Best places to have a baby shower

Baby showers are part of a customary ritual performed to celebrate the new life coming to the world. It is slowly becoming a popular trend, having almost all mothers organized a beautiful surprise for the event. The reason for all this is to show solidarity with the mother and make her relax and prepare for new incoming life. The venue and time of the baby shower are the most important things to consider when throwing the party. Since the day is about the mother-to-be, ensure you find a venue that she is comfortable with. Additionally, if you are operating on a budget, you will need to be resourceful and minimize grand ideas, like having a simple baby registry, so what are the best places to have a baby shower?

Paces to have a baby shower

Getting the perfect place to have a baby shower can be tricky at times, especially when considering the needs of the mother to be. We have listed below some ideas on where you can have a baby shower, but there is an extensive list of some baby shower venues you can explore.

Why have a baby shower? 

First, let us see why this event is essential. The primary purpose of a baby shower is to make sure the mother is ready for the upcoming task of taking care of a new baby. Taking care of a baby can be pretty overwhelming for a new mother. For this reason, family and friends feel the need to prepare the new mother for the task ahead. They do so by bringing her appropriate gifts for herself and the baby, talking about their experiences like how breastfeeding feels like for familiarity purposes, and advising her appropriately on the best ways to latch the baby and care for the little one. The above responsibilities are the reasons why women dominate many baby showers. Some people may even argue that holding a baby shower will help a new mother adjust better to motherhood and discover the best ways to increase breastmilk once they start with the nursing journey.

Things you should not do at a baby shower 

  1. Do not ask inappropriate questions or make unnecessary comments such as;

– But do we know the father?

– I can’t get pregnant at such an age

– Do you know how painful childbirth is? Are you really ready?

– I can’t bring a child in this cruel world

– Aren’t we going to drink?

– I know what you are feeling

– How many more kids do you plan to have?

2. Bringing some types of gifts such as;

– Stuff they may not use anytime soon (big clothes, toddlers’ toys)

– Themed gifts maybe for a nursery you aren’t sure about

– Wine or alcohol

3. Allowing the mother-to-be work to make you comfortable, especially for baby showers held at home.

4. Don’t force some games on the mother-to-be; work with what she is comfortable with.

5. Do not get drunk or start misbehaving.

6. Stop scaring her with all the things that can go wrong; instead, encourage her.

Some baby shower activities to consider

Here are some activities that can take place during a baby shower;

  1. Baby shower games as long as the guests of the party try and make sure the mother-to-be is okay about the games
  2. Hiring a professional, e.g., a pediatrician or midwife, to advise the expectant mother properly.
  3. Helping the mother learn some things like how a baby can properly latch during breastfeeding, diaper changing tips, sharing home remedies for sore breasts, etc.
  4. Cake cutting
  5. Gifting 
  6. Sharing a good meal (you can consider having the mother’s favorite meal and cake to make the experience memorable for her)
  7. If the budget allows, consider hiring a photographer for a great photoshoot.
  8. Singing and dancing to make the party merrier.

Best places to have a baby shower

These are just a few of the places we feel could be a good idea for you to explore.

1. At home to make it cozy

Organizing a baby shower at home is pocket-friendly as you do not have to pay for a venue. The only expenses that you will incur are food, accompaniments, house decorations, and of course, the cute baby gifts. The saved cash can be directed towards having an entertaining event. Holding a baby shower in the comfort of a house is favorable for any weather. Ensure the environment at your home is suitable for the expectant mother compared to an outdoor setting. The distraction-free environment is also something else that can draw you towards throwing the event in a house. Baby showers are supposed to be surprise parties, and the house is one of the best places to execute that flawlessly. The major downside of this venue is that you will have to clean up after the party is done.

2. Try to explore the idea of a Church Hall

You can go back to ancient times and hold the baby shower the traditional way. Despite being a common traditional venue, hosting a baby shower in a church makes up for being convenient and guest-friendly. It is also a good way of spreading love and happiness to everyone present. Churches will charge no fee for hosting a baby shower, making it a cheap alternative. 

3. The park for some outdoor feels

A park is an excellent venue for a baby shower as it adds elegance thanks to its outdoor setting. The guests, together with the mother to be can be involved in fun games and activities. All you need to do is pack a few snacks and fun accessories for the event. Just like that, you have a unique picnic baby shower. With quick research, you will find unlimited options for holding an outside baby shower.

4. A Hotel reservation or Airbnb

Airbnb has become a substitute for hotel rooms due to its affordability. If you want to go all out and hold the baby shower away from home, consider exploring the idea of a hotel room or Airbnb. These options offer privacy and additional space for an overnight stay. You get to enjoy excellent room service, a lovely intimate bond with the girls, and some pampering while at it. 

Helpful tips for baby shower guests 

· Make it a surprise if the mother-to-be loves surprises.

· If possible, get in contact with the father-to-be for easier planning.

· Make a point of learning the Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) to avoid getting surprised, like having the baby may come earlier.

· Always make sure to know the whereabouts of the expectant mother, this is important as you could be planning a party yet she has travelled.

· The father could provide a gift list that includes items they haven’t purchased but need. With a gift list, you will avoid buying items in multiples.

· If the expectant parents are unwilling to share the baby’s gender, it’s advisable to stick to a neutral theme. Instead of the popular baby blue/ pink themes, try some yellow or green hues. 

· Do not forget to learn about the new mother’s preferences in every aspect of the party. After all, she is the party’s VIP. 

One last thing

A baby shower is a happy event and should end with everyone feeling fulfilled. The mother-to-be should confidently look forward to receiving their bundle of joy. The guests should leave the party happy and satisfied with the outcome. For most successful baby showers, it might leave the guests with some baby fever. And a successful event is one that had a comfortable venue, and food was delicious, cake, gifts, and activities were all great.

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