Fun things to do while pregnant

When you finally find out you are pregnant, it instantly gives you a high of excitement, imagining your baby to be. Spreading the good news to your family and friends and just spending time daydreaming about your bundle of joy, who’s eyes is he/she going to have, his nose, and what about his ears, of course, you are hoping your bundle of joy resembles you. But in the meant time there are fun things to do while pregnant.

But at times, this pregnancy high starts to fade off, and you might find yourself hitting a wall. Some pregnant mothers have been able to work late into their pregnancy, but some find themselves with way too much time in their hands, especially if you are stuck at home and don’t know what to keep you going.

fun things to do when pregnant

Fun things to do while pregnant at home

If you are pregnant and stuck at home and you are looking for a few fun things to do while pregnant, then you are in the right place. I have come up with a few fun activities that I rather enjoyed doing; these should be able to keep you busy and distracted. And still, keep you productive during this period.

The best thing about these activities, you can do them at home in your comfy pants or just PJs.

7 Fun things to do while pregnant

Fun things to do while pregnant

1. Try and satisfy those cravings

As you know, when you are pregnant, you are meant to keep healthy and avoid loading up on the junk. Because this will not be healthy for you and your baby. But this does not mean you cut off all the yummy things from your diet, try and reduce your intake.

When pregnant, your food cravings could contribute to unhealthy weight gain, but if you reduce the amount you consume, this should not lead to unhealthy weight gain. I mean you’re stuck at home, and you are craving some ice cream, don’t finish the whole tab in one seating, a scoop or two is just enough. So go ahead and satisfy that craving it will lift your moods up.

2. Since your home, work on the Romance

When you get pregnant, your passion in the relationship might go down. Especially in the first trimester when you’re trying all you can to keep food down due to nausea. Or probably it could be the heartburns or your changing mood swings. I mean, your hormones are just all over, and it’s not your fault as there is a beautiful baby slowly growing in your belly. 

So to get back your romance level, spend a little more time with your partner, organize a nice quiet romantic meal, where you will spend time gazing into each other’s eyes remembering the yester-days. Or catch up on a favorite movie, or just a simple cuddle could all go a long way. 

Self pampering while pregnant

3. Try some pampering activities

Yes, even when you’re stuck in the house, you can find ways to pamper yourself and lift your moods. I know to keep up with your beauty routine when pregnant can be a little hard; it is either you are always feeling tired and want to spend your time in bed or in front of a couch or your simply not in the mood. 

Try a simple mani-pedi, get your favorite nail polish colors out, and go crazy. At the same time, have your face mask on to keep your skin glowing. This goes a long way in keeping you busy while you are indoors.

4. Ensure you are still moving

When pregnant, our energy levels tend to disappear very fast. Well, it is because you are a factory at the moment, your manufacturing a beautiful baby in your womb, be sure this will take a toll on your energy levels. But this is no excuse for not moving your body, try and do some simple exercises. Studies have shown when you exercise when pregnant, it strengthens your body, helps in reducing stress levels, and you will sleep well at night.

Go ahead and start working out and keep your pregnancy healthy; a little pregnancy yoga goes a long way. But ensure you listen to your body and don’t overexert your body as we don’t want muscle strains.

5. Get some sleep when you still can

Try and squeeze in those naps, sleep early, and do anything else that includes rest, because once your bundle of joy arrives, the luxury of sleeping anytime will soon disappear. Therefore, take advantage of this time that you have. Because parenting is sacrificing your sleep to care for the little human or do a little adulthood when they are asleep. And if sleeping is not that comfortable, well try and change that really quickly and take advantage of this time you have.

6. Try and get outside

Yes, you are locked in the house or on bed rest, but getting out to enjoy some sunshine and the fresh air can go a very long way. It is essential for your overall mental and physical health. And there are different ways you could enjoy being outside just for a few minutes.

Get your favorite book and read a few chapters outside at the balcony, or in your garden. Get a hammock and lay on it as you listen to your favorite sound track. Go for a short neighborhood stroll, or get creative and design an outdoor play place for your baby. There are many things you can do outside; the point is not locking yourself in the house and going crazy.

7. Rember to stay hydrated

All in all, you need to ensure you are taking care of yourself because a healthy mama is a healthy baby. Don’t take viruses and germs light as you are taking care of two; it’s not all about you, there is a cute bundle of joy you need to look out for even before they arrive. Ensure you are taking all the required precautions, and staying hydrated is very important. But this is not all as you also need to eat well, take your prenatal and ensure you are keeping stress at bay.

It is all about good vibes to keep you going.

Final thoughts

The journey of motherhood is a beautiful experience; this is all the 40 weeks. From the morning sickness to the cravings, the baby kicks and the bonding that is created between you and your baby is an unforgettable experience. But it is not all rosy; at times, it can be challenging, especially when you’re stuck at home, but making the whole journey worth is a challenge you can overcome, and with these fun things to do while pregnant will go a long way.

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