Boy names that start with j, Top 30 Unique Names

Scavenging the internet for the best baby’s name is a task for caregivers.

And you are not alone in wanting it to be perfect. But having decided on sticking to the j lane, you are a few steps away from being done.

So how about Boy names that start with j?

We have to agree, a unique name for your little one is a stepping stone to opening opportunities for him, whether you decide to get a unique celestial name, or get on with a ‘J’ name the first thing to do is identifying the unique name.

You might also want to match the first letter of all your babies’ names, and that’s okay.

From unique names such as Jabari to classic ones like John, you are in the right place for a mouthful of boy names that start with j. Without much ado, let’s get started.

Boy names that start with j


The name started as Yaron in Hebrew. However, the Egyptians liked the sound of Aaron better.

They later transformed it to Jaron. Yaron means ‘full of joy and song,’ while Jaron is similar to ‘warrior.’ It’s a good choice for a charming and strong baby boy.


Talk of Swahili names, and this is one to keep an eye on. It means ‘brave one.’ Its origin is Arabic, and it is a product of the word ‘jabbar,’ which translates to a powerful ruler.


The Germanic name is a product of Garrett. On the other hand, Garrett is an Irish spin of the name Gerard, meaning ‘courageous.’

If you are looking forward to an National Basketball Association star who will hit the headlines, you could borrow the moniker from Jarrett Jack, a professional basketball player.


It originates from Hebrew and results from the name ‘Ya’aqov’el,’ which means ‘May God protect.’ Although you can trace the name to prehistoric texts, you might still add some spice and call your little man ‘Jack’ or ‘Coby.’


At the mention of it, having a cup of coffee may be on your to-do list right now. Nevertheless, this cute name was initially an Indonesian word, ‘Jawa,’ which means ‘beautiful Island.’


This Lebanese name doesn’t need a nickname. However, you may only like it if you are looking forward to an ambitious or serious adult. Well, not bad for a baby boy! Its origin is Arabic.


You probably like the sound. The unique name is of English origin, and it’s a nickname for long Jason. And according to Greek Mythology, Jason was the Argonaut’s leader.


Mick Jagger, the rock star, is one reason the modern name made it to our list. It is a result of a surname with the meaning ‘peddler.’


Initially, it was common as a surname. But John Jay made some changes to that. The ancient name is of Latin origin and was a parent’s favorite in the 1960s. Currently, its more extended versions Jayden and Jayce, are popular.


Spanish names always have a thing going on, and this is one for grabs. It means ‘he shines.’ You may like its meaning, which is perfect for your golden boy.


We all know the meaning of this one: ‘son of James.’ On the other hand, James means ‘supplanter’ or ‘replacer.’ Even Shakespeare was a fanatic of James. The classic name is of British descent.


Even though it’s a variant of the Hebrew name Jedaiah, we can’t forget the Jedi Knights from Star Wars. Who can dare? The dictionary also defines Jedi as someone with exceptional positivity who tends to have luck smiling their way.


If you think it sounds Arabic, it certainly is! It is a blend of Jamal and Amir. Jamal means ‘beauty’ while its counterpart stands for ‘prince.’ And whose son is not a handsome prince? We know the answer to that one.


This name of Latin and German origins is a German word for January. It may be best for babies who landed during the first month of the year. The Kardashians make the moniker popular, with Caitlyn Jenner and other family members going with the name.


Even though it’s a biblical name, you don’t have to be religious to look its way. It is of Hebrew descent and means ‘God will save.’


Like the nickname, ‘Jazz?’ The English name Jasper can give you that. It is also a moniker of a red gemstone. What a great way to name your little prince!


Jax is also one of the modern names on our list. Combine John and Jacques, and you have the beautiful baby boy name. It is American all the way and means ‘God has been gracious.’


Talk of names of Danish descent, and this is one. Although it is famous as the last name in Denmark, it still fits as a first name. You can also spell it as ‘Jenson.’


The variant of the classic John was a hit in the 1800s. It is of Dutch origin. John means ‘grace of God.’ But crossing out ordinary John and replacing it with cool and unique Jennings is probably a good idea.


If you are voting for modern names, here is another for you. With some inspiration from the ‘jett black’ mineral, we get this short and exciting name.


The Spanish name is a hit in the Southern parts of America. You may like it for its tolerant meaning, ‘God will judge.’


If you are not getting won over by this cute name with Latin and French descents, we don’t know what would. It results from the French word ‘Germain,’ meaning ‘brother.’ You may as well be J.Cole’s fan; the rapper’s full name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole.


You probably know a thing or two about Jonah in the Bible. Although it’s ancient, its meaning’ dove,’ may bribe you over. The bird is often related to purity and peace, making it a good choice for baby names. It is of Hebrew descent.


The Italian and Hebrew boy’s name is well-liked in the land of pizza, Italy. It is a variation of Giovanni, which means ‘God is gracious.’ You may like its short forms; ‘Gio’ and ‘Vanni.’


This name is of Latin origin. However, you can also trace it to Greece with the meaning ‘praised.’ It undoubtedly sounds excellent!


 If you like Derek, you may favor this one too. Apart from being American in origin, it is also a spiced version of the German name; Derek, meaning ‘Gifted ruler.’ It is a combination of Jerold and Derek.


It was originally a Hebrew word ‘Yehudiel,’ meaning ‘The Lord has heard.’ But through some Spanish magic, the result was sweet Jadiel. It is rare in the U.S, making it perfect if you are searching for unique baby names. Its nickname is Jadi.


You probably know of Jimi Hendrix, the guitarist. The name is of Hebrew descent and is a result of the Hebrew name Jacob. The fact that short and cute Jimi sounds way better is undeniable!


In case you are wondering, it is still a version of James. The Spanish and Portuguese name means ‘supplanter.’ If you like spending your time glued to the screen, you might be a fan of the fiction-drama ‘Outlander,’ and one of the character’s names, Jaime Fraser.


The classic Hebrew name means ‘God is gracious.’ It is a common name used by saints and popes.

One last thing on unique boy names

No one gets the perfect name at a glance, so keep looking.

Just like parenting, from trying to figure out how many baby clothes to get, naming is also not as easy. But this list will surely make the search easier.

Whether they sound tasty or their meanings are fitting, boy names that start with j is a great place to focus on. From classics to cute names, we have made a list above. Hopefully, you find an apt moniker for your golden boy!

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