Can You Feed a Baby in a Car Seat?

Most parents are concerned about whether feeding a baby in a car seat is okay. Many wonder, can you feed a baby in a car seat? 

It is inevitable, no matter how well-fed your baby is, before the journey. 

In that regard, yes, you can feed your baby while they are seated in the car. But you have to follow the proper procedures for your baby’s safety. 

Before feeding them, ensure that you have packed your car in a safe spot and that your baby is comfortably seated. However, feeding a baby in a moving vehicle is illegal. 

Baby Feeding Options in a Car Seat 

So, what are some of the safe baby-feeding options for you?


As we all know, breastfeeding offers numerous benefits to both mommy and child. Also, let’s remember how breastfeeding affects your body.

However, breastfeeding a baby in a car seat is not recommended, but it happens due to inevitable reasons.

Therefore, get comfortable before you do. Also, you’ll want to keep your baby from rolling over or hitting their head in the car seat while feeding by properly strapping them in. 

But there are three essential things that you can do to make the feeding process safe.

Get the right Car seat

Ensure your child is a manageable size for the car seat. If your baby seems a little big for the car seat, they can reach around the middle, making them prone to get hurt by the straps.

If they’re too young, they might not be able to hold onto the harness correctly. These are some helpful tips on how to choose the right car seat.

Park your car in a safe spot

The safest places include the roadside, gas station, or store packing area. When in a safe spot, you can give your baby much-needed attention while breastfeeding.

Remember, a breastfeeding session is a perfect time to bond with your little one. How about getting cozy and comfortable for this?

Check that the straps are appropriately adjusted

Your baby should fit snugly but not so tight that it might cut off circulation or cause other serious problems. Comfort is everything for a peaceful ride with your little one.

Adequate room is important

Ensure there is enough room between your breast and your baby’s bottom.

It will help prevent friction or irritation caused by rubbing together during feeding sessions.

Bottle Feeding

Another common question from parents is, can you bottle feed a baby in a car seat?

It is possible to bottle-feed your baby in a car seat. Some parents prefer to pump breast milk before the journey so that they can bottle-feed their toddlers during the drive. 

However, there are some safety measures that you have to follow when bottle feeding in a car. 

Stop the vehicle before bottle-feeding your baby

Your safety and that of your baby should always be a priority. Pack your care safely and check if the baby is seated comfortably. 

Make use of a bottle holder or strap 

It goes a long way in helping your baby hold the bottle correctly.

Your child might struggle a bit when holding the bottle because of their cute tiny hands, but a holder makes the feeding session manageable. 

Always burp after a meal

Burp your baby after bottle feeding since they swallow air while feeding.

Give them time to release the swallowed air. These are some helpful tips on how to burp a newborn baby.

Solid Foods

Solid foods are an easy go-to option to feed your little one while moving.

But it would be best to remember that solid foods aren’t easily digestible like breast milk.

Therefore, be careful about the type of food you give them to eat. Some may cause constipation or might be a choking hazard.

The advisable solid foods to feed your babies while driving are mashed food, well-chopped fruits, and vegetables. Before all this, do a little research on when the baby is ready for finger foods.

What are the safety concerns of feeding a baby in a car?

Feeding your baby while on the move can only partially be avoided; therefore, these are essential tips.

Ensure that you have packed your car in a safe area before bottle feeding. These bottles can be projectiles in the event of an emergency.

When feeding, avoid meals that can be a choking hazard. Thus, it is vital to watch your little one, take those few minutes and concentrate on the feeding session.

Consider putting a blanket or a towel under your baby to keep the car seat clean. This makes cleaning up much more manageable.

What can I feed my baby while driving?

With a baby on board, mealtimes cannot be avoided, so how about making the whole process much easier for you?

However, for the following meals to be successful in a car ride, ensure that your baby can chew and grasp on their own.

Finger foods 

These are excellent go-to options, especially if your kids have developed the skill of independent feeding.

Some foods you can explore are dry cereal, toast strips, and mini waffles, to name a few. But before this, find out when your baby is ready for finger foods.

Cut up fruits and vegetables

If you like meal prep, this is a good option before the trip.

Cut up your baby’s favorite fruits and vegetables that they can easily nibble on while on the move.

Take note of choking hazardous meals

Before packing your kid’s treats for the road, taking note of the choking hazard meals is essential. Items like whole grapes or hard candy are a big NO!

Remember mommy!

We often spend our time caring for and looking after the little ones that we forget about the leading woman of the show.

So, as you pack a few treats for your little one, do the same for yourself. Staying hydrated and well-fed gives you the energy to care for the little one.

Bottle feeding options

If your baby is still in the bottle-feeding phase, you must ensure you have packed enough for her.

However, when you are feeding, it is crucial to attend to the bottle rather than just propping up your child. It reduces the mess your baby might create on the car seat.

Have you ever wondered how many baby bottles I need if breastfeeding? These tips should help. 

Cover up the car seat and maybe the surrounding areas!

Cleaning up after a messy eater is no fun, so how about prepping for mealtime? Get a blanket or a towel that you can use to cover the car seat.

Additionally, let’s remember the bib. It’s all about reducing your workload for mommy. 

One last thing can you feed a baby in a car seat

Yes, you can always feed them but take the above precautions seriously for the safety of your little one.

And to make the meal session a little smoother, pack ahead the meals they enjoy because no one wants a cranky baby while on the road.

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