Does gripe water help with spitting up

How gripe water helps with spitting up and colic babies

When your baby is crying, it is his way of communicating to you, and as a new mom at times, the cries can be overwhelming. It can take a minute for us to get acquainted with this new form of communicating, and if your baby is spitting up, then I am sure this is something super worrying to you. Not to worry, read on as we try and figure out does gripe water help with spitting up.

The good thing is, with time, you will get a better understanding of your baby’s cries. Therefore, you will instantly understand his discomfort, is he hungry or sleepy, or just wants mommy’s attention. Therefore, crying is normal, but at times you might notice your baby is crying excessively. Even after all this, his needs have been taking care of, a clear indication there is another problem you need to attend to, like teething or colic.

For a colic baby, they tend to cry for several hours in a day, a discomfort that most don’t know what causes it. The good thing is there is a solution to reduce the discomfort in your baby.

An understanding of gripe water, and does gripe water help with spitting up

When looking for over the counter products, there are several that have been marketed to relieve colic symptoms your baby might be experiencing or even spitting up. And as a mother, you are immediately concerned about the ingredients that are used in these products. All we want is to relive the discomfort our babies are feeling with the safest product we can get a hold of.

And this is where gripe water comes into play; it is a natural herbal remedy that has been made available in liquid form. The herb has proved to provide the needed comfort; thus, you will find it in many variations. But what is common in most gripe water is ginger, licorice, fennel, chamomile, cinnamon, and lemon balm. All natural products that will soothe your babies discomfort and helping them to pass gas easily.

The herbs mixed in the gripe water have been known to help with digestion; thus, it is thought to help in colic babies. But gripe water is not limited to this as you can use it while spitting up, teething pain or if your baby frequently experiences hiccups.

gripe water and spitting up

Is it safe for your baby?

This must be a question that is running through your mind, and as mentioned above, it comes in different variations. The commonly known gripe water is the mixture of alcohol and sugar; as a result, most parents tend to shy away from this.

If your baby consumes to much sugar, it might result in tooth decay and also affect your babies feeding habit. Sugar and alcohol might be a common ingredient found in gripe water, but this is not the case for most formulas. Therefore, ensure you are using gripe water that babies can consume, thus, read the packaging and ingredients of what you are purchasing.

When to give gripe water

The first and most important thing you should do is reading the instructions and give your baby the recommended amount. Babies who experience colic tend to experience it in waves, and at times this might worsen as he feeds. To relieve your baby from this discomfort you could give your baby gripe water after each feeding; this will help in reducing the gas pain.

Gripe water for babies has a suitable taste, so your baby might not mind taking it. But at times, mothers prefer mixing it with their breast milk or formula, and this perfectly okay. But for your baby to get maximum results, it is best you give it alone after each feeding.

Some of the side effects you should be aware

Gripe water is safe for babies, but it is still essential to be mindful of some side effects that might appear. As you know, babies react differently, and the symptoms might vary. After you give gripe water to your baby, you will need to check for a few things.

–        Water eyes

–        Vomiting

–        Change in his breathing

–         Hives

–        Some swelling on the tongue or lips

–        Itchiness

These are some of the allergic reactions that might arise; in case of such responses, you will need to discontinue use immediately and contact your doctor.

Does gripe water help with spitting up

4 Additional ways to soothe your baby

As I am sure you want to make your baby feel as comfortable as possible, there are additional ways you can soothe your baby in conjunction with gripe water.

  1. Switching up the formula

Some of the colic symptoms might be caused by the formula you might be using, as some babies can be more sensitive to formulas that have been made with cow’s milk. You could consider switching to soy-based formula. This might soothe his stomach and reduce some of these symptoms. But before changing the formula, you should speak to your doctor.

  • A gentle massage

Giving your baby a gentle tummy massage may also help in easing the colic symptoms. The gentle pressure put on his belly can help in relieving the accumulated gas. You could also try and slowly move his feet, folding them slowly towards his stomach then stretching them out. When done several times, it can help in passing gas; sometimes, a little movement goes a long way.

  • Position your baby correctly.

His position during feeding could also be a contributing factor to the gas build-up. Ensure your baby is sitting upright during feedings to help the milk to get to his tummy without any build-up of gas. Sometimes baby needs that extra hand.

  • Removing some foods from your diet

At times what we eat could be causing the discomfort in our babies, there might not be a definite link to colic, but it wouldn’t hurt to try all options to relieve your baby from the discomfort. Some of the foods you can consider to eliminate are as follows.

–        Reduce on your dairy intake

–        Probably avoid peanuts for a while

–        Soy

–        Eliminate wheat intake for a short while

–        And fish

But before you do a drastic change in your diet, it is best to talk to your doctor; they will be in a better position to shed some light.

A small take away

Having a baby who cries endlessly for several hours can be a very stressful situation, the good news is his colic situation will improve in 3 months, as for the spit up, gripe water has been found to help in this.

Gripe water is not a definite solution to the colic problem, but it is a safe option for you to explore for your baby. And with it try and include other calming techniques, you will find what works for your baby. But after trying all the natural remedies and nothing seems to work, then it is a good idea to consult your doctor.

Excessive crying being experienced in your baby might be another underlying reason. If you are having a colic baby, you must brace yourself for the next few months, at times it can be a tough time trying to understand your baby.

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