Country Western Girl Names

Perhaps you’re hunting for a baby name as sweet as a mint julep or as fiery as a chili pepper. This quest brings you to the charming world of country western girl names.

You want a name that conjures up images of cowgirls riding the range, of fiddles and banjos under starry night skies.

You’re searching for a name that honors your Southern roots and love of all things country. Look no further – we’ve rounded up some of the most charming country western girl names perfect for your little wildflower.

From musical legends like Emmylou to places that evoke the rustic beauty of the South, like Savannah and Charlotte, these names capture the spirit of life south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Saddle up and come along for a ride through wide-open prairies, shady front porches, and two-stepping at the local honky tonk.

These country western girl names will have you yearning for a simple life in no time.

The History and Meaning Behind Country Western Names

The history of country western names goes way back to the pioneer days. Families wanted names for their daughters that honored strength, virtue, and nature.

Nature-Inspired Names

Country girls like Daisy, Violet, Rose, or Jasmine were often given floral names.

 Other nature names include Amber, Willow, Sierra, Savannah, and Autumn. These names were meant to represent purity, beauty, and new life.

Virtue Names

Names like Faith, Hope, Charity, Grace, Patience, and Chastity were meant to inspire little girls to develop these good qualities.

Other virtue names include Verity (truth), Honor, Felicity (happiness), Constance (faithfulness), and Amity (friendship).

Pioneer-Inspired Names

Rugged, self-sufficient names like Dakota, Cheyenne, Savanna, and Sierra were common. Names like Liberty, Dixie, Tennessee, and Carolina celebrated the love of country.

Pioneer names that honored strength and endurance include Valorie, Audra (noble strength), Bridget (power, vigor) and Gwyneth (happiness, luck).

Today, country Western names are still popular because they represent timeless values and celebrate a love of nature, home, and heart.

Choosing a name like this for your little girl is a great way to honor your Southern roots and instill noble qualities that will serve her well. What could be sweeter than that?

Our Top 10 Favorite Country Western Girl Names

Regarding country western girl names, you’ve got plenty of charming options. Here are some of our favorites:


A sweet, sunny name that conjures up images of flower-filled meadows. Like many classic country western names, Daisy was famous in the late 1800s.


This fiery name reminds us of the sassy and strong-willed Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. It’s sophisticated yet down-home.


A musical name that’s upbeat and spirited. In folklore, a piper is someone who plays the bagpipes. This name is perfect if you want something unique but still southern.


A place name that evokes grace, beauty, and warmth.

Savannah, Georgia, is known for its antebellum architecture and oak trees draped with Spanish moss. Using a city or state name is a great way to honor your roots.


An English name meaning “ruler of the elves” conjures up images of a sweet country girl with a mischievous charm.

Aubrey landed on the top 10 country Western girl names list for over ten years.


A spirited name inspired by country singer Emmylou Harris, it has a fun and memorable ring due to its double-barrelled, upbeat rhythm.


Clementine is a quirky, old-fashioned name that was popular in the 1880s. It reminds us of the folk song “Oh My Darling, Clementine,” set during the American West. It is fruity, feminine, and full of charm.


A spunky name that directly references the American South. In the South, Dixie refers to the 11 states that comprised the Confederacy during the Civil War.

This name proudly celebrates Southern heritage.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Country Western Name for Your Little Cowgirl

When choosing a country western name for your little girl, keep these tips in mind:

Honor family names

Look to your family tree for inspiration. Honoring your roots by using a grandmother’s or great-grandmother’s name is a sweet gesture. Classic names like Charlotte, Elizabeth, or Margaret are always charming choices.

Consider place names

Names inspired by locations in the South or West, like Savannah, Cheyenne, Dakota, or Austin, have a rustic feel.

Embrace natural elements

Names like Willow, Hazel, Clementine, and Magnolia have a wholesome, homegrown ring to them.

Include feminine nicknames

Elongate a short name by adding “Belle,” “Mae,” or “Jo” to create a darling country nickname like Annie Belle, Mary Mae, or Billy Jo.

Don’t forget virtue names

Names like Faith, Hope, Grace, or Patience were popular in early America and had a wholesome, virtuous vibe.

Think about hobbies and symbols

Consider names related to country life like Harmony, Melody, or Scarlett. Or names of country symbols like Dixie, Liberty, or Glory.

Choosing a charming country name is a great way to give your little cowgirl a name as spirited and down-to-earth as her personality.

With so many options, you will find a perfect country western name to call your little darling.


So there you have a whole list of country western girl names to consider for your little one.

Whether you want to pay tribute to musical legends like Emmylou or Loretta, evoke rustic imagery with names like Hazel or Clementine, or pick a name with Southern charm like Savannah or Charlotte, you’ve got plenty of great options.

Choosing a name is one of the most fun and meaningful parts of pregnancy and parenting. Pick a name you truly love that captures your family’s spirit and story, and your little girl will wear it well.

You all enjoy this particular time and happy name-hunting!

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