60+ Country Boy Names To Make Your Heart Sing!

Country boys pledge their loyalty to their outfits and truck! But their love and protective nature for the family are the envy of other parents. So how about some unique country boy names?

If you spend your days surrounded by the beautiful scenery in the countryside, you may want to connect your little champ with cowboy hats and boots.

Let’s start with something other than country music, which always seems new each time.

The city is exciting. But the adventurous countryside undoubtedly beats it.

From Southern cities to country singers, we have compiled a list for you.

Whether you like famous Bryan Austin or Brad, we have a mouthful!

You may also pick celebrity names like Waylon Jennings, Dallas Roberts, or Tennessee Ernie Ford.

But all in all, you are in the right place to find the country boy names that suit your baby.

Without much ado, let’s dive in.

Country boy names and their meanings


To mean ‘little rock,’ the name may suit your little man, especially if you prefer an English or Eastern European boy name.


Well, the Hebrew name means ‘happy and blessed’ and seems to be gaining steam in the past few years.


Although it is a popular baby girl name in some parts of the globe, it’s perfect for your golden boy. It means ‘Ash meadow’ and is of English origin.


Additionally, are you searching for Hebrew country boy names? You may be charmed by Abner, which means ‘Father of light.’


To mean ‘oak meadow,’ the name may be ideal for a mini-you. It is English all the way.


Want to take a guess? Yes, it means ‘at the wood.’ It is also of English origin.


You have probably heard of several Austins. Therefore, if you like the sound, follow the lead. It means ‘Great.’ And isn’t your little man great? We know the answer to that.


Does it belong to the list? Certainly! It is a country boy name to mean ‘son of Ben. However, its origin is still being determined.


Like the sound? The name is a charmer meaning ‘handsome,’ springs from French.


Meaning ‘quarrelsome’ with English descent may be suitable for your boy. However, some parents may find its meaning unsettling, which is okay. We have more for you.


With English origin, it means ‘blessed.’


If you like the unisex name, take it with you. It means ‘Bent grass meadow’ and is of English descent.


Is dark hair a thing in the family? Blake meaning ‘black or pale,’ may suit him.


Doesn’t it sound amazing? As a result, its rising popularity is evident. It means ‘Stutter’ with its origin being Latin.


It’s of German origin and means ‘bright fame.’


To mean ‘good,’ it is of Latin descent.


Famous Brad is of English origin and means ‘broad, wide.’


Looking for a name that might inspire a fiery personality? Well, the word means ‘Fire’ and is of English origin.


You probably know of one or more Briggs. It means ‘Bridges’ and is of English descent.


The famous basketball player makes this name a parent’s favorite. It is a variant of Briant and is of English origin. Undoubtedly it is among the most liked badass baby boy names.


It means ‘male deer’ and is of English origin.


If you find Calvin appealing, you may also name your little star. It means ‘hairless one’ and is of English descent.


You are probably familiar with Glen Campbell, the country music singer. The name is Scottish and means ‘crooked mouth.’


You may like or live in the County and settle for it as your baby’s name. It means ‘Meadow dwelling’ and is Scottish.


If you are an enthusiast of the Lucifer film series, you may know Detective Decker. It means ‘piercing’ and is of Hebrew descent.


Denim is not just a fabric! It sounds interesting as a moniker too. It means ‘strong cloth’ and is of American descent.


The rugged Dusty is also a great choice. It means ‘dusty area, brave warrior,’ and is of German origin.


Meaning ‘white or blond,’ it is of English descent.


This one is a head-turner. It means ‘Nobleman, warrior, prince’ and is of English origin.


Why not name your son the king that he is? It springs from French.


If you like it, it means ‘stream’ and is of English descent.


It means ‘River crossing’ and reflects the countryside. It is of English descent.


Meaning ‘Pledge,’ it is English and may be perfect for your little country boy.


Looking for Scandinavian names? Garth is one and means ‘Keeper of the Garden.’


If it tastes good to your mouth, it means ‘Home ruler’ and traces its origin to Germany.


Meaning ‘Hedged area,’ it is of English descent.


The city is also Beyonce’s hometown. It means ‘Hugh’s town; settlement on the hill’ and springs from Ireland.


What about Hunter? It’s of English origin, while its meaning is apparent.


Are you a film fanatic? Going through memory lane, you probably remember the Indiana Jones film. However, we need to pin down its meaning and origin.


It means ‘To heal’ and springs from Greece.


Instead of calling your son John, you could name him Jennings, which means ‘little John.’ It’s perfect at this stage and still sounds incredible!


No need for a nickname with this one. It means ‘Round Hill’ and is of English descent.


Meaning ‘Woodland, Forest,’ it is from Scotland.


Springing from France, it means ‘Lancet’ and is quite a buzz!


Meaning ‘The King,’ it dawns from French and is ideal for our little country boy.


It is short and exciting. It means ‘The Island’ and springs from French.


It means ‘Independent one’ and is American. Flipping through historical pages, several professional players go by the name.


The city is situated along the Mississippi River. It is of Greek descent and means ‘Established and beautiful.’


Meaning ‘By the ash tree,’ it is of English descent. It is also short and elegant.


Latin names inspire interest. As a diminutive of Percival, it perfectly suits your son.


It means ‘Roda’s Island’ and springs from Germany.


Is your son red-haired? The name has the exact meaning and dawns from French.


Our list wouldn’t be complete without the famous state, and the name is Native American.


If you were looking for Welsh names, here is one for you. It means ‘large settlement.’


Meaning ‘To cross over,’ it springs from French. And the rapper Travis Scott makes it a charm.


Modern country boy names are rare, and Tex is one.


Meaning God’s honor, it is of Greek origin.


Means ‘Brave in Battle,’ the name is of English descent andan excellent pick.


Meaning ‘To ford,’ it is of English descent.


It is an occupational name for a wagon builder or driver and is of English descent.

Found the perfect Country boy names?

The choice is yours whether you want to go wild with Blaze or pref.

Going through the country boy names to narrow down to the final list is a better idea. Afterward, find one that will sound perfect for your little champ.

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