16 Simple Easter Basket Ideas for a Baby

There is so much to incorporate for your little one’s ultimate fun, from egg dyes and stuffed animals to Easter egg hunts. Easter basket ideas for a baby does not get easier than this.

While some gifts may be too advanced and some too tiny for your baby, we have just the right item to dip into your basket of Easter goodies! 

Whether you are a new parent trying to figure out the number of clothes you should buy for your little one, to finding the perfect name meaning forgiveness or looking forward to your bunny’s first birthday, we have you covered with the best Easter basket ideas for a baby.

Kids can widen everyone’s smile, and it could only get better with the addition of ideal gifts. Read on to find the one that strikes that parentally instinct! 

What do you put in a baby’s Easter basket?

There is a list of creative things you can add to the Easter basket, Baby shoes, wooden toys, stuffed bunnies, wood egg shakes squeak eggs, just to name a few.

Baby shoes: Fitting and stylish baby shoes are a go-to for parents’ Easter basket ideas. 

Wooden toys: These could be stacks of cars with spring color themes.

Stuffed bunny: Your little bunny needs a doll for some company.

Wood egg shakes: Your baby can start their first musical from these painted and wooden shakers.

Squeak eggs: Those soft hands may enjoy squeezing these eggs for a squeaking sound.

What do you get a baby for the first Easter? 

Simple always goes a long way for your little one like a teether, animal pajamas, soft blocks, a bunny storybook to a bunny hooded baby towel.

Teethers: Find creative teethers that will take your child’s fancy.

Animal pajamas: A warm cozy night may start with bunny-themed p.j’s. 

Soft blocks: When your baby touches these blocks, they produce sound effects. 

A bunny storybook: Even after Easter ends, your baby can relish before-bed moments with great bunny stories. 

Bunny hooded baby towel: You can put some fun into bath time for a cooperative baby.

16 Simple Easter Basket Ideas for a Baby Of All Time

Baby shoes

Well, your son or daughter may not be making the steps yet. And if they are, the better. Still, these little ones grow so fast.

Get a pair of beautiful shoes, and unlike colorful junk (that our babies still love), this one counts after all. You could opt for the stylish baby moccasins, which come in various styles and colors and go as low as size 2. 

Wooden toys

Those little hands may be ready for the next step. That is to push some wooden cars around with a colored driver on the wheels. You may go the extra mile with a stacking set of cars with spring color themes.

A bunny for your little bunny

Your baby’s Easter basket is incomplete without a stuffed bunny!

Depending on how well you choose it, the bunny can be soft and cuddly for your baby’s company. You can finally do a thing or two as they play around with their bestie.

Any doll is good to go. It may even have a doll pod. 

Fun Pyjamas

There are literally p.j’s for every season, and Easter is no exception with these cute pajamas for kids.

Whether your baby is six or nine months old, bunny-themed pajamas could only look cuter on them. You can gift them a peaceful night in a soft and cozy outfit. 


Gone are the days when teethers were simply serving their purpose. Various creative and fun teethers are ideal for your ultimate Easter basket pack.

Besides, you are always cleaning their favorite one or looking for it in who knows where especially if the baby is all around the place.

Get more teethers that your baby will want to gnaw on and save yourself the effort!

Squeak eggs or wood egg shakers

If your little one is above one year old, nothing could light up their world like these eggs.

The options are endless, from sorting, cracking, and squeezing them. They pretty much work like real eggs, except there is no yoke to mess up the place.

Moreover, these eggs produce a gentle squeak when squeezed in those cute and tender hands. The drawn and colored chicks on the eggs will help with color learning. 

Your baby could also get busy with the musical wood egg shakes. The eggs have non-toxic paint and are made of natural wood to ensure your baby’s safety. Either way, some eggs need to be in that basket!

Soft blocks

Great gifts can be part of your sensory activity items like these soft blocks. As your baby touches various materials of the blocks, different noises are made.

Don’t be surprised if your baby is the best with identifying letters and animals in their first class!

A bunny book

We all love a great story. If the reading sessions have begun, then a bunny-inspired book is one of the perfect baby Easter basket ideas. You can cuddle up and read it to any of your younger kids, so it’s a worthwhile investment. 

Bunny hooded towel

Bath time can be a difficult moment especially when you are trying to incorporate a sleep training schedule. But only if your baby is not getting the amusement they deserve.

While that could start with bath balls, a soft towel could also do the trick to get them out of the water. 

Water mat

Tummy time is great for your baby especially training your baby to rollover, and some infant Easter basket ideas like these could help. You can put them on the ground to have your child practice tummy time on their own. Incorporate this in your basket if your baby is three months old and above. 

Let some drums roll!

Not literally. The innocent soft drums light up and produce sound effects when your little one pounds on them. They are as gentle as their hands, so no worries!

Baby slippers

The rainy springy days may require more warmth. These pairs of animal-inspired slippers may be what your baby needs. Watch out for the size for the perfect fit. 

Bunny racer

Easter is bunny’s time, and bunny racer is up to the mark. It should be chunky for grasping and made of suitable material like rubberwood. 

Drool bibs

If your baby’s shirt gets too wet often and it has been a struggle getting spit up stains out, it may be best to stock up on some drool bibs. Most come in sets, so you can have a few colors to choose from for different outfits. 

Get your baby to the farm with a wood board book

Nothing sounds ideal for your baby’s development than a touch and feel board book. Your baby can grow with it from six months old to one and a half years later. 

Bunny ears

Any holiday can use some bunny ears. They are also great for photo ops, and your baby will undoubtedly love them. 

What should I put in my 6 month old Easter basket? 

Soft drums: These drums can produce light when your baby pounds on them to evoke excitement.

Water mat: They help make the baby look forward to tummy time.

Baby slippers: Comfortable and fitting baby slippers are a must-have for rainy spring days.

Bunny racer: Your child can put their driving skills to the test with this colorful racer.

A farm wooden board book: Your baby’s development is in the right hands with this touch-and-feel book.

What do you get a 4 month old for Easter? 

Drool bibbs: Bibs are just never enough, so add a colorful set that could match different outfits to your basket.

Bunny ears: This gift is perfect, especially if you want to have the best photos of your baby to keep the memories alive.

Baby slippers: Your baby could get their warmth needs from this comfy and cozy gift.

Water mat: Your baby may relish the tummy time sessions with this item in your possession.

Stuffed bunny: Soft bunnies make great companions for babies, so include them in your Easter basket.

Final thoughts

Getting it right in for Easter basket ideas for a baby may be harder than it looks for parents.

But the ideas above will keep your baby happy, with some even promoting their sensory development. Keep in mind that useful stuff can grow with your baby!

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