Valentines Gift Ideas For Pregnant Wife; 15 creative ideas

How many months or days to the due day? It’s time to explore these valentines gift ideas for pregnant wife.

Apart from the pregnancy side effects, your wife or girlfriend is probably excited about the soon-to-be role.

And on the lovers’ day, nothing sends the right message like a perfect A­mazon baby registry gift.

You’re probably planning to give her a gift she won’t forget. But then you don’t want to overdo it or underdo it either.

Not to worry, we’re here to help you with Valentines gift ideas for pregnant wife that will surely mean something for your special someone.

What do you get a pregnant woman for Valentines Day?

Intimate and realistic gifts like a massage pillow, maternity clothes, a newborn arrival gift set, a spa treatment, pregnancy-cravings gift basket, maternity photoshoot, and of course, a bouquet of her favorite flowers will melt her heart instantly!

What is the best gift for a pregnant wife?

Nothing beats any gift that can enhance her comfort at this period, like pregnancy pillow or maternity clothes. A newborn arrival gift set will also work, or perhaps a date night at her favorite restaurant.

How can I spoil my pregnant wife?

Get her house cleaning services to help her relax, a maternity pillow, a neck and back massager, sleepwear, pregnancy-cravings gift basket, newborn gift basket, maternity skincare set, prenatal massage, lingerie, or a date night.

Besides, anything that will keep the memories alive, like a maternity photoshoot or pregnancy journal, will undoubtedly work.

What do you get your pregnant wife for an anniversary?

Your special lady will wish for some support and love from you during such a sensitive time.

While your undivided attention on a date or movie night is perfect, anything that can enhance comfort during the pregnancy or nursing period is great.

So contemplate anything from a maternity pillow, pregnancy cravings gift basket, and ooh, some good sexy lingerie!

Some Creative Valentines gift ideas for pregnant wife

Pregnancy comes with many changes, not just physical but emotional.

Therefore practical and sentimental gifts like the best pregnancy pillow, a newborn gift set, and a prenatal massage are some of the gifts that will impress any pregnant woman.

Wish for more? Read on!

Pregnancy pillow­­­

Nothing will take the fancy of your pregnant lady like this pillow.

It is their buddy during such a unique moment in their lifetime, and the support it offers is incomparable.

Don’t worry about the cuddles; a trio isn’t so bad.

Hunt on the internet for the best maternity pillow for her; keep in mind that her favorite color should be perfect.


Yes, you read right; get her some lingerie!

Who said a bump means your lady can’t dress sexy anymore? It’s also another way of saying, ‘You’re sexy even with a baby on the way.’

No one can deny that her body will keep changing even after you welcome your little angel to the world, but this gift is ideal.

Date night

We don’t necessarily mean a night out at the most expensive hotel. With a baby on the way, you are probably trying to get your finances in order.

So, relax; there are fun things to do when pregnant, like a simple date night at her favorite place is great. Are you contemplating nature?

That’s even perfect for a treat of fresh air and away from the congestion. When was the last time you prepared a home-cooked meal for her?

How about you put your chef skills to use and prepare a meal for two. Most importantly, give her your undivided attention.

Maternity photoshoot

Once your baby is born, both of you may not remember much about your pregnancy period. Pictures keep the memories going, so you could never go wrong with a maternity photoshoot.

Search a few photographers online and find the one that suits your needs.

Pregnancy journal

Is she a list kind of person?

Or perhaps she likes to jot down her stuff or experiences.

A pregnancy journal would go a long way for Valentines day gift ideas for pregnant wife. These journals have pregnancy-specific questions to help her reflect on these unique moments.

Trust us; she probably wants to write everything she feels right now.

Maternity skincare set

One insecurity that comes with pregnancy is the skin changes.

But pampering your lady with this gift set shows that you are with her every step of the way. This product will nurture the expectant mother’s skin.

Opt for ones with no fragrance, are dermatologist-tested, and feature purely natural ingredients to ensure it’s safe for the little bundle of joy.

Pregnancy-cravings gift basket

If your special lady likes gift baskets, how do you think she would react if you collected goodies with her favorite snacks, especially those she is currently craving?

Excellent is an understatement!

You can picture that addictive smile she has on you! Not so fast, ensure you pack them in a beautiful, cute box or basket that is reusable.

Since we are on the topic of cravings, what about a surprise breakfast for her, find out what should a pregnant woman eat for breakfast, then follow it up with some fun activities.

House cleaning services

Nothing will touch her heart like the ability to relax and relieve stress on this special day of love.

With someone else working on the house chores, she can take a breather and enjoy at least a day in her pregnancy period that she doesn’t have to lift a finger literally!


We can never run out of something new to learn, especially with a new addition to the family.

The excellent part is that there are various books to choose from for your wife. They include pregnancy books, baby books, or even parenting books.


Anything to make your partner as comfortable as possible is always welcome, and sleepwear fits that description.

Choosing one that is perfect for pregnancy as well as nursing is advisable.

Most importantly, they should have that pretty and feminine look.

Neck and back massager

You couldn’t be more caring than with such a Valentines gift for pregnant wife. Your lady will undoubtedly have episodes of lower back pain, but not with this accessory.

Women across the globe can agree that the heated massage will take care of one of the most common problems at this stage.

Maternity clothes

If you have gotten to the second or third trimester, your lady can’t wear most items in her old closet. How about an upgrade?

Comfortable doesn’t have to be boring, so something stylish should do.

You may ask around for ideas.

But if you don’t want to go through the trouble of buying something she won’t like, you can take her to the store yourself. Either way, this gift always hits it right.

Prenatal massage

Nothing feels as good and relaxing as a massage day, even just at the thought of it. Who would blame us? It relieves the aches and pains and sort of washes away the stress.

And pregnancy is anything but a smooth ride to your baby in the crib. Prenatal therapy will minimize stress and anxiety, improving the labor outcome.

Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

However, ensure you get the right message, prenatal massage therapy to be precise. It should relax stiff muscles and boost circulation with the application of mild pressure.

Newborn gift set

Gifting your baby is always gifting the mom.

Don’t beat yourself too hard on the contents. The set can have anything from baby skincare products like shampoo or lotion to other practical baby gifts like pacifier, thermometer, bibs or even cute clothes.

Many opt for the option of getting clothes as you can’t go wrong, find out how many baby clothes a baby needs for each size and get to shopping.

We assure you that just about anything that baby can use will warm her heart.


Valentines day is incomplete without…. a red rose.

Keep in mind this is the last day of love without the baby around, so making it special seems like the best thing to do.

You can gift her everything that’s pregnancy-related gifts, but she needs something that points her out as your wife or girlfriend.

Like when the two of you met, remember?

It may not have been in the rain or by the waterfalls, but the romance shouldn’t die down because you have a little angel on the way. While at it, take it up a notch with a huge bouquet. Tell us how it goes!

Final thoughts on valentines gift ideas for pregnant wife

There are several and varying Valentines gift ideas for pregnant wife that will show your support and love for your special someone.

Just ensure to make the day special.

Keep in mind her favorite colors and preferences, or take her to the stores to choose.

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