10 weeks pregnant

Your pregnancy week by week

At 10 weeks pregnant, your bundle of joy is about the size of a strawberry, which is about 3.8cm, so we can say your baby has just graduated from being an embryo to a fetus. And with such a significant change taking place, there are several developments taking place in your baby.

How many months is 10 weeks?

10 weeks pregnant symptoms

If you have reached this stage, then congratulations mama you are on the 3month mark of your pregnancy, so you only have about six months left till your baby makes her appearance to this world. Your baby has truly come a long way in just these few weeks, his head his getting rounded and taking the human shape, and the internal organs should now be in place.

Some tiny tooth buds are developing; even though they will only appear when he is about 6months old, these tooth buds are slowly growing.

Other developments are also taking place.

Pregnancy 10 weeks

1. Your baby’s bones are forming.

At week 10 your baby’s growth is fast and furious at this stage and is about an inch and a half; just imagine the size of a strawberry. And slowly, your baby is taking on the human shape. His cartilage and bones are slowly forming; there are indentations also taking place in your baby’s legs; this is where his knees and ankles will be.

His arms are also now complete with the elbows, and I am sure he can flex a little bit. It is truly a magical thing happening in your womb. These are still supper tiny, but will slowly develop as the weeks go by.

2. The first teeth

Right now, the tooth bud fairy is busy at work, creating the cute little pearly whites that are slowly forming under his gums. But don’t expect your baby to be born with teeth as these should start popping at about six months old.

3. There is also some tummy time.

The other systems are also working very closely together as his stomach is producing some juices. His kidneys are producing some urine, and if he is a boy, be sure he is already developing some testosterone.

What about your body at week 10 pregnancy?

How many months is 10 weeks

You might be showing.

At the moment, your uterus has grown to the size of a small orange, and before pregnancy it was about the size of a small pear. As you can see, some growth is taking place with a 10 week fetus. So if you haven’t taken a closer look at the mirror of late, you could do so now. Take off your shirt and examine your baby bump.

You will notice at 10 weeks pregnant belly is a little round on your lower abdomen, it is a small roundness but don’t worry this will soon grow to be easily visible. So what we are saying at 10 weeks you might actually start showing.

There some veins appearing.

The next thing you might notice is the appearance of some veins; they look like blue lines that have just appeared on your skin; this could be on your abdomen or breasts. They become more evident if you are fair-skinned and thin, but also for the mothers with darker skin can make out the veins as they appear like new road maps that look a little complex across your skin.

These veins are just the expanded network of veins that are carrying the increased blood supply for nourishing your 10-week fetus.

Did you know that during pregnancy, the average blood volume for a mother increase by about 50 percent? Meaning your veins have to try and keep up with this increase. So think of the blue lines that are crisscrossing your body as your badge of honor.

There might be constipation problems.

This is a very common problem in expectant mothers, try and do a few things that will keep you away from this discomfort. You need to ensure you are staying clear of food that will just clog up your system.

These are foods like pasta, refined bread, rice. The next thing is bulking up in fiber-rich foods; these are the whole grains, some fresh fruits, some dried fruit like; prunes, peaches, apricots. Get lightly cooked vegetables and change it up with some raw ones, seeds and nuts are also a good add on. Aim for food that will easily move in your system, no need to spoil your day with a clogged up system, just give it a little hand by watching what you eat.


Some tests will be done.

At this point, you should have a thorough examination from your healthcare provider; this will be both an internal and external exam of your abdomen, this is where your 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound will take place. Just in case you are also eager to see your baby. The tests are done to get a clearer picture of the size of your baby and his current position in your tummy. You should also expect to have some blood taken to run several tests.

With this blood test, they can determine if there is an infection, your Rh factor your blood type, and if your current immunization is up to date. This is all just to ensure that mummy and baby are progressing just fine.

Final thoughts

Your pregnancy journey has been filled with several changes taking place in your body from tender breast and those annoying morning sickness. However, by this time, you might feel a slight relief on the morning sickness you have been battling. But if you are not one of them, just be a little patient; this will soon clear.

I mean, just think of the bundle of joy that is slowly growing in your tummy. At this time, he is just the size of a strawberry, but as you have seen, many developments have taken place. Probably it is a perfect time to think of baby names; you could look into some adorable girl names that we have come up with.

10 weeks pregnant
baby at 10 weeks
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