60+ Middle Names For Freya And Their Meanings!

If the hours of searching through the millions of names pointed you to Freya, your flair in the naming department goes without saying. So, let’s find a unique middle name for Freya.

The name is perfect for any baby girl, incorporating beauty, sophistication, boldness, and fun.

Still, your baby needs a middle name for Freya, and you probably aren’t looking forward to the back and forth on the internet.

I am sure you would rather spend time finding out when is baby ready for finger foods or even how to lose weight while breastfeeding?

The excellent news is you have come to the right place! We have endless options of middle names for Freya, with their meanings.

Read on!

Looking for a middle name for Freya? What is the Freya name meaning?

This adorable name stems from Norse mythology, as the name of the goddess for beauty, love, and fertility.

It maintains popularity in baby naming charts in Scotland, Wales, and England, meaning ‘noble lady.’ 

It’s still rising in popularity in the US and is doing great so far.

Is Freya a beautiful name?


It’s one of our favorites. It sounds great and is also a name of beauty perfect for any princess.

Besides, it has ties with Norse mythology with some interesting facts, and was used by the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty. So, it’s also a strong choice.

There are many middle names to go with it below:


Means ‘strive’ or ‘to work.’


Means ‘flower-like.’


Means ‘chosen by God.’


Means ‘safe place.’


Means ‘vine.’

Is Freya a rare name?

The name has been rising in popularity and ranks at 96th.

It is safe to say that it is a rare name, especially in the US. Its middle names include:


Means ‘fall’ or ‘autumn.’


Means ‘bright’ and ‘black,’ or ‘shining.’


Means the precious ornamental stone.


Means ‘defender of man’ and is the shortened version of Alexander.


Means ‘golden princess.’

Unique Middle name for Freya

Below are middle names for Freya, unique and common, that parents love.

Freya Adelaide

We can take a hint from Queen Adelaide. The name originates in English and old German. It means ‘noble-natured’ for a virtuous lady right there.

Freya Amelie

Amelie sounds excellent and comes from Latin Aemilia, meaning ‘strive. ‘ In Old German, it means ‘to work.’

Freya Ana

The moniker has its origin in Spain and means ‘favored grace.’

Freya Athena

In Greek mythology, it was the moniker of the goddess of war and wisdom and means ‘praise.’

Freya Avery

The gender-neutral name has English and French roots and means ‘ruler of elves.’

It attracts nature and mysticism and is perfect if you’re looking for a magical middle name for Freya.

Freya Autumn

Drawing your baby’s middle name from nature is a great idea. It comes from the Latin word Autumnus and means ‘fall’ or ‘autumn.’

Freya Belle

What other name could be more perfect than one meaning beautiful? That’s exactly what Belle means and comes from French origin.

Freya Blake

Blake is a gender-neutral offering of British origin and means ‘black’ and ‘bright,’ or ‘shining.’

Freya Blue

The gender-neutral name is of American origin and takes after the color blue.

Freya Blossom

The feminine moniker of British origin means ‘flower-like.’ It may also mean ‘flourish’ or ‘thrive.’

Freya Brooke

The name of Old English and German origin means ‘small stream.’ It is pretty popular in the US due to the actress Brooke Shields.

Freya Cate

The variant of Kate stems from English, Latin, Welsh, and French origins. It means ‘pure’ or ‘blessed.’

Freya Coco

The sweet name originates from Spain, and you may know it from the fashion icon Coco Chanel. It means ‘chocolate bean.’

Freya Demi

Demi Moore is quite a historical figure for advocating equal pay for women in the Hollywood scene.

The strong choice originates from French and means ‘half’ or ‘small.’

Freya Eleanor

Talk of a lovely name from Greek and French origins. You can cut it down to Ellie. It means ‘light-hearted’ or ‘shining light.’

Freya Eden

We are all familiar with the story. With Hebrew origin, the name means ‘place of pleasure.’

Freya Elspeth

The unique moniker is the Scottish version of Elizabeth. It means ‘chosen by God.’

