13 Unique Valentine Day Gift For New Dad

Best Valentine Day Gift For New Dad

Valentines is quickly approaching, and this is the last one before baby zooms into the picture for the expecting dads. How about getting a unique valentine day gift for new dad?

While you and daddy-to-be should get tons of sleep (cause I promise you the nights of sleep will be too hard to come by!), lovers day is another excuse to show your partner that his efforts don’t go unnoticed.

Show him that you appreciate his love and support with a special valentine day gift for new dad.

Also, probably look at some of the fun things to do when pregnant and incorporate it on this special day.

Besides, his life will change forever once that little angel makes his entrance to the world; but for the better. 

How are the nappy changes and the wails going for the new parents?

Definitely better than last week, I guess.

Extending the little thank you word to actions with a valentine day gift for new dad that is thoughtful, practical, and whisper words of appreciation only seems fitting.

We have a whole list for you, from the tech or book dad to the entertainment dad that will miss the night outs! Dive in!

What do you get a baby daddy for Valentines Day?

Get him anything simple and funny like happy socks to a source of entertainment that will replace bar time after the baby is born, like a ring toss game.

You could also go practical with a daddy diaper backpack or nappy changing tool belt to ease nappy sessions.

What to get an expecting father?

Engraved beer mug with a pack of beer bottles sure sounds great, matching tees for him and baby, a meat thermometer for well-cooked stakes, pouch or kangaroo dad shirt, dad books, or a high-quality camera for the memories.

What gifts do guys like for Valentine’s Day?

Nothing tastes better than his pack of favorite chocolate, a skincare set, ring toss game, a customized beer or coffee mug, some humor from a pair of happy socks or boxers, or take him out to one of his favorite restaurant or bar if you can!

What can I get my husband for Father’s Day while pregnant?

Take him out to his restaurant of all time or get tickets to his favorite band or concert to earn that wife of the year tag cause these tickets are hard to come by.

Remember his favorite series you never liked?

That could do too, or find his favorite activities like fishing and get on the wheels girl (ooh, not you but him!).

There are fun ideas to explore as you try and figure out what to do on maternity leave before baby finally arrives.

Ideas Of Valentine Day Gift For New Dad

Matching tees for baby and daddy

Nothing warms a father’s heart like this gift that matches their baby’s.

As you try and figure out how many baby clothes do i need in each size, how about throwing in something cute for both to wear.

There are a dozen styles with all the words from I’m funny to the serious dad.

The gift also makes them settle into the new role and feel more connected with the baby.

And once your little guy or princess is ready, photo ops await the world’s best dad for long-lasting memories.

Pouch daddy shirt

The cool daddy shirt is not only up for baby’s day out, but his dad can still wear it with or without baby inside.

Surprisingly, it looks great, considering its primary purpose.

So long as the baby is between 7 to 15lbs, the shirt is always ready to help daddy flaunt his latest addition to the family.

You can also opt for a kangaroo shirt so that baby and his dada can bond skin to skin, which is advisable for both parents.

Besides, dad would love to be included in crucial matters that positively impact the baby’s health. Picture your two favorite humans together and asleep, and don’t they look so cute!

Daddy’s nappy changing tool belt

While baby daddy won’t be looking forward to the sleepless nights, it could only worsen with the nappy changes (once the baby is born, that is literally the order of the day with eight to twelve diapers a day).

Arm the soon-to-be dad with a set that provides everything to make the sessions a lot less difficult. The safety goggles and nappy lifting tongs incorporated throw a bit of fun.

Customized beer mug

The first few months can be very rough for first-time parents, and sure he could use some beer after his shift is over (just ensure he doesn’t take too much).

That’s where the beer mug comes along with some engraved writings like dad’s name and when he is likely to cross over to fatherhood.

Preparing for fatherhood is not easy task, but this gift should make it all worth it. 

To top it, get his pack of favorite beer. At least, he can enjoy something as he waits for the best gift he could ever have!


Let’s face it; you will have to convince us how chocolate doesn’t fit into any lovers’ day. And you are not getting us that easy, so it better be a whole speech in there!

Chocolate is the Valentine gift for new dad or mum of all time. You can go simple with his favorite pieces of browns or get him a personalized one.

While at it, you can add some masculine flowers. We guarantee that smile! 

Meat thermometer

Only God knows the number of stakes that will suffer at the hands of the new responsibility.

When baby locks both of you from going out to your favorite restaurant, your kitchen skills will be put to the test. And unless dad is a professional chef, a meat thermometer will be a great tool.

The app monitors the cooking for him, from the time needed to when it’s time to get your forks ready!

Happy socks

If he is full of humor, this is your dealbreaker right there.

Besides, he will need colorful and bright socks for better days to come.

At least he can look at one thing and smile (besides trying to find out how to get pit up stains out of baby clothes a few minutes ago), and that thing could be a pair of happy socks, my lady!

A Dad multi tool

Becoming a new dad comes with another duty that no one talks about…a handyman.

The best Dad multi tool should be everything from a screwdriver, knife, scissors, a wire cutter, and stripper, bottle and can opener, a ruler, and a file.

Skincare set for men

It’s not only your skin that needs some attention, girl, your man’s too!

The set is undoubtedly among Valentines day gifts for dad that will make him feel seen and appreciated and a part of the team.

It should incorporate a moisturizer with roughly 20SPF, a face wash, a hair, and a body wash.

You will see his face light up once he unwraps this gift, remember the fun things to do when pregnant, this gift will come in handy.  

Try it and see!

Ring toss game

None of you will see more of the bars once the little angel is born, so you might as well bring the entertainment to the house.

A great place to start is with this ring toss game.

It will help him clear off the steam of dealing with the demands of a new dad. All he has to do is hang it on the wall, aim and throw rings.

Dad books

The truth is, no one has been able to figure it out when it comes to parenting, avoid putting too much pressure on new daddy.

Regardless, a little something to solve the parenting puzzle can be of great help.

Besides the numerous mommy and baby books, it’s time daddy got added to the picture. For gifts for expecting dads, exclusive bedtime stories between dad and his baby are perfecto!

You can start with I Love You Dad, Hello Daddy, The Baby Touch Book, or The Expecting Father Book, a guide to the new adventure.

And for a book that Prince William used when he first experienced fatherhood, Commando dad. This one goes up to three years of age. Since he is going to up his jokes a bit, the Dad Jokes Book could come in handy too.


Twenty years down the line, baby pictures can give you teary eyes. That’s what the best camera is all about. Especially if your partner is the tech guy. A good camera is perfect for capturing all those moments that make your grown adult laugh when he walks down the aisle. Everything seems like a fairy tale, excluding the parts where they might talk back at you or roll their eyes for not buying their favorite snack at the store!

Daddy’s diaper bag

Although daddy is looking forward to being the best partner and father on the continent, the girly backpack is definitely not in the plan.

Show him you understand with the male diaper bag. It is less discrete and carries the diapers to the charger and USB cable.

Final thoughts on Valentine Day Gift For New Dad

Your partner will love a little appreciation with a one-of-a-kind valentine day gift for new dad. The good news is, you plenty options that will melt his

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