Symptoms at 10 weeks pregnant

If you are 10 weeks pregnant and still suffering through your morning sickness, well, you’re not alone in this, these are more symptoms at 10 weeks pregnant you could experience.

But this should soon be clearing up, so something to look forward too as you go through the phase. I know you are tempted to skip a meal when feeling queasy, but in fact, this does not make the situation any better for you. If the thought of a meal is just turning your stomach inside out, consider trying seasickness bands or some acupressure. You could also try sucking some ginger candy or drink some ginger ale.

Some of the symptoms at 10 weeks pregnant you should expect

Other than morning sickness, there are a few other symptoms that you might come across; some have been discussed below.

– Always feeling tired

You might still be feeling all your energy to get moving has gone, but don’t worry as you progress you will feel less tired, yes as weird as that might sound it is very true. Before being a supermom in just a few months, take advantage of the situation, ask for some help, rest, and try to get some exercises in when you can. It might seem a little weird telling you to go out for a walk when you want to cuddle in bed, but a little exercise will go a long way, and it will make you sleep much better.

– There will be some cravings.

Baby at 10 weeks will give you some food cravings, yes this will be between the queasy moments as your trying to avoid some meals, you might notice the cravings slowly creeping in. If you have managed to keep your weight gain down, good job on that as your baby’s nutrition needs are small at the moment. However, don’t go crazy when these cravings pop up, indulge in what you are craving once in a while, the baby bump is a good excuse. But if you feel these cravings are just a little out of hand, then you should ask for assistance or get yourself some distractions.      

– You might notice some increased vaginal discharge.

Remember there is an increase in blood supply in your body, so this means there is also an increased blood flow in your pelvic floor, which is a good thing for your sex life. This is all thanks to the pregnancy hormone, the estrogen plus the extra mucus that is being generated. With all this happening, there will be a thin milk-white discharge that you will see. All this is perfectly normal. Don’t get washes and wipes as this might change the delicate ph. balance, instead get panty liners that you can easily change. And this way you can keep your area nice and dry.

– Some indigestions and heartburn

Getting clogged up and having heartburns are some of the most uncomfortable symptoms you will experience. The good thing there are ways you can avoid them. To prevent the heartburns, do not eat when you are lying down, and when you eat, give your meal some time to get to your stomach before going to bed, it is advisable to give yourself at least 30 – 60 minutes after a heavy meal before you lie down. And when you finally lie down, have enough pillows that will prop up your head. This way, you will be able to keep these gastric juices down.

– Getting bloated and gas.

The hormones in your body relax your muscles; when this is happening your gastrointestinal tract will also relax. Thus, you will have more indigestions during your pregnancy and a buildup of intestinal gas. Just to make your pregnancy journey is a little more comfortable try and avoid the meals that cause the gas buildup. Try and keep track of your meals; this way, you can pinpoint those foods that might be making you uncomfortable.

4 helpful tips to ease the symptoms

1. Consider eating in the dining room

Research has been found that pregnant women who eat as they watch t.v are more likely to feed their young infants in front of the T.V. This will intern give you a problem in better identifying if your baby is full or not.

2. Ensure you are getting some vitamin D

The teeth and gums of your babies are being developed around this time. So if you have low vitamin D in your body, you might be setting up your little one for several cavities. You could also introduce vitamin D to your diet from eggs, orange juice, dairy products, and some fatty fish.

3. Ensure you are eating a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal for the day, especially for pregnant women. If you haven’t incorporated this habit, not to worry, you have time to do that. And in your breakfast try and include oatmeal and some eggs as a healthy habit. Oat has been packed with several goodnesses; fiber to ensure your system is not clogged up, Vitamin B, iron, and several other minerals. As for eggs, they can deliver a low calorie and high protein punch to your meal.

4. Also, try to have some mangoes.

Fruits should be your best friend during this time to avoid a clogged up system. All fruits are good, but mangoes go an extra mile in your pregnancy as they offer Vitamins A and C, it is also packed with potassium and is a perfect complement to the sweet and savory dishes. The good thing is there are several ways you can enjoy this fruit, in a smoothie, sliced, in salad, soups, any way you like it.

 Final thoughts

Pregnancy is filled with several changes taking place in your body, I mean there is a small human growing in your belly. And for that matter, you should take it easy, take the break when you need to, try to create time for you because soon it will all be about the new bundle of joy.  Above all enjoy the journey, these are also precious times to bond with your baby to be.            

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