Top 50 Unique Names That Mean Forgiveness

No one deserves the perfect name like your little angel. And opting for names that mean forgiveness couldn’t be more fitting. Cause who doesn’t like a cutie with a friendly nature and an adorable name to go with it?

The simple answer is no one. Life can pull across events that feel unique and painful, but forgiveness is the best route to take.

A forgiveness name only reminds you of how brave and strong you are, same applies to the names meaning free spirit, so congratulations, love!

Off with the small talk in trying to find the perfect Royalty baby girl names. Whether you have or are expecting a little prince or princess, you are in the right place!

Unique names that mean forgiveness

What name means forgiveness?

Some unique names that mean forgiveness include Aglaia, Chiyena, Ionanna, Emeaghara, Fordel, find out the cool meanings these names have.

Aglaia: Means ‘brightness’ and ‘splendor’ with origins from old Greece.

Chiyena: Means ‘blessed with the Lord’s grace’ and has Hebrew origins.

Ionanna: Meaning ‘filled with grace,’ it originates from Hebrew.

Emeaghara: Means ‘a heart to forgive,’ with Igbo origins.

Fordel: Derived from English Gypsy origins, it means ‘forgiving.’

What girl name means forgiveness?

Some unique girl names that mean forgiveness include Agraciana, Charis, Dobromila, Enye, Hanita. Explore the cool meanings these names have.

Agraciana: Means ‘forgiveness’ and bears Spanish origin.

Charis: An English and German name meaning ‘grace’ and ‘kindness.’

Dobromila: Bearing Slavonic origin, it means ‘good grace.’

Enye: It means ‘grace’ and originates from Hebrew.

Hanita: An Indian name meaning ‘heavenly grace.’

Names That Mean Forgiveness

Unique or just great to call out? We have got you! Read on to get your ideal one!

Girl Names That Mean Forgiveness


Our first name is definitely good to the ear. Who would have thought that such a name meaning ‘forgiveness’ could sound so great?

The Spanish did! Its origin is Spanish, and you can spice it up a bit with variants like Agracianne, Agraciane, Agracyana, or something between those lines!


Wish to add brightness into your life?

Because your baby will with this name. It means ‘brightness’ and ‘splendor,’ and we have Old Greece to thank for the great addition, now gaining steam in German and English.

It’s also associated with Greek mythology, with the three graces Aglaia, Thalia, and Euphrosyne. These were to daughters to Zeus and Eurynome and bore a symbol of joy and gratitude. 


Yes, we didn’t say Harris; we said Charis.

The English and German name is of Old Greek and English origin. In Old Greek, it was adapted from the word ‘kharis,’ meaning ‘grace’ and ‘kindness.’ Its English derivatives include Carissa, Charissa, Cherice, and Sharice.


You like it? Cause we are all in! It sounds perfect, and its meaning of ‘blessed with the Lord’s grace’ is very tempting. It is also of Hebrew origin.


For a name of Slavonic origin in Czech, this name, meaning ‘good grace,’ is as unique as you would wish it to be. I bet you will be the only parent with such a baby name in the class. Have a doubt? Try it!


Call your princess Donosa, and her charm will be all over the place just as its meaning. Its stands for ‘she who has grace and charm.’ And if you were looking forward to a name of Latin origins, be our guest!


Meaning ‘grace,’ the name has Hebrew origins.

Besides, it is quite a new catch in the baby name scene, so grab yours while stock lasts! For baby names that sound more or less like Enye, try Aimee (French), or go Russian with Ayn.

Eun Mi:

Wish for a name of Korean origin? Your little angel is beautiful and a name that would stress that looks ideal. It means ‘grace’ and ‘beautiful.’ 


For a name of Basque and Latin origins, how does it sound?

In Basque origin, it means ‘grace.’ Besides, Gechina is a form of the common English and French name Grace. If you love Grace but wish to go out of the ordinary, this would be an excellent pick.


Grainne is the definition of a great name for a great baby, and yours is!

