60+ Middle Names For Violet – Unique Names you Didn’t Think of!

Old-fashioned and vintage girl names are having moments of fame, and Violet happens to be one of them.

Since disappearing during the 90s, it is making a coming back, and we are not surprised that you find it ideal for your princess.

The name Violet is nature-inspired name means ‘flowers’ and ‘color.’

The latter is a bluish-purple color, and we can stick to the purple, which stands for royalty, perfect for your princess, just like these Royalty baby girl names.

Searching for an equally elegant middle name for Violet? We have cute, unique, and trendy names for you. Read on!

What is a good middle name for Violet?

Gretchen: Means ‘pearl’ and has German origins.

Ophelia: Means ‘help’ and has Greek roots.

Rhiannon: Means ‘great queen or goddess’ and has Welsh origins.

Sienna: Means ‘reddish brown’ and has Italian roots.

Zinnia: Means ‘Zinn’s flower’ and has German and Latin roots.

What is a nickname for Violet?

Violet is a classic name that sounds perfect for any baby girl. It also has a variety of short names, including:

Vi-vi, Vivie, Vi, Lettie, Letty, Lotty or Letta.

Is Violet a unique name?

Violet is an ancient name that was popular in the early 20th century that has been making a comeback in the last two decades.

The nature-inspired name meaning ‘flower’ is a unique classic that carries a sense of royalty because of the color meaning, which is bluish-purple.

How popular is the name Violet?

The name Violet was popular in the 1900s, especially in the US. It maintained its relevance in the naming charts until 1930.

It almost became nonexistent after the 90s and is now climbing the charts again.

Around 2020, it was in the top fifty popular names for girls in the US. With the trend towards antique names and maybe Warlock names that will likely get more and more popular.

Find Your Middle Name For Violet

Violet Adeline

The diminutive of Adele has French origins and means ‘noble or nobility.’ Its variants include Adaline, Adalyn, Ada, and Adelin.

Violet Arianna

It bears Italian and Greek roots and means ‘most holy.’

Violet Ainsley

It comes from the English surname Ainslie and originates in English. It combines ‘an’ and ‘Leah,’ which mean ‘one’ or ‘only’ and ‘wood’ or ‘meadow’ respectively.

Violet Aubrey

It has French and English origins and means ‘elf ruler.’

Violet Belle

The elegant yet short name means ‘fair; beautiful; lovely one,’ and has French origins.

Violet Blake

The name has English origins and means ‘black; dark; bright; shining; pale.’

Violet Brooklyn

It has English origins and means ‘beautiful brook.’ It was initially an English surname, meaning ‘one who lives near a brook.’

Violet Bailey

The name was an occupational name in Middle English and Old French for stewards and officials. It has multiple meanings, such as ‘berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification.’

Violet Camille

It has French origins and means ‘the priest’s helper.’ It is derived from the Latin surname Camillus and is the variant of Camilla.

Violet Cove

The cool name is gaining steam and means ‘small bay; small coastal inlet’ and has English origins.

Violet Cayla

The name bears Irish and Gaelic origins and means ‘slim and fair.’ It is also of Hebrew origin and means ‘crown of Laurel.’

Violet Crystal

It is derived from the Greek word ‘krystallos,’ meaning ‘ice.’ As a Hebrew name, it means ‘clear; unblemished.’ The are several popular Greek girl names that you can explore.

Violet Dawn

It stems from Old English and means ‘the first appearance of light; daybreak.’ It was the name of the Greek goddess of dawn.

Violet Dove

It has English roots and means ‘dove; a bird.’ The dove is a bird of peace.

Violet Eleanor

It has Greek and French origins and means ‘light-hearted; shining light.’

Violet Emery

The powerful name means ‘powerful; industrious’ and has British origins.

Violet Fawn

It has English origins and means ‘young deer.’

Violet Fairleigh

It has Old English origins and means ‘meadow of the sheep or meadow of the bulls.’

Violet Fenmore

It has English origins and means ‘dear love.’

