How to conceive twins naturally

6 Tips on how to conceive twins naturally

Being pregnant is one of the best things that can happen to you; a bust of emotions immediately takes place as you imagine your baby to be. What about having twins, or even multiples. How would you feel then? Get to know how to conceive twins naturally.

Well, for most parents, they like the idea of having two babies to parent, but for others, this thought could really scare them. But the idea of having twins seems much easier if you are a twin or have twin siblings, unlike an individual who has not been exposed to this.

But if the thought of getting twins does not scare you, then read on and find out how you can get twins.

Get a small understanding of how twins happen

If you are reading this, then I am sure you are looking for ways to increase your chances of getting twins. So how about getting a better understanding of how this miracle takes place. There two types of twins; this is identical and non-identical.

For the identical twins, this happens when one egg gets fertilized by one sperm; then, this egg splits into two different embryos. In this situation, each will share the same genetics, thus giving them identical genetic structures.

As for the non-identical twins, this is a little different as they form from two separate eggs, which are fertilized by two different sperms. As you can see, this is how they don’t end up being identical. But they are unique, beautiful individuals who don’t share any genetic composition. They are also referred to as fraternal twins. Either type of twin is just a beautiful, miracle taking place in your womb.

Tips on how to conceive twins naturally

These are some of the natural ways that might improve your chances of getting twins. Remember, the tips below are likely to boost your luck, but it is not a guarantee as our genetics are different, these are just common beliefs that have been based on anecdotal evidence. Therefore, there is no scientific backing. But it does not hurt to try it out.

1.    Dairy products

Women who like indulging in dairy are likely to increase their chance of conceiving twins compared to women who don’t. This is all thanks to the growth hormones that are found in milk, especially if you consume milk from cows that get growth hormone treatment. It might help in increasing your chances of getting twins.

2.    Indulging in some wild yams

It has been found that wild yams can hyper stimulate your ovaries. When this happens, your body releases more than one egg during ovulation. As a result, this might increase your chances of getting twins. As a result, African woman are believed to have a higher chance of getting twins as wild yams are part of their ethnic diet. And when you look into the Yoruba tribe found in West Africa, they have the highest twinning rate.

3.    Try and stop the use of birth control pills

When you stop taking the pill, it takes a minute for your body to get back in its rhythm. Research has been found that you are more likely to conceive twins within a year of stopping the pill. So probably something easy for you to adopt as you are trying to get twins.

4.    Getting pregnant while breastfeeding

If you are still breastfeeding, research has found that this might increase your chances of getting twins.

5.    Invest in zinc-rich food

Try and get your partner to load up on zinc-rich foods, as this improves the sperm level. So these are items like pumpkin seeds, some yogurt, green peas, which are some of the foods that are rich in zinc. Zinc might increase your chances of more than one egg getting fertilized.

6.    Try have some space between your pregnancies

If you have a slightly bigger gap between your pregnancies, it might increase your chances.

Does the intimate position increase your chances of getting twins?

Well, there are no scientific studies to back this up, but there are some positions that might increase your chances of getting twins. Some of the positions that are believed to increase your chances have been discussed below.

1.    Get kinky with your partner

The dogy style position is believed to increase your bets as the cervix is more approachable for the sperms.

2.    How about standing up?

Another modified way of doing the above style but when standing. This position is believed to offer deep penetration. Thus, it just might influence your chances of getting twins, and let’s not forget the extra pleasure you will both enjoy.

3.    The common missionary position

This is a go-to position for most couples, especially for those nights you want to get the pleasure without putting in too much work. When he is on top, it is thought to help the sperm to get to the eggs very quickly, and maybe help in getting twins.

But all in all, whichever position you decide to experiment with, it is best to remember to enjoy the moment. Don’t make your intimate session with your partner to be a chore.

Natural conception vs. fertility treatments

While having twins means double the cries, you probably can’t get over the idea of having two angels at once, or even more! The good news is if the natural conception doesn’t work for you (hoping it will), you can consider fertility treatments.

