Hippie Names for Girls: Peace, Love, and Patchouli

You’re looking for a name for your baby girl that celebrates peace, love, and individuality—something earthy yet whimsical, cute, unique hippie names for girl.

A name that conjures up visions of flower children dancing barefoot in the grass.

Look no further – we’ve got a long list of hippie names for girls about embracing freedom and nature. And if you’re planning to take it a step further, consider incorporating a Boho Baby Shower theme into your celebration.

These far-out names may have originated in the 60s and 70s, but they’ve stood the test of time and are returning.

Names like Juniper, Willow, and Sage celebrate nature and spirituality. Consider words like Zena, Gaia, or Raven if you’re looking for something unique.

Or you can’t go wrong with a classic like Summer, Autumn or Sky.

Whether you’re an old soul or just love the carefree bohemian vibe, these hippie names for girls are perfect for your little flower child.

Peace, love, and patchouli oil to you – now name your baby!

Flower Power: Beautiful Flower-Inspired Hippie Names for Girl

Flower power reigns supreme when it comes to hippie names for girls. What better way to embrace peace and love than by naming your baby after a beautiful bloom?


This cheerful flower name brings to mind sunny meadows and innocence. Daisies symbolize purity, simplicity, and cheerfulness – perfect for a sweet little girl.


The lily is a delicate flower representing purity, beauty, and virtue. Lily is a lovely, timeless name that has been popular for decades. Its vintage bohemian vibe makes it an ideal hippie name.


The rose is the queen of flowers and a symbol of love and beauty. Rose is a romantic, feminine name with a hippie spirit. You can’t go wrong with this fragrant floral favorite.


The intoxicating jasmine flower represents sensuality, grace, and elegance. Jasmine is an exotic, melodic name with a peaceful hippie essence.

Its lovely meaning and association with nighttime make it a magical choice.


The iris symbolizes faith, wisdom, and courage with bold yet delicate petals. Iris is a colorful, whimsical name that embodies freedom and individuality.

This rainbow-hued bloom is perfect for a spirited little flower child.

With many meaningful, nature-inspired options, you’ll have no trouble finding a flower name that suits your little wild child’s spirit. Blossoming with symbolism and beauty, these hippie names are meant to be.

Groovy Girl Names From the 1960s-70s Counterculture

The 1960s and 70s were all about peace, love, and freedom. Unsurprisingly, hippie baby names from that era are all about nature, spirituality, and individuality.

Flower Power Names

What could be groovier than a flower name? Popular picks included:


A sweet, cheerful character representing innocence and purity.


It is an exotic floral name with a lovely fragrance, symbolizing grace and elegance.


A timeless character inspired by the lily flower, representing virtue, purity, and beauty.

Nature-Inspired Names

Hippies were all about connecting with nature. Nature-themed names were familiar, like:


A graceful tree name representing flexibility and wisdom.


Represents change and the harvest season.


Meaning tropical grasslands, representing freedom and open spaces.

Sky or Skye:

The ultimate natural inspiration, representing freedom, openness, and new beginnings.

Spiritual Names

Hippies embraced spirituality from Eastern and pagan influences. Spiritual names included:


Representing the spiritual principle of cause and effect.


Representing the number three, a mystical and spiritual number.


Meaning “Mother Earth” in Greek mythology.


Meaning “calm” or “serene” in Latin, representing peace and tranquility.

With a hippie name, your little flower child can’t help but channel peace, love, and the creative spirit of the 60s counterculture.

Nature Lovin’ Hippie Baby Names Inspired by the Earth

Nature Lovin’ Hippie Names for Girl Inspired by the Earth

Are you looking for a hippie baby name that celebrates our beautiful planet? Consider these nature-inspired options:


A sweet, sunny name representing innocence and purity. Call her Flower Child for short.


The graceful willow tree has been a symbol of wisdom, magic, and enchantment for ages.


The whimsical name of the Roman moon goddess, perfect for a dreamy little girl.


It is a unisex name evoking deep blue sea waters and boundless calm.


A fragrant herb used for cleansing and healing, also meaning wise and knowing.


A colorful hippie name symbolizes hope, peace, and good fortune after the rain.


A unisex nature name of strength, representing powerful weather.


A luminous name suggests clarity, light, and mystical energy.


A delicate name like the soft, silky petals of a flower in bloom.


It is a wispy, floating name symbolizing lightness, freedom, and transcendence.


A musical little bird is known for its beautiful song at dawn.


A victory name from the bay leaf plant, representing honor and success.


A seasonal name reflecting the harvest time’s beauty.


It is a sweetly flowing name representing calm, peace, and refreshment.


An open, grassy name evoking wildflowers and the great outdoors.

Selecting a nature-inspired name is a perfect way to give your little hippie chick’s identity deep roots in Mother Earth. Raise her to be one with the universe, man!


And that’s our roundup of hippie names for your little flower child.

Whether you choose a nature-inspired name like Willow or Meadow, an iconic hippie name like Sunshine or Rainbow, or a groovy retro name like Peace or Karma, she’s sure to embody the spirit of the 60s counterculture.

Give your baby girl a name that celebrates love, freedom, and individuality. Who knows, she may just grow up to improve the world.

After all, the revolution starts at home. Right on, sisters. Power to the people, and peace out!

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