Violet Felicity

It is of Latin origins and means ‘happiness.’ It is a product of the Latin moniker Felicitas, meaning ‘lack, good fortune.’

Violet Gabriella

It is of French origins and means ‘God is my strength.’

Violet Gemma

It stems from Italian origin and means ‘gem; precious stone.’

Violet Gretchen

The feminine given name has German origins and means ‘pearl.’

Violet Harper

The occupational name means ‘one who plays the harp’ and has English origins.

Violet Henrietta

It is unique, comes from Old German roots, and means ‘home ruler.’

Violet Ingrid

This beautiful Scandinavian middle names for Violet means ‘fair; beautiful.’

Violet Ivette

It is the Spanish version of Yvette. It stems from German languages and means ‘of the yew tree.’

Violet Isadora

It has Latin and Greek origins and means ‘gift of Isis.’

Violet Jade

It has English origins and means ‘precious stone.’ In Spanish origins, it means ‘stone of the side.’ The precious green stone symbolizes wisdom, justice, clarity, courage, and modesty. Its variants include Jayde and Jadessa.

Violet Jules

It has Latin origins and means ‘youthful; soft; downy.’

Violet Kaitlyn

It is derived from the French Catheline, is the Irish version of Katherine, and means ‘pure.’

Violet Kendall

It means ‘valley of the river Kent’ and is of English origins.

Violet Maeve

Maeve is a cute antique name that’s gaining steam. It comes from Old Irish origins and means ‘the intoxicating one’ or ‘she who rules.’

Violet Molly

It has Irish roots and means ‘star of the sea.’ According to Hebrew origin, it means ‘bitter.’

Violet Milani

The name has Latin roots and means ‘from the middle of the plain.’

Violet Melody

The name has Greek origins and means ‘music’ or ‘song.’ It was on the popular naming charts in the ’60s and is slowly rising again.

Violet Merida

It has Latin origins and means ‘one who has achieved a high honor.’

Violet Nyla

The feminine version of Nail and variation of Naila has Arabic roots and means ‘winner; one who achieves.’

Violet Noelle

It is the female version of Noel, has French origins, and means ‘Christmas.’

Violet Novella

The feminine form of Novello has Latin and Italian origins and means ‘new’ or ‘young.’

Violet Ophelia

The beautiful moniker has Greek origins and means ‘help.’

Violet Paige

The name has English origins and means ‘page to a Lord.’ With French roots, it means ‘young servant.’

Violet Pearl

It has Latin origins and means ‘pearl.’

Violet Penelope

Penelope has Greek roots and means ‘weaver.’ It was used by the wife of Odyssesus in Greek mythology.

Violet Rae

It is the pet name for Rachel in Hebrew and means ‘ewe or female sheep.’

Violet Rhiannon

It means ‘great queen or goddess’ and has Welsh origins.

Violet Reverie

It has French origins and means ‘daydream.’

Violet Remington

It means ‘place on a riverbank; raven-family town’ and has Old English roots.

Violet Sage

It has Latin roots and means ‘wise.’ It is also a herbal name that symbolizes wisdom.

Violet Savannah

Savannah has Spanish origins and means ‘treeless pain.’

Violet Sloane

It is from Irish origins and means ‘raider’ or ‘warrior.’

Violet Sienna

It has Italian roots and means ‘reddish-brown.’

Violet Serafina

This name is ideal for a fiery-spirited angel and means ‘fiery’ and ‘burning,’ and is of Italian roots.

Violet Tazara

The unique name has Arabic origins and means ‘elegance; grace.’

Violet Theodora

The name has Greek roots and means ‘God’s gift,’ and is the feminine version of Theodore.

Violet Wren

It has English origins and means ‘small bird.’

Violet Zinnia

The floral name means ‘Zinn’s flower’ and is of German and Latin roots.

Have you found the perfect middle names for Violet?

Violet is undoubtedly an awesome choice for your little princess.

The list above has your perfect middle names for Violet.

This is from strong names like Emery to virtuous names like Felicity to super unique ones like Tazara or gem names like Pear, Gemma, and Jade.

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