How to Potty Training Stubborn Boy! Tips And Tricks That Work!

Potty training stubborn boy can be exciting at the beginning, but it needs work. The simple answer is there is no rule when it comes to time. It all depends on your boy’s readiness to move to the next step.

As parents, we are often thrilled when it’s time for our children to move to the different stages of life.

And who would not want to eliminate baby diaper costs? No one. But is there a specific period when you should start this? 

Most parents do it when their sons are two and a half years to three and a half years of age. This is also a time of all kinds of play, and noticing any baby teeth discolored gray shouldn’t be a surprise. 

It is typical to worry whether this training will work or not. Or if it may take slightly longer.

Fortunately, I will take you through everything you need to know in this article. If you have friends who are parents, you may have heard that potty training a boy is somehow difficult compared to a girl. 

However, it is not necessarily true.

Different kids portray different strengths and weaknesses in various activities, and potty training is not an exception. The secret here is to potty-train your boy in a manner that speaks to him.

Several tips may be helpful and could enable you to ditch diapers sooner than you expected. Of course, at a cost, like choosing from the different types of potty training seats or going the extra mile with potty watches.

Some Helpful tips in potty training stubborn boy

Find out if he is ready

The potty training process depends wholly on the readiness of your boy and not his personality or gender.

Hence, if you begin too early, you may encounter minimal success since his brain and bladder are not fully developed. 

On the other hand, if you begin much later, the training period will likely be less. So, you need to identify if your boy is ready for the training. If he is not quite there yet, potty training could get you worked up. 

Statistics show that kids exhibit signs of being ready around eighteen months to three years old. Since it is a wide range, you do not have to worry that your boy is not getting it right.

The following factors help you gauge if your boy is ready for the next step:

He can walk to and sit on the toilet.

He seems interested in using the potty or wearing underwear.

He can put on and pull off his pants. 

He can communicate whenever he wants to ease himself and follow basic instructions.

He can stay dry for up to two hours.

Compared to the girls, a boy will tend to develop readiness to use the potty at approximately twenty-five months of age.

On the other hand, their female counterparts can easily go a night without any bowel movement at the age of twenty-two months.

Decide on a method

Have the fights during diaper changes started?

Before you go cold turkey on purchasing baby diapers, check out all you need to know about pullups vs diapers for your comfort.

At the same time, you need to adopt a potty training approach that works for your boy. The good news is that there are several methods that you may choose. After all, it is a matter of trial and error. 

This means that you may switch it up if one is not working. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way of doing it. Instead, think about:

· Your child and your family’s needs. We all have several needs, and our financial abilities are also different.

· The length of time devoted to potty training. If you are always at home, your son is likely to learn faster. But if you are somehow busy, it may take a while.

· The readiness of your child and the common potty training problems and solutions.

· How the method fits into your life.

Gather the necessary supplies

When potty training your boy, you need supplies.

These include a potty chair with a splash guard to ensure the stray streams of urine are kept in the toilet. You could also consider getting a potty seat that nests into your toilet.

However, this is not a good idea if you spend most of your time in the living room and cannot see what is happening. 

Other supplies would include loose or comfortable clothing that he can take off and put on easily. Also, get training underwear that would absorb the accidents and small treats that could motivate him all through. 

Set a start date and begin

When you have everything you need, it is time for you to begin. Figure out the exact day to begin.

However, try to make the process fun, so you do not get frustrated quickly. You could also equip yourself by watching potty training videos or utilizing these potty training books of 2022. 

It would also be helpful to let your boy know so that it does not hit him as a surprise. When you start, ensure that you watch your boy all through it and practice good hygiene after the bowel movements. Get tips on how to teach a child to wipe properly after a bowel movement. 

Take your show on the road

When you realize that your boy is efficiently using the potty at home, it may be time to start taking a small outing and bringing a change of clothing while at it.

(Most importantly, parents should know the safest temperature for children to play outside.)

You could feel intimidated when you take him out the first few times, but he will grow into it after a while. 

It would also be best to introduce your son to peeing while standing, as they might do it in the potty.

You could get a small urinal to help with this. Eventually, you could toss the diapers after your boy has been using the potty constantly for a few weeks. 

From there, you could also begin to work on nights. At first, you train him during the day while switching to diapers at night.

One last thing on potty training stubborn boy

As parents, you should know that potty training is not easy, and most times, you will be frustrated by it. You may think your child has gotten the hang of it today yet come tomorrow; you are back to square one.

For others, it could be a breeze as children are all different.

To make potty training stubborn boy easier, you should try not to compare your child with the other kids. It is advisable to do away with all the expectations you have and go with the process.

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