How to check if your pregnant without a pregnancy test

When you finally find out you have a precious bun in the oven coming soon, it is usually the happiest moments. For many, they already fast forward the nine months to the time they will finally meet the precious little gem, wondering how they look and who they resemble. And the most exciting thing is, there are so many signs that show you are already pregnant, at times we don’t notice them. So lets us find out how to check if your pregnant without a pregnancy test.

It is recommended that you use a pregnancy test for accurate results, but you are not limited to this as there are a few ways you can find out if you have a bun in the oven. Read on and find out the simple ways you can confirm you are pregnant without a test.

15 easy ways on how to check if your pregnant without a pregnancy test

Besides taking a test, there are a few things you can do to find out if you are pregnant; some of these tips will involve a keen look at your body while others are just getting a better understanding of how the mother feels.

1. A missed period

This is the first reason we would rush to the dispensary to get a pregnancy test, as we immediately suspect we could be pregnant. When fertilization takes place, your uterus will immediately stop producing eggs; thus, you stop menstruating. However, a missed period could be caused by a lot of other things like stress, overeating, or if you experienced sudden weight changes.

2. Noticed some spotting

Spotting tends to occur between your menstrual cycle. It happens when the fertilized egg gets to implant itself on the wall of your uterus. The spotting could happen a few weeks after your last period, which has proven to be a concrete sign that you are pregnant.

3. Some vomiting

Morning sickness has been a common sign of pregnancy in most women. But don’t be fooled morning sickness does not mean it only happens in the morning as this could stretch throughout the day. The rising hormones in your body cause morning sickness, and this could happen three weeks after fertilization. But this is not something that happens to all women.

4. Constantly feeling full

In the first few weeks of pregnancy, many women have reported feeling unnaturally full after taking a small meal. And after that, the feeling is accompanied by a lot of belching, some intense cramps, and flatulence. It is merely because the progesterone level in your body is rising, affecting your digestive tract.

5. Your breasts feel sensitive.

Breasts tend to feel tender, a little swollen, while the nipples become tingly to the lightest brush or touch. And for some, the color of their nipple might get much darker and have a few small white spots in color.

6. Frequent urination

A common sign of pregnancy is if you keep going to pee after every 30minutes or so. This is all thanks to the increased blood circulation and more water retention taking place in your body. All thanks to these pregnancy hormones.

7. Slight headaches

If you have a headache right now, it does not instantly indicate that you are pregnant, but it is something to keep an eye on if accompanied by the other few symptoms I have just mentioned. As you progress in your first trimester, headaches are very common, and the trigger could be stress. If this is the case, probably some rest is all you need.

8. Some mood swings

You have sudden mood changes from being so happy, and the next minute your just irritable. You will have to thank the pregnancy hormones for this up and down roller coaster.

9. Always feeling tired

Pregnancy takes your body through a lot of changes; I mean, you are creating a small human in your belly, and with this, it could result in loss of sleep and some fatigue. Remember the roller coaster I just mentioned, also expect that with fatigue. The first trimester might make you feel like just being a couch potato and constantly sleeping; in the second trimester, you will immediately get your energy and feel pumped for the world. Then comes the third trimester, which will force you to do less as the fatigue is back again.

10. Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Another roller coaster you need to be aware of, during those downtimes and constantly feeling tired, you will also notice your sex drive is on the low. I mean, you want to sleep all the time who has time to think about sex. Then comes the second trimester with all the energy, well this is the time to take advantage of all you can do.

11. Some spider veins

Pregnancy causes an excess release of estrogen in our bodies, and with this is could cause the formation of spider veins. Don’t worry; these will slowly fade away once your bundle of joy arrives.

12. Your skin might get dry.

This is because of several things happening in your body, just like lack of sleep or fatigue during this beautiful season. If the condition is getting worse, it’s probably a good idea to speak to your doctor about it.

13. Some nasal congestion

Pregnancy tends to increase the amount of hormones running in your bloodstream. Therefore because of these hormones, the membranes in your nose swell and get dry; as a result, the nasal congestion you might be feeling.

14. Basal body temperature

This has been considered the best way to check if your ovulating; the best way to know when is the perfect time to conceive. However, if your body temperature has been high for the past two weeks after ovulation, you may already be pregnant.

15. Might notice some discoloration

Remember the changes we keep talking about; these hormones also cause some pigmentation changes on your body and face. You will notice your nipples are darker, maybe a few dark spots on your forehead, bridge of your nose, upper lips. This is referred to as melisma.

Some Frequently asked questions

How can we check pregnancy at home naturally?

Take a toothpaste tube and squeeze a good amount in an empty cup or container; for this, the brand doesn’t matter. In a separate cup urinate, then slowly pour your urine into the container with toothpaste. What we are doing is monitoring the reaction. For those who believe in this type of test, for a positive result, the paste should either fizz or change the color, which could be because of the hormones in your system. For a negative result, the theory states there will be no change as your body is not producing the excessive hormone.

But it is important to note that all this is a theory.

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