Vintage girl names you don’t hear anymore

Child naming has to be among the most exciting part of parenting. This is where you and your partner agree on what name will be the best name for your child. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, as there are many considerations that you have to put in place. But for sure, the main factor that surrounds your decision is an adorable unique name or even a cute badass name for your little princess. If this is the case, you should use vintage girl names you don’t hear anymore.

Over the years many girl names have been dropped and are not used anymore or rather are used on infrequent occasions. These names were majorly used in the 20th century and before. Some of the old fashioned girl names you do not hear about anymore are mentioned below.

 11 Vintage girl names you don’t hear anymore

  1. Alice

The name means the noble one; it was one of the most common names during the early years, majorly in the 19th century. However, it began to fade away and eventually not a go-to name for most parents. You might have noticed that many babies born in this half of the 21st century do not have this name as most parents perceive it to be an old name that has lost its value and meaning to modern society. It is rare nowadays to hear this name given to new babies, so we should slowly see this legendary name fade for good. Our ancestors used these names, and some of our grandmothers still hold the name, but the new generation has dropped Alice’s name since it is deemed to be old fashion name.

2. Edith

This name was prevalent over a hundred years ago. In recent times, the term has lost its popularity, and it is only ladies who are above seventy years may still possess this name. Therefore, in 50 or so years, this name might be extinct from our naming system. So how about keeping the legacy going with this unique name and giving it to your little princess.

3. Flora

Also, Flora is a great name derived from the Latin word ‘flos,’ which means a beautiful flower. It began to slowly lose its popularity in the 1960s with a tremendous drop-in use. Many families globally regard it as an ancient name and have no meaning in the present times, while others do not recognize it. These are the reasons why the name has been losing its popularity and has eventually faded away. Thus, it would be a perfect name if you are looking for something vintage and unique.

4. Dorothea

The name Dorothea is a Greek name meaning gift of God. Many parents across have adopted a more modernized version of the name, which is Dorothy. It replaces it as it sounds more modern and appealing and rolls off your tongue a little better. The name has not been around for such a long time, which is one of the main reasons it is not being used. Most parents do not even recognize it or even heard of it, making it a perfect name to explore.

5. Bessie

Bessie is an old fashioned girl name that is derived from Elizabeth, which means Pledged to God. It was prevalent in the 1870s but has lost its ground as many believe the name is associated with the cows. The name Bessie has a solid historical background. It was used by many characters in plays like Bessie Burges in the space, The Plough, and The Stars. The First African American aviator to obtain a pilot’s license was also given this name. Even with these legacies to the name, it is still no longer frequently used. So how about being a little extra and maybe edgy by passing it down to your child as people relate it to past heroic experiences.

6. Mildred

Mildred is a very traditional name meaning gentle strength that is not being used anymore and is considered one of the most undesirable names. This, however, was not the case between the eighth and twentieth centuries in which the name was used. It started losing its popularity in the 1950s, and things have not been good ever since the name has disappeared from our naming vocabulary. And with the naming trends, we notice, from Celestial names to cute Warlock names, we don’t expect this name to be reintroduced again as many interesting names have emerged and taken its place besides being a very noble name. Making it a perfect option for your little one.

7. Barbara

It was one of the most popular girls’ names between the 1910s and 1980s when it suddenly dropped its popularity. But in Portugal, this is still a hot name for newborns. Barbara is derived from the Greek word ‘Barbaros,’ which translates to foreign. When a name loses its popularity, it is evident that it was sporadic to regain it because many young parents adopt more recent names while naming their children. As a result, a perfect name that will make your little one stand out.

8. Celia

The name can be traced back to the 1600s when William Shakespeare used it to name one of the characters in the play ‘As You Like It’. However, it has its roots in Latin, where it means heavenly. This name continued being used until the late 1700s, when its use dropped drastically. It is important to note that the name is not the short form of Cecilia as many perceived it to be. So how about picking this unique name for your little princes.

9. Berniece

Berniece means to bring glory and was one of the most famous names in the 20th century before gradually starting to fade away. There is a huge possibility that the name will eventually fade away in the coming years because of the emergence of others that parents prefer and perceive to be meaningful in naming the girl child. However, you can defy the odds and give your child this fantastic name.

10. Letha

This name was derived from Greek to mean forgetful. True to the name’s meaning, it has been forgotten many years down the line. The meaning of the name may have influenced the drop in its use. Names tell a lot about our personality, and no parent wants their kids to be forgetful. However, it was more popular in the 1900s and gradually dropped and eventually fading away.

11. Myrtle

Myrtle originates from a tree that is common in southern Europe. It remains to be one of the most uncommon girl’s names. The only justification for this is because it is derived from a tree, and people might prefer names that are relatable, meaningful, and a sign of good luck. But instead of having names that mean flower, how about changing it up to something that means a tree.

One last thing on Vintage girl names you don’t hear anymore

When looking for names to give to your child, you should not limit yourself. Consider going all out and choose an old fashioned girl names. As most aspects of life are finding inspirations from traditional concepts, the naming of your child could follow suit too. You can use the above highlighted old fashioned names for some guidance and motivation.

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