Boho Baby Shower, Simple Ideas To Explore

We all like ‘showering’ in gifts, and whether it’s the first or third pregnancy, this is an important event for parents across the globe, especially a boho baby shower theme.

Are you planning for your baby shower?

Or maybe your friends and family can’t let you in on all the juicy details? Either way, your shower should be as unique as possible. And we have a great theme in mind with great baby shower activities!

 The bohemian affair is unapologetically gracing the fashion and home décor scenes.

Who said it couldn’t take center stage at the event? (Of course, after the mama of the year!)

This article gives insight into baby shower venues ideas and plans for a boho baby shower. Read on to make the most of the event!

What is boho baby shower?

The unique and nature-inspired theme adds an earthy vibe with rustic and floral ornaments.

The small details from the decorations make a statement.

Besides, it is flexible and can be used for a girl, boy, and gender-neutral baby showers.

Some of the items can be DIY to save you money, making it affordable yet an elegant way to show support for a mom-to-be.

How can I make my baby shower unique?

Various elements make up for a unique baby shower.

But nothing is more flattering to parents and guests than a boho baby shower.

Over and over again, it has proven to be special, from setting the right mood to welcoming ultimate fun. And when paired with the best places to have a baby shower, this will be the ultimate event.

It’s no surprise that it has stood the test of time and is also a hit in the fashion and décor industries.

What are some unique baby shower themes?

Boho baby shower

Incorporates the bohemian style with macrame decor, nature-inspired accessories like succulent candles and cupcakes, floral crowns, boho-decorated sweet foods, and more.

Rustic chic

This one creates the perfect atmosphere with rugged wooden textures, plants, and flowers.

Pumpkin theme for fall

If you love pumpkins, it’s the perfect excuse to go pumpkin for the desserts and the décor.

Twinkle twinkle baby

Sing your way to the baby shower with silver and gold-like themes that transform any place.

Donut love

Everyone loves a donut, and having donut-shaped decorations with neutral colors and pops of different colors could be ideal.

What is the most popular theme for a baby shower?

The nursery rhyme is ideal if you don’t mind going with the popular opinion.

It incorporates all the must-haves for nurseries, including the moon and stars with a touch of white and gold colors. At the same time, you can go unique with the bohemian baby shower.

Ideas For A Boho Baby Shower

Boho baby showers can be fun, spicy, and unforgettable for years to come. Besides, you can go pink, blue, or gender-neutral, and ooh, this theme provides the perfect photo ops!

Food And Snacks

Boho sugar cookies

Have a sweet tooth? If not, it’s a day to loosen up.

Tasty dream catcher, tepee, and arrow sugar cookies couldn’t be more perfect.

They include tepees, arrows, dream catchers, and the onesies that take it to a new level. The color theme can be gray or pink.

For the latter, you can incorporate flower details.

Whichever way you decide to go, sweets have to be in there. So choose from donuts, brownies, and even a cake with a baby theme like the Dream catcher diaper cake!

Unique succulent cupcakes

These succulent cupcakes are trending and a party favorite.

There isn’t a more perfect middle ground for sweets and charming looks. Be sure to arrange them on a nicely set platter or table for a one-of-a-kind bouquet of cupcakes!

Ooh, donuts!

This is an intimate party staple. Have them include a nice finish with edible plant parts like flowers. You will thank yourself later because even your taste buds can’t turn down these donuts.


It’s the mama-to-be’s day, and the guests may have to swallow their thirst for harsh drinks.

A simple punch of fruits like strawberries, grapes, and mangoes, is ideal as per her majesty’s wish. A sip of fresh and healthy fruit juice is good for any baby shower.

Additionally, incorporate anything on her cravings list, like meat, nuts, or cheese.


Macrame décor

This art is getting increasingly popular, and it’s quite flexible.

It incorporates various knots to create a decorative pattern for hanging or running on the table. It requires yarn and a tan-colored rope.

And it goes beyond beautifying the shower; you can use it to decorate the nursery. There are various Macrame décor ideas you can explore.

Balloons, banners, and tassels

Balloons are always an ingredient for most celebrations.

But now you can go the extra mile with baby block balloon boxes. These are big and clear boxes filled with balloons and spell ‘Baby’ or ‘One.’

For banners, you can simply hunt for one written ‘oh baby!’ There are no restrictions; even ‘welcome baby’ is perfect.

With tassels, there are dozens of varieties. Blend the yarn tassels, from those with wood beads to pom poms.

Embrace Mother Nature

The boho baby shower is inseparable from nature; it’s a very natural theme.

Therefore, choose artificial or real plants. The former is flexible and available every season. The latter is ideal but requires more care and comes with a higher price tag.

Care for a crown?

It’s a bohemian baby shower. Of course, the flower crowns must be there! Let your creativity determine the limit.


Confetti transforms any space. Choose from varying colors and geometric shapes and wow the guests at the food table!

Go succulent with your candles

Love candles? There is a high chance your guests do too! But it doesn’t have to be the standard candles; the succulent variety is stinkingly stunning! Mix the succulents and colors so the guests have options.

Photo backdrop

Once your baby makes his appearance, parents, family, and friends will need a way to remember this day.

If you can afford the photo booths, perfect. If not, there are many ideas for affordable, simple, and beautiful backdrops. Most importantly, ensure it is compatible with the immediate environment.

Floral arrangements meet the boho style. Remember to prepare a post-photo album.

Stock Up On Your Party Materials

Matching utensils and accessories

Find your matching sets of cups, plates, and napkins online with a similar pattern.

But since we are on the boho-style shower, a plant-like pattern could go a long way. There are mix and match alternatives if you don’t wish for matching sets.

Toppers for your cupcakes

Make the cute ending to your cupcake using toppers. They could be as simple as words to specific designs.

Straws for the juice

Remember the fruity juice? They will need a set of unique straws to go. Consider the muted rainbow straws.

Off To The Real Fun With Activities

Game bundle

While your ideas for the games are undoubtedly welcome, you may save yourself the effort and time by purchasing the game bundles.

The baby shower game bundles include baby trivia and how big is mommy’s belly.

Who said ‘baby?’

You will need enough diaper pins or clothespins for everyone.

Everyone watches out for anyone who uses the word baby, which should be hard. Any guilty person surrenders their pin to the accuser. The winner prize goes to the one with the most pins!

Even baby showers have hunts!

Simply hide away pacifiers around the place and let the hunt begin.

The guest with the most pacifiers is the winner. Have special prizes to make it more interesting. The succulent candles and cupcakes could do!

Are your guests creative? Find out!

Buy sets of bodysuits, bibs, or onesies, and provide decoration accessories. Let them include their names in each of their creations.

Photo ops

Create a specific moment for the photos, so no one is left out. Props are essential to get everyone talking on social media with a top-up of great hashtags.

Try the boho baby shower theme for your next event!

The boho baby shower incorporates fun and entertainment for the parents-to-be and guests.

It’s one of the most unique baby shower themes that create the perfect surrounding and party energy.

Besides, it allows for creativity and photo opportunities and can be as affordable as you want it to be.

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