Unique Samoan Boy Names with meaning

Hundreds of thousands of names are out there, from badass baby boy names to unique boy names that start with J. But your little champ deserves only the best one.

If you are hunting for a unique name that will not compromise on gorgeousness, the Samoan boy names are a match.

These names from Samoan originate from the various areas around the Pacific Ocean, including islands such as Fiji, New Guinea, Polynesia, Kiribati, and Nauru.

he ethnic communities are characterized by a rich culture that extends to their vast list of baby names. Ready for a name that will stand out among your baby’s peers, take a pick below.

What are common Samoan boy names?


The pretty name meaning ‘beautiful, red ginger flower,’ is ideal for girls.


The female name is derived from the Samoan word fa’atali, meaning ‘to wait.’ 


The unisex name means ‘moon,’


The boy’s name means good, but deep in the Samoan culture, it refers to the son of the high chief.


The cool and classy name is among the parents’ favorites for their little prince, with no reliable meaning to it.

What are good Samoan names?


As you may have guessed, it means ‘lucky’ in Samoa. It was popular in the eighties for boys.


The potential name for a son with high spirits and energy.


The boy’s name is popular in Samoa and means ‘hot.’


The fabulous name for girls means ‘pearl,’ perfect for those with a firecracker personality.


It’s a result of the Hebrew name ‘Tamara’ and means ‘date palm tree.’

What are some Polynesian boy names?


It is the Polynesian form of Samuel and seems to be skyrocketing every time in popularity.


Talk of a mighty name for the Polynesian sky god who set the sun and moon in their place, as Mythology states.


It means ‘bird of the night.’


It is the Polynesian name of Adam, meaning ‘Earth’ and ‘formed by God.’


According to Mythology, Eithumatupua, the Polynesian god, came to Earth from the sky and took Ilahea, a worm descendant, as his wife.

As they returned to the sky, he impregnated Ilahea, and she gave birth to Ahoeitu on Earth.

What is the most common Samoan name?


The fantastic name for girls is the Samoan word for ‘Samaritan.’ You can shorten it to Maria to mean ‘sacred.’


This is a parents’ favorite thanks to its cuteness and is Samoan for ‘beautiful, red ginger flower’ just like your girl.


Is the shorter version of a long Samoan surname and means ‘hidden,’ ideal for baby girls.


This powerful name for boys means ‘God of the night.’


This male name has a great sound and means ‘heaven or the sky.’

Samoan boy names


You don’t have to be among Alexander’s lineage to opt for this name. Regardless, the form of Alexander is quite a good choice if you are following family tradition. It is commonly used in New Zealand, Tongo, and Samoa.


Even without mastering the biblical stories, Joseph is a celebrity. This one already has a nickname, Sefa. It is more popular than the original since the J makes it unfamiliar, with a good character from the bible.


Its long form of Fetuilelagi may not be ideal for parents, but Fetu means ‘God of the night.’ It is surely a powerful Samoan baby name.


How about some divine Samoan names? Cause that is what you get with Lagi, which equally sounds great, meaning ‘heaven.’ Talking of ranks, it scooped #31,000 in the USA alone. Judging from its looks, it is likely to go international pretty soon.


A name that means ‘good’ is ideal for any parent wishing the same for their little angel. But there is a little twist to the meaning in the Samoan culture.

Manaia was used to refer to the high chief’s son, especially when he was performing the solo dance of taualga that honors his family and village in general.

With the possibility to shorten the name to ‘Mana,’ meaning ‘spiritual power,’ it should be at the top of your list.


James has been a classic, but parents may wish for the same but with a few changes here and there. Hemi offers that as a perfect alternative to the traditional James.


Doesn’t it sound beautiful? The adorable name means ‘heaven or the sky.’ It is currently a hot sensation in Australia, and following suit may not be such a bad idea.


Expecting two bundles of joy? Consider this name to mean ‘twin.’ Although it is a rural-sounding name, parents are beginning to give it a reevaluation.

But how exactly will it work for twins? Call one Tam and the other Tamati.


The Samoan variant of good old John means ‘God is gracious.’ It seems to be picking steam since the mid-eighties, and last we checked, it was at #130 and growing.


The cool and new name is one most parents should highly consider. It comprises ‘aina’ and ‘lani’ to mean ‘land’ and ‘sky or heaven’ for ‘heavenly land.’


It is a pick from those soft and unique-sounding Samoan baby boy names and is perfect for parents who love a little bit of mythology.

It is believed that this was the name of the famous mythical drum that was brought from Tahiti.


If you got loads of energy and spirit and wish the same for your cute little champ, Enele is the name.

It means ‘wisdom,’ and we can point out to a great leader with the same name, the Prime minister of Tuvalu: Enele Sosene Sopoaga.


Henare for Henry is the Samoan variant of Henry, which is still a classic.

Although it has a mid-century stamp all over it, using Henare makes it super unique. Our graph shows that the name has grown popular over time, and from the previous #1000, it is currently under the first 500.


Nothing sounds better than a kind-hearted child, and Aputi means ‘kind.’ It keeps growing popular and then going MIA since the last century.

But it currently sits at the top #100, and it looks like it’s not going anywhere soon.


This is among our favorites and one of the Samoan nicknames that are cool and classy. It is, therefore, no surprise that it’s among popular Samoan boy names. It’s hard to say no!


This name perfectly fits a boy of energy, style, and good nature, and I bet you may have a similar picture of your son.

It means ‘ruler who can tell the future.’ It is popular, we agree, but definitely grand and elaborate.


They say happiness has a lot of health benefits, and probably they are right. So, if you are contemplating happy and cheerful names, then Manuia, meaning ‘happy,’ would be an ideal option.


Just as the kitchen is the heart of every home, a child is the heart of every parent. Loto means ‘heart,’ and the charm is already working on parents in several American and Pacific states, so don’t resist it!


Planning not to go too new-age or flowery? How about a name with a positive meaning of ‘life and health?’ Fantastic Keola means that!


Suppose you like the name Mark but wish for something slightly different. In that case, the Samoan variant is Maleko to mean ‘male.’

Since it is a result of the Roman war god Mars, it is a perfect fit for parents who wish for some warrior-like tendencies in their adorable cutie!

One last thing on Samoan boy names

Samoan boy names consist of powerful and meaningful monikers that will surely go a long way in your child’s personality.

Take the time to combine them with unique surnames, like Indian last names, just to see the one that’s a perfect fit.

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