Royalty Baby Girl Names

Royal names are famous for being fashionably flair as they are known to show elegance, poise, and power. Polished yet classic, royalty baby girl names usually tend to inspire a surge in popularity among citizens. Here are some popular royalty baby girl names.

42 Royalty Baby Girl Names

1. Victoria

Originally Latin meaning victory or winner. Many consider it a classic girl’s name with a powerful meaning. Nine royals have used Victoria in history, the most one being the British queen. Victoria emulates the character of the long-reigning queen.

Nicknames of these names are such as Vicky, Vikki, and Tori. In the current generation, the latest Victoria is Princess Victoria of Sweden, the heir of the Swedish throne.

2. Catherine

This is a classic girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning that means ‘pure.’ It held many royal titles in English history. Three of Henry VIII’s wives were named Catherine- the first was Catherine of Aragon, the 5th was Catherine Howard, and the 6th was known as Catherine Parr.

Catherine is one of the oldest and most consistently used female names, with many spellings and nicknames. The Catherine form feels a bit more old-fashioned and feminine than the more popular K versions like Kate- a popular short for Princess Katherine- Duchess of Cambridge. She managed to put a modern, stylish gloss on her vintage name.

3. Mary

A name of Hebrew origin that means ‘star of the sea.’ Mary was the most popular and long-lasting female Christian name in the English-speaking world (Maria and Marie in Spanish and French) until the 1940s.

There are six Marys in the New Testament alone, just as there were as many royal Marys has been used by seven royals. Among them is Mary, Queen of Scots, Mary I- the famous bloody Mary-daughter of Henry VIII. Mary II was the wife of King William in the 17th century.

4. Elizabeth

This is one of the earliest girls’ names with a timeless style a popular Hebrew names for girls. England’s most famous queens are named Elizabeth I and II. This is a name of Hebrew origin which means, ‘God is my oath.

There are many short forms of these names, including; Lizzie, Eliza, Lilibeth, Beth, etc. It has a rich history- a broad appeal as the name is ever a top choice of baby girl names.

5. Alice

This name is of German origin’’ Adalhaidis’’ that means ‘noble’. This term is also from which the name Adelaide is gotten. Four royals, including a Duchess of Gloucester and First Daughter Alice Roosevelt, had this name.

As a British royal, Alice was Queen Victoria’s second daughter, the princess who horrified her Victorian mother by breastfeeding her own baby.

6. Helena

A name of Greek origin, which means ‘bright and shining one.’ This name was used by the famous Helena of Troy, the famous face that launched a thousand ships, over whom the ten-year Trojan War was fought. It was also the name of one of Queen Victoria’s daughters.

The name Helen has fallen in and out of favor over the years. This is because many consider it serious and have preferred one of its many variations: Helena, Eleanor, Elena, Ella, Nell, or Leonora, to mention just a few.

7. Margaret

A name that is derived from the French Marguerite, which in turn came from Margarita, the Latin form. Margarites were áll based on the Old Persian word margarita, meaning “pearl.”

Margaret has been one of the most Christian names in history. It is attached to the patron saint of women in childbirth. It is also associated with various royals. Elizabeth II’s sister was named Margaret. Mary Anjou was the wife of Henry VI and the first female prime minister of Great Britain, being Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret has been used in various forms for decades- Maggie, Meg, Greta, Margo, etc. However, most modern parents have preferred to use the full Margaret, its pronounced sound and classic status allured many.

8. Anne

The name Anne is a girl’s Hebrew, French (Anne), and English (Ann) origin meaning grace/ God has favored me. Other variations to this name are Hannah and Annabel.

Its popularity was revived by the princess royal, Queen Elizabeth II’s only daughter. Anne was the name of six queens of England, two of the wives of Henry VIII, including Anne Boleyn.

9. Sofia

This is of Greek origin, meaning ‘wisdom’. The name was first famous via St. Sophia, who was revered in the Greek Orthodox church. It was first used in England in the seventeenth century and was the name of George I’s both mother and wife.

Sophie is the French version of the name, more popular than Sophia in some parts of the world. Sofia was a 17th-century Russian queen and also the Queen of Spain who reigned from 1974-2014.

10. Matilda

This means ‘little battle maiden.’ She was King Henry I’s daughter, who was the first female ruler of England. Her son, Henry II, became King after her.

11. Grace

Is derived from gratia; it is a Latin word which means ‘gracious one. ‘ It existed as Gracia in the 16th century but was not in everyday use until it became common to get a name with Christian attributes. It was used as a virtue name.

In modern history, this name is famous after Grace Kelly, a famous actress who became a princess when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Embraced by Americans of the Victorian era, it was the eleventh most popular name in this country in 1875.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there were many unique names from royals who wanted to break tradition and introduced rare female names that continue to be popular in the Netherlands; there is Maxima, the queen consort of Holland since 2013. Alexia and Ariane are royal princesses too.

Spain has beautiful Letizia and Leonor. Hessa means destiny, a name for the princess of Dubai. Salma is an Arabic name that means ‘peace’. The more royals are born, the more vintage names are evolved anew. All these make for beautiful names for your little bundle of joy!

These are just a few more royalty names you can explore.

12. Hannah

13. Annabel

14. Eleanor

15. Elena

16. Ella

17. Nell

18. Leonora

19. Madeleine

20. Christian

21. Aiko

22. Adrienne

23. Charlene

24. Adela

25. Diana

26. Louise

27. Beatrice

28. Alexandra

29. Eleanor

30. Alexia

31. Ariane

32. Letizia

33. Leonor

34. Hessa

35. Salma

36. Maxima

37. Anastasia

38. Berenice

39. Camilla

40. Charlotte

41. Clementine

42. Gabriella

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