The name has been chiefly used in Irish, although its origins can be traced to Latin and Celtic. In Irish mythology, it was borne by the daughter of King Cormac Mac Airt. Its other versions are Graenia, Grainnia, Graynia, and Grainne.


It is mainly used in India and means ‘heavenly grace.’ Its language of origin is Sanskrit.

The unique name has variations, including Haneeta, Hamiedah, Hamyda, Humytah, and Haneta.


This is certainly among our favorites and uncommon as a baby girl name. It means ‘filled with grace,’ with its origins being Hebrew.  


This excellent name of Slavonic origin is predominantly used in English and German. It features ‘Lud’ and ‘Mil,’ which mean ‘people’ and ‘grace’ respectively.


Do you love or find African-Swahili interesting? One way to show is by giving your baby girl the name. It means ‘filled with God’s grace.’


The unisex name of Lithuanian origin means ‘by the grace of God.’


It is quite widespread in Basque, French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian. It was adapted from the word ‘merced’ in Spanish, meaning ‘mercy’ and ‘grace.’


Right from African-Swahili, this name is perfect to mean ‘compassion’ or ‘forgiveness.’ It is common in Swahili but a good choice.


With origins in the African language, it means ‘one who asks for forgiveness.’


Its use and origin are tied to Japan. It means ‘grace of the lily’ and is a rare name for baby girls.

Boy Names That Mean Forgiveness

Although most forgiveness names are girl names, we have some great options for your little champ below:


For names of Igbo origin, this is ideal. It means ‘a heart to forgive,’ and who knows, he may let things go too easy!


Wish to add a Japanese name to your potential list? Kaiyo is one to consider. It means ‘forgiveness.’


With Benin origin, this name stands for ‘forgive.’ He might also be about freedom as predicted for this name.


Derived from English Gypsy origins, it means ‘forgiving.’ Its variants include Ford and Fordell.


If you like its sound, it means ‘forgiving,’ and perfect for your son. Its use and origin are Arabic. Besides, it is very rare and only deserving of the special.


The unisex name is still good to go for a baby girl. Bearing African origins, it means ‘a forgiving man.’ Its variants include Mahary, Maharey, and Mahara.


The Arabic name means ‘forgivenss,’ and just so you know, Asif Zardari was the first president elected through democracy in his country.


The original home for this name is Old Norse and means ‘rule with mercy.’


It means ‘full of mercy’ and is perfect for any baby boy. Unique is the keyword!


An Indian baby boy’s name could be a great place to start with Dilpreet. It means ‘a lover of mercy.’


The name meaning ‘one who is ready to forgive anyone’ speaks of a friendly baby boy. It is an Islamic name that can be traced to Hebrew origins.


It is another pick from the land of spice, India. It means ‘forgiveness.’


This name is quite prevalent and means ‘forgiveness.’


It is ideal for both a boy and a girl and is pretty rich in meaning with ‘forgiveness’, ‘forbearance,’ and ‘pardon.’


Arab is the origin of this male name that means ‘forgiveness,’ and ‘pardon.’

What names mean heal?


From Arabic origin, it means ‘forgiveness’ and ‘pardon.’


With Benin origin, it means ‘forgive.’


The Japanese name means ‘forgiveness.’


The Arabic name means ‘forgiving.’


It is an offering from Old Norse and means ‘rule with mercy.’

What names mean clear?


Means ‘filled with God’s grace’ and is an African-Swahili name.


With Slavonic origin, it means ‘people’ and ‘grace.’


Meaning ‘she who has grace and charm,’ it stems from Latin origin.


An Indian name meaning ‘lover of mercy.’


Means ‘a forgiving man’ and bears African origin.

Final thoughts on names that mean forgiveness

Choosing the ideal name for your baby can be a painstaking process, but branching down to baby names that mean forgiveness is a great idea.

While at it, ensure you select a few of your favorites and may be consider a unique Hawaiian last name that you can pair with it.

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