Warlock names

In the US, giving your baby a magical name is on the trend. Most of these names have been inspired by various television shows that we have all come to love, and we have to agree, Harry Potter was a serious game changer and inspiration to these magical names. Since this loved magical movie series release, people have come to love the warlock names, wizardry, or even witchery names.

Many people start to look at these names like a wonder and a magical name that immediately make your baby sound so unique. We also have to thank Vampire Diaries as they also made us love these warlocks and witchery characters in the forefront. And thanks to this loved t.v series, it has opened up doors to the new world of enchanting and exciting names for our little ones.

Best Warlock names

Below we have picked some of the best and unique 53 warlock names you could give your precious little one. It should make it easy for you to choose the best name to compliment your baby. A list of various names from the fascinating wizardry world to unique and creative words from pop culture, I am sure you will find at least one name you feel is catchy and fancy for your little one.

1. Alizon

The name refers to the Peddle witches, these were the healer women within the community, but in the year 1612, they were hanged. Elizabeth, together with her daughter Alizon and grandmother, got arrested and hanged due to witchcraft. But the people within the community believe that Alizon and her family were hanged because they were healers, not because they were witches, and the Catholics disapproved of this.

2. Bessie

Bessie was known as a witch and Scottish psychic who had the power of healing animals, sick children and still commune with the land’s fairies. But this all went against the witch hunters of the community and could not stand her act. They captured her, slashed her mouth, and tortured her as they interrogated her of her powers. In Popular Greek names, Bessie is the Elizabeth version which means the oat of God.

3. Circe

If you are looking for a charming yet quirky name for your princess, then this might be the name for you. When we go back to Greek mythology and the fascinating stories, Circe was Hilo’s daughter; a sorceress plus a witch who was able to turn men into different animals all thanks to her magic wand. Even with the mystical tale tied to the name we have to agree it is a unique name for your little on, a name that means bird.

4. Cassandra

We have to agree this is an exotic name that has resonated on people’s lips for several years. A name that belongs to the mythological Trojan Princess, Apollo gave the unique gift of prophecy. The name is ethereal and delicate, making it a perfect subtle witchy name for your little one; in the ’90s, this was among the top 70 unique names for babies, but for now, it is slowly descending in popularity, maybe a perfect time to give your little one.

5. Glinda

If you are a literature lover, you have definitely come across this name once or twice, if not more. In the Wizard of Oz book, Glinda is among the good witches, a name invented by the author that slowly became very popular after releasing both the movie and book; a name that means good or fair.

6. Jadis

It is the name that was given to the witch from C.S Lewis, the Narnia Chronicles. The name was derived from a French word that means long ago, or if you would like a Persian word, that means witch. Whichever source you decide to take, this name seems like a perfect name to give your little princess. It immediately resonates some level of uniqueness.

7. Leanne

She was the high priestess when you look into the Raven Moon Coven. A psychic and sorcerer, a name that means the dweller by the wood.

8. Maleficent

If you are looking for something distinctive and bold, this could be the name to look into. If you can remember, this was the name of the witch in Sleeping beauty. Her character was not appealing to viewers, but we have to agree the title is something unique to have for your little one. The name means prone to evil.

9. Margery

We all look for strong models for our little ones. How about starting with the name to offer this. Margery is considered a strong role model as she was a real-life witch back in medieval times, also referred to as the Old Mother Mage. She was a powerful badass who brought the dead back to life, but since society didn’t appreciate strong, powerful women, they burned her alive using the excuse she was plotting against King Henry VI. A strong woman with a string name that means pearl.

10. Minerva

A name of a Roman Goddess who was of wisdom and invention, a name that has been neglected for centuries, making it a unique opting to explore. But Harry Potter could give the word some life, as this is the Witch plus the Deputy Headmistress in Hogwarts. The name means of the mind.

11. Phoebe

If you loved watching the Charmed series, then this name is not new to you. she was the most powerful on-screen witch, and the most interesting power that she had was premonition, a unique power that helps her see the future and the past. I mean, who wouldn’t want such powers. It is a mythical name that means the shining one or radiant.

12. Tamsin

The name means twin, a name associated with one of the esteemed witches found in England. It is written that this witch had great powers that helped take away spells and curses, so we can say Tamsin is like a crafty healer.

13. Theodora

A name that immediately resonates some charm to your ears, a name used for various characters, is also used in Wizard of Oz. In this book, she looks to have some prosperity and peace within the community, but all goes south when she eats a cursed apple. She quickly turns to a bad witch of the West. A unique name that means gift of God, just like your little princess.

For boys

14. Alatar

If you love Lord of the rings, then you have come across this names. He is known as the Morinehtar in Tolkien’s world, and immortal Istar wizard sent straight to the middle of the earth to help fight against Sauron. It is a unique name for your prince that means after comer.

15. Blaise

When you say it once or twice, it sounds more of a modern and hip name, but in actual fact, this is an ancient name. It is the name given to Merlin’s master plus a well-known warlock if you look into the Arthurian legend. The name means to lisp.

16. Eliphas

The name was for the man responsible for the mystical arts we have come to love and be more aware of. Let’s go back in time for a little; in the 19th century, he was responsible for distilling the Christian plus Judaism system. The name is the variant of Alphonso, a name that means eager for war.

17. Gandalf

If you have read Lord of the Rings or Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien’s Novel, you have come across this protagonist warlock. He is a wizard who is also a member of the Istart order. He has also been made the leader of the Army. We have to agree that this is a unique name for your little one, which means wand elf.

18. Gwydion

In Welsh mythology, this was a trickster and magician who appeared in Mabinogi’s fourth branch. The name means born of trees and has two spelling variations, Gwyddien.

19. Ommin

Ommin is the Sith sorcerer in Start wars, who is also the decedent of the Dark Lord. We have to agree Ommin sounds like a very friendly warlock name that you can give to your little prince. 

20. Pallando

You could also call your little one Pallando the blue, who is among the five wizards who were sent to the Middle of the Earth to help rescue people from Sauron. He played an essential role in the victory of the War between the ring and Army of the West. 

21. Prospero

Shakespeare found a very creative way to keep the tempest alive in the hearts of literature lovers. Prospero was leading his best life until Antonio tried to take the throne away from him, and from here is where Prospero taught himself sorcery from books which he used to control most of the characters in the book. It is a unique name that means prosper. 

More best Warlock names to explore for boys

22. Radagast

23. Puck

24. Raven

25. Rincewind

26. Raymond

27. Saruman

28. Scott

29. Oscar

30. Merlin

31. Mark

32. Gerald

33. George

34. Ganondorf

35. Fabian

36. Christian

37. Atlantes

38. Abraham

More best Warlock names to explore for girls

39. Ursula

40. Rita

41. Morgan

42. Moll

43. Medea

44. Mary

45. Margaret

46. Locasta

47. Laurie

48. Joan

49. Gwen

50. Evanora

51. Angela

52. Alice

53. Agnes

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