Korean girl names

Over the years, Abigale, Alice, Diana, Elizabeth, to name a few, have been adorable classic names, but how about having something a little different this time around and explore the idea of Korean girl names.

You might be wondering, why a Korean name? Let’s start with the most obvious factor: it immediately gives your child a unique name, and each name comes with its own subtle nuances and meanings you will immediately fall in love with. Most of the names are made of two Sino-Korean morphemes, a little like Chinese and Japanese names, but slightly different. The difference being the first word is the surname and the second name is the person’s name.

72 unique Korean girl names

If you are looking for the best collection of Korean girl names, well, I got you covered. Searching for the best name for your little girl can be stressful; all you want is a unique name, that roles perfectly on your tongue for your little one. And Korean names have this and much more; these names have different beautiful meanings making your little one’s name stand out.

What are the most popular Korean names?

If you do some research around this, you will find the most popular name for girls is Ha-Yoon, and for your little boy would be Do-woon, but you are not limited to this. Below are the eleven most popular unique names for your little girl.

1. Ha-yoon

2. Seo-yoon

3. Ji-yoo

4. Ha-eun

5. Seo-yeon

6. Ha-rin

7. Ji-woo

8. Soo-ah

9. Ji-yoo

10. Seo-ah

11. Ji-ah

Unisex Korean names with their meanings

Many of the Korean names you will come across are often unisex, and the meaning of the name will be determined by the Chinese characters used; these are referred to as Hanja. Thus, one name can have different meanings, as you shall see below.

12. Eunji 

Unique name meaning mercy, kindness, intellect, and several more meaning depending on how the characters have been used.

13. Gyunghui

The name means Honor, beautiful, respect, and many more meanings

14. Dea

The name means the great one, a simple short name with a powerful meaning.

15. Hyejin

Just as you imagine your baby to be, the name means bright and intelligent, while also rare and precious.

16. Chaewon

I think this would be a perfect name for your firstborn child; the name means beginning or origin, plus other meanings depending on the characters used.

17. Jiwoo

It means mercy, branch, perceive, plus other beautiful meanings that will make you fall in love with the name.

18. Myung

If you are looking for a name that means beautiful, then this is one to consider; it also means scenery together with more meanings.

19. Seohyun

The name has several meanings, some of them being virtuous and auspicious.

20. Soomin

A name that means excellence and clever plus many more meanings, even when you say it a couple of times, it just sounds like an intelligent name for your little one.

21. Yoon-Suh

A name meaning eternal youth, something that we all wish we could have, it also means thank you and has many more meanings.

22. Young-Hee

It sounds a little similar to the name above but has a different meaning. It means flowers, beauty, courage, just a few of its many meanings.

23. Enjoo

This name means little flower or summer grace, just a few of its many meanings. 

24. Ae-cha

It is a cute name meaning laughter or love.

25. Hyun

A nice short unisex name means intelligent or bright, and the same name comes in different transcriptions, as Hyeon means virtuous.

26. Ji

If you want a one-syllable name, how about considering this super short name, a name that means intellect or wisdom. 

27. Ki

This is another unique one-syllable name that means Arisen or The One.

28. Yona

The name means a heart of gold; don’t you already want this name for your little one.

29. Minh

It means dignified people.

30. Kwan

The name means strong girl, how about a strong girl name for your little princess.

Korean girl names with beautiful meanings

If you are looking for more girl names, below are some you can explore. These names have beautiful meanings that indeed express the love you have for your little princess.

31. Bong-cha

It is a firm name meaning the superior daughter.

32. Aera

If you are looking for a name that simply means love, then this is one to look into—a cute short name that directly expresses how you feel about your little one.

33. Tanjong

The name means tranquil, even from the sound of it; that is precisely what it offers to your ears.

34. Hea

The name means graceful girl, just the behavioral traits we expect from our baby girls.

35. Jia

Another name meaning beautiful; it also means good.

36. Kyung Mi

It means beauty and honor, a name that already boasts of characters for your little one.

37. Mi-Kyong

If you are all about names that mean beauty, this is another to consider; it also means brightness.

38. Mi-Young

Or maybe a name meaning everlasting beauty might be of interest to you.

39. Ha Eun

Another double meaning name, Ha means talented, great, or summer, while Eun means charity, kindness, mercy. A name loaded with several meanings.

40. Ji Ah

You might come across the name Ji above, now to make it more unique how about Ji Ah. Ji meaning intellect, wisdom, ambition, will, and comprehension, while Ah means bud, beautiful, sprout graceful, and elegant.

41. Ae-Cha

A short name that means loving daughter, isn’t this something you are looking for from your daughter.

42. Chin-Sun

The name means the one who seeks goodness and the truth in everything they do, such a noble character for an individual to have.

43. Choon-Hee

If you are expecting your little one to arrive during the spring season, probably consider this name. It means a girl born during spring, a perfect name for the season if you ask me.

44. Goo

The name means complete, or someone who completes you, a feeling most of us mothers feel about our children. How about honoring this feeling with such a unique name.

45. Hee-Young

It means prosperity and Joy, a name that means a girl who brings some joy and prosperity to any place that she goes. 

A few more unique Korean names to explore

46. Hwa-Young

The name means beautiful flower.

47. Hyo-Sonn

It means gentle one.

48. Hyun-Ae

This means a woman who is straightforward and loving.

49. Ho-sook

It means a clear lake

50. Jee

It means wisdom or to know

51. Jin Ae

A simple name that means love, treasure, or truth

52. Kyung Soon

It means mild or an Honored person.

53. Myung Hee

The name means pleasure or brightness.

54. Soo Jin

 It means the truth, treasure, or excellence.

55. S00

A short name meaning a noble person, charitable or kind.

56. Soo Yun

For the love of names that mean flower, this one means the perfect lotus flower.

57. Soon-Bok

Meaning a person with a gentle soul, blessed or gentle.

58. Min Jun

Meaning noble or bright.

59. Min

It is a short, unique name that means sharp-minded, clever, or quick to respond.

60. Mi-cha

The name means a beautiful girl.

61. Mee

This is another name meaning a beautiful woman or simply beauty.

62. Woong

This one means magnificent or grand.

63. Yoon

A person who is consent or might also mean allow.

64. Young Mi

It is another unique name meaning beauty, eternal, or prosperity.

65. Young-Soon

The name means flowery and something that is mild. 

66. Yun Hee

It means pleasure or lotus flower.

67. Myung-Ok

A simple name with such a beautiful meaning, the name means bright pearl

68. Michael

This name means an admired dynasty or a beautiful kingdom.

69. Mi-hi

Short name meaning a beautiful joy, how your little princess will make you feel.

70. Mi-young

It means everlasting beauty.

71. Chun-Ae

It means righteous love.

72. Byeol

Meaning star.

Final thoughts

Do you have any idea of your baby’s name? with this extensive list, I am sure it has made your search much more manageable. How about jotting down some names that have intrigued you and discuss with your family and friends? This might help narrow down your search for the perfect name for her.

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