When to start buying baby stuff during pregnancy? What you should know!

Once you confirm that you are eating for two, some of the few things that cross your mind is how many baby bottle do I need if breastfeeding, perfect rare vintage name, to trying to figure out when to start buying baby stuff during pregnancy.

You may be looking forward to going on a shopping spree in the stores or visiting various e-commerce websites to place your order.

When to start buying baby stuff 

A good time frame can be between 13 to 20 weeks of your pregnancy.

We often want to be adequately prepared before birth from figuring out what pregnant women should eat for breakfast, to understanding your pregnancy symptoms, which makes when to start shopping a brainer.

The right time to begin baby shopping varies because it is a personal decision, and there is a minimal chance everyone has the same inclinations

Additionally, you might not want to miss out on that special diaper offer, but again you think it is too soon to shop.

Therefore, you will need to blend in time with other aspects of pregnancy to arrive at an informed decision.

What you need to know about baby shopping

Time to start baby shopping

Striking a balance between superstitions, time pressure, and hand-me-down can make it harder for you to pick the appropriate time.

You should probably begin your shopping after the first trimester is done and you have managed to handle the morning sickness.

Even though it is rare, the chances of getting a miscarriage are high during this period.

But that is not a good reason to stop you from shopping even on the first day you realize you are pregnant.

Moreover, you should not wait too long to purchase the items since you will not be proactive in the last trimester, limiting your options.

Therefore, the recommended period to have the baby registry prepared is between twelve to twenty weeks.

Misconception about buying baby stuff early

You have probably heard of the superstition about buying baby stuff at the early stages of pregnancy, which may cause bad luck, as inscribed by many.

The superstition was formulated in the past where the number of miscarriages, stillbirth, and infant mortality was high.

It was because medical science had not yet been advanced, and it had nothing to do with the early gear purchase.

The other practical reason behind the superstition is to cushion you from the trauma of a miscarriage.

If you undergo a miscarriage or stillbirth, getting rid of the baby gear you purchased during pregnancy can be traumatic. 

What to consider when starting to buy baby stuff

Many baby products can make it quite difficult for you to pick the right one.

During pregnancy, you are likely to be involved in impulse buying since emotions may be involved in the process.

Because you are not aware of how many baby clothes do you need, especially if this is your first rodeo.  

If it is also your first time, you may have trouble deciding when to start getting your baby stuff.

But by following the tips below, you may be on the right track regarding baby shopping:

Do your research

Baby gear comes with a lot to choose from, from models to usage, making it hard for anyone unaware.

 Therefore, you must do detailed research about the product you intend to buy to get an insight into the one that meets your needs.

After that, you can do a comparative analysis between similar products and get the best one.

You can also seek input from your friends or family that have been through multiple pregnancies.

Based on their expertise in the area, they should give you the pros and cons of some of the products they used.

The gender of the baby

You should select baby products once you are aware of the gender of your baby. It is because certain gears match the gender of the baby.

Unfortunately, you can only know this at the 20th-week scan, which could also be the right time to begin.

Alternatively, if you are too psyched up to wait till then, you can choose to buy gender-neutral products.

Do not underestimate the kindness of others

As an expectant mother, there are probabilities that your family and friends will surprise you with a baby shower.

During this event, they ought to bring gifts as you celebrate bringing new life to the world.

Therefore, you should minimize baby shopping until the baby shower happens. It will ensure you do not have too many of the same items.

However, you could buy things that the baby might use in a few months, contrary to what most are likely to buy.

Conduct a safety check on used baby gears

One of the ways of acquiring baby products is through hand-me-downs, which are second-hand gears.

You can accept second-hand gifts from your friends and family, and it will significantly cut costs.

However, you need to be sure that the baby stuff you have received is safe enough for the baby to use.

The following are tips to break down some of the safety considerations to bear in mind when buying or receiving used baby gears:

Check for dates

Even though you are looking for a used product, you would not want to purchase an overused one.

Therefore, you must check the manufacturing date labels on the baby gear.

The product should conform to the current safety standards since some packs can be declared obsolete after a certain period.

You can refer to the safety standards for infant toys and furniture by checking with the relevant authorities governing the sector.

Check for recalls

At times, baby stuff can be returned or replaced after a manufacturer notices a faulty component that may harm the users.

You, therefore, need to be up to date with such products to avoid falling victim to a defective device.

You can check with the relevant regulatory authorities as they keep up-to-date records of all types of recalled products.

Inspect the baby gears thoroughly

You would want to be sure that the product you are purchasing is in the right state.

You can check for wear and tear, scratching signs, improper clasping, or even sharp edges on the fabric used to make the material.

It would be best to have value for your money by not choosing any gear that has a sub-standard quality. 

Wash everything

The skin of newborn babies is usually sensitive; therefore, you would not want to expose them to germs and other microorganisms.

You should carefully wash all the products that were handed over or bought second-hand.

Notably, it would be best to avoid anything complicated to wash and opt for a new product.

Consider warranties

Used items are usually not in their best state to last for a long while.

Therefore, the only guarantee for more extended use of the product is the warranty.

If the product does not issue a warrant, you ought to spend a slightly higher amount for a new one but with the security of a guarantee.

It is necessary to note that some products should be new due to hazards of sanitation and cleanliness.

It can be pretty challenging to clean and sanitize products such as cribs and mattresses.

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns against the purchase of baby car seats involved in accidents.  

One last thing on when to start buying baby stuff during pregnancy

Whether you are a new parent or not, congratulations on this fantastic journey.

Babies are an unmatched gift.

And more than often, they put a smile on our faces.

Getting everything that your baby will need is quite a challenge. Nonetheless, you can ask for advice from your friends and family.

Every input will help in one way or another in better understanding when to start buying baby stuff during pregnancy.

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