  1. Natural conception

For every 250 pregnancies, one naturally results in twins, as reported by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. From the proper diet to sex positions, your remedy may lie somewhere there.

2. Fertility treatments

Not to worry if you are unfortunate with natural conception. There are fertility treatments that make conceiving twins attainable for mothers. These may include artificial reproductive technology (ART) and treatments like intrauterine insemination (IUI). However, discuss with your doctor the one that will suit you the most.

  • IUI

Undergoing the IUI procedure isn’t an assurance of twin babies; in fact, the drugs associated with it increase the chances. The ovulation-stimulating medications include Clomiphene citrate (Clomid) and letrozole. Given in IUI cycles, these drugs may foster the production and release of multiple eggs at once. Then you can only hope the multiples are all fertilized followed by successful implantation.

According to a study conducted in 2014, the rate of having twins with Clomid was 7.4%, while letrozole (Femara) was 3.4%. Although this is undoubtedly low, the natural conception is even more inadequate.

  • ART for in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Just like IUI, drugs also help with this reproductive technique. However, the number of embryos transferred is the breaker or maker of this deal. While some couples choose one, the possibilities are unlikely as the egg may split all right, but turning into identical twins, that’s another story altogether.

But if you are looking forward to fraternal twins, this method will likely work. Ensure you transfer two or more embryos, and if implantation and development occur, two cribs it is!

What’s the success rate for IVF? For women under the age of 35, 12.1%, and for older women from age 35 to 37, 9.1%.

What should I eat to conceive twins?

If you only go for vegan food and forbid dairy products in your diet, it may be time for some changes. Taking dairy incorporates extra insulin, which influences human reproduction. While diets may not be reassuring, you have nothing to lose by trying!

What are the chances of having twins?

We have seen a significant rise in twin pregnancies over the years. Although you may be fortunate to get twins naturally, fertility treatments heighten the possibilities, accounting for a third of most twin pregnancies in the US.

If fraternal twins run in the family, getting twins may catch up with you too. Taller and overweight women are likely to get twins, too, according to different studies.

Is age a factor when trying to get twins?

Having all your kids before age 35 may sound like an achievement. Or so we are told by our doctors due to increased risk of complications like gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. But if you want to eat for three, then waiting till you hit 35 increases your chances. What if you are 40? That is still okay.

As women get to the menopause age, there are hormonal changes that may release more than one egg during ovulation. If these eggs are both fertilized and go through implantation, your dream may become a reality nine months later!

Some myths and truths about getting twins

  • Twins tend to skip a generation. That is not true!
  • Identical twins have a single placenta, while their fraternal equivalents have two. The truth is that in most cases, fraternal twins have two placentas with identical partners sharing one. Besides, a third of the identical twins are found to have two placentas, while half of the fraternal twins tend to have one.
  • Boy and girl twins may be identical. The truth is that with identical twins, one egg is split into two. So, the twins have to be of the same sex.
  • Identical and fraternal twins have some telepathy chemistry going on. There are believes that twins can communicate through a parapsychology process. However, there is no proof it’s true.

Final thoughts on how to conceive twins naturally

The above are not proven ways to get pregnant with twins; rather there are just ways you can naturally increase your chances. Thus, it is not a guarantee that this will work for you. As these are not guaranteed, it doesn’t hurt to try them out to increase your chances.

You could also look into fertility treatments that can increase your chances of conceiving twins. But if you consider taking this route, it is best to discuss it with your doctor. He will be in a better position to share the best options you could explore. But remember whether you try the natural or fertility treatment route, there are still other factors that will determine your chances of having twins. Such as your age, family history, your weight, and much more. And these factors go a long way, but having one bundle of joy still brings its own bust of joy. So whatever the outcome ensures to enjoy your pregnancy journey.

Although there may be fertility treatments and all kinds of tips that increase the possibility of being a twin mom, everything works differently for everyone. Moreover, there is no promise of results. Regardless, do not sit and cross your arms; try everything under the sun before you can turn over that twin pregnancy page.

How to get pregnant with twins naturally
How to get pregnant with twins
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