yet sophisticated name.

7. Charlotte

A French name that means petite a female name of the timeless name Charles. Charlotte is also a name used by numerous princesses and queens for centuries, and the famous television show Sex in the city also had a character named Charlotte, timeless names indeed.

8. Diana

Just like Princess Diana an elegant princess with a stunning name meaning divine a name that has been designed for a goddess. It still resonates royalty even as time passes by.

9. Elizabeth

Another name that is very popular among royalty and queens. This name comes from Greek and Hebrew, a name that means ‘My God is an oath.’

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10. Elise

This name has been shortened from Elizabeth, a very sophisticated name that is underused, probably a name you can give you precious daughter, old fashioned, unique, and not overused.

11. Emma

It means universal or whole, a name that has been very popular in the past decades, am sure we all know at least one grandma called Emma.

12. Evangeline

A Greek name meaning good news, and if you love poems am sure you have read the famous poem called Evangeline by the famous Longfellow.

13. Georgia

A feminine name from George, a name that has been very common in the 19 the century. And the famous painter Georgia O’Keefe bears this name.

14. Gloria

A Portuguese and Spanish name that means glory. A name that got popularised in the US through various works of literature, and several famous actors like Gloria Swanson.

15. Grace

It is from the Latin word Gratia and English name grace meaning God’s Favour, a name that was popularized back in the 1950s.

16. Hannah

A Hebrew name that means grace or favour, still remains as a classic.

17. Harriet

If you find Harry to be a unique old fashioned name, then this is the feminized name, one that has been very popular in the 18th century.

18. Josephine

Now, this is the feminized name of Joseph, a name that means ‘May God add’ or if you would like ‘May God increase.’

19. Lenora

This is a short form of the famous unique girl name Elanora, still having its own unique edge.

20. Madeline

 This is from Mary Magdalene, or if you like Magdalene. A name that has been used as a character in several books, one of the famous authors being Ludwig Bemelmans.

28 Adorable Classic Girl Names

21. Maeve

A Gaelic name that means intoxicating, also this is a warrior queen of the Connacht in legend. A name to be given to the fierce queens.

22. Margaret

A name that means pearl, precious, isn’t it. A name that serval queens and famous authors we have come to love. And for sure a name you have come across in various grandmas in your home town.

23. Marlena

This is a variant name of Marlene; it is a creative combination name of both Magdalene and Mary, a name that has been made famous by the actress Marlene Dietrich. 

24. Maud

This is from the cute name Matilda meaning strength in battle. This name was revived in the 19th century by Tennyson with his famous poem. When you think about it, the name Maud already sounds poetic in its own way.

25. Olivia

This beautiful name was first used in Twelfth Night, the Shakespeare play, a play that was based on Oliver or Olivia.

26. Penelope

A name derived from the Greek as a type of duck.

Classic Names

27. Rosemary

This name is a combination of Rose and Mary, or just the famous herb that we like enjoying with our cup of tea. And in the 1950s, Rosemary Clooney was a very famous actress.

28. Sybil

Quite a unique name that means prophetess from the ancient Greek, this was actually the youngest sister on the Downton Abbey.

A list of Adorable classic girl names

Now there you have it, a list of 28 adorable classic girl names that you can explore. I hope this has helped you in your quest to get the best unique name for your princess. 

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