Freya Embry

The gender-neutral name means ‘flat-topped hill’ and is of English origin.

Freya Eve

Derived from Latin Eva, it originates in Hebrew. It means ‘life’ or ‘living,’ or ‘full of life.’

Freya Faith

The virtuous English name means ‘to have belief.’

Freya Fleur

Fleur stems from French and has been well-received in other countries. It means ‘flower.’

Freya Genevieve

The name originates from Germanic and Celtic origin and means ‘woman of the race.’

Freya Haven

This unique name features English roots and means ‘safe place.’

Freya Hope

It originates from English-speaking countries and inspires the virtue of hope. It also refers to positive expectations.

Freya Ivy

This beautiful name means ‘vine’ or ‘the green climbing plant’ and originates from English and Latin.

Freya Jade

If you are looking for a jewel name, Jade is not only great-sounding but is also a precious ornamental stone.

Freya Jean

Jean is a feminine version of John and means ‘God is gracious.’ It has origins in French, Hebrew, and English.

Freya Joy

The name features Latin origin and means ‘intense happiness.’

Freya June

June is synonymous with summer and means ‘young.’

Freya Lexi

Lexi is undoubtedly a cute moniker and a shortened version of Alexandra. With Greek origins, the name means ‘defender of man.’

Freya London

You can draw some inspiration from the historical city and name your princess London. This is especially true if it is special to you.

Freya Luna

The nature-oriented name stems from Latin and means ‘moon.’ Besides, Luna was the moon goddess in Roman mythology.

Freya Lyra

If you feel connected to music, Lyra is a Greek mythology moniker that means ‘lyre’ or ‘harp.’

Freya Maisie

The name meaning ‘pearl’ is ideal for any baby girl. It is the Scottish version of Margaret and originates in French.

Freya Mila

It stems from the name Milagros, meaning ‘miracles.’ In Russian, it means ‘dear one’ or ‘gracious.’

Freya Monroe

The gender-neutral moniker means ‘mouth of the Roe River.’ It is traceable to Gaelic and Scottish origins.

Freya Nova

The name symbolizes great energy and originates in Latin, meaning ‘new.’

Freya Ocean

You can never go wrong with a nature-inspired moniker, and this one is for grabs. You can spell it as Oceane.

Freya Orla

The beautiful name originates from Celtic origin and means ‘golden princess.’

Freya Paige

The name has Latin origins and means ‘assistant’ or ‘helper.’

Freya Phoenix

The unique moniker is perfect for a ginger family, meaning ‘dark red.’ It has origins in Greek and represents immortality and rebirth.

Freya Quinn

The moniker has Irish roots and means ‘descendant of Conn.’

Freya Ruby

This adorable name stands for the red gemstone, and your little princess is undoubtedly a gem.

Freya Sloane

The name comes from Irish origins and means ‘raider.’

Freya Savannah

For lack of words, this name is simply beautiful. It means ‘treeless plain.’

Freya Valentina

The name means ‘strong’ or ‘healthy.’

Freya Willa

It means ‘resolute protection.’

What’s a good middle name for Freya?


Means ‘noble natured.’


Means ‘beautiful.’


Means ‘pure’ or ‘blessed.’


Means ‘half’ or ‘small.’


Means ‘place of pleasure.’

What is Freya’s nickname?

The beautiful and bold name has a few nicknames, like Fray, Frey, and Yaya. It has great middle names below:


Means ‘chocolate bean.’


Means ‘light-hearted’ or ‘shining light.’


Means ‘flat-topped hill.’


Means ‘flower.’


Means ‘woman of race.’

Still searching for a Middle name for Freya

Settling on Freya as your baby girl’s first name is a good choice.

Still, you need a good middle name for Freya for the perfect pair.

We have listed many options above that are unique, common, and beautiful, with special meanings that cater to the needs of parents.

Good luck finding the ideal one for your princess because there are more than a dozen adorable options!

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