Japanese names that mean moon

Finding a sweet and unique name for your son or daughter is a painstaking process. Fortunately, you are closer to solving the puzzle since you have narrowed it down to Japanese names that mean moon.

With that in mind, you may want to explore names from the birthplace of Sushi, Japan.

The moon is an integral part of the navigation world. And if this immediately fascinates you, then these cute celestial names could also be inspiring.

It is also one of the reasons we experience ocean tides, and its role in our spiritual thoughts is apparent. You may also remember the moon song from our childhood. 

Japanese names are currently trending. It could be due to their distinctive culture or noble lifestyle. 

The influence your birthday’s moon phase has on you

While we rarely pay attention to it, the moon phase on your birthday may connect with your moods, interests, personality, and even destiny! Let’s look at some of the examples below:

New moon babies

Blame your creativity, enthusiasm, and adventurous spirit for coming to earth during this magical time. The moon is usually invisible during this period due to the dark sky.

You may also realize that you have trust issues. 

Waxing crescent moon babies

After the new moon, we have the waxing crescent moon.

This is the transition between the first quarter and the new moon. It is a development stage. As such, people born at this time tend to be productive and ambitious.

First-quarter moon babies

This type of person is well-rounded. They are capable and strong but need some pushing to reach their potential fully.

Waxing Gibbous moon babies

It is visible before the complete moon phase. This people genre’s compassionate and motivated nature makes them good relationships partners. They also tend to be positive. However, they are also indecisive.

Full Moon babies

The moon’s brightness is usually at its peak, making these individuals unique, potent, and remarkable.

They are free spirits but wild at heart. It is no surprise that myths have led us to believe that the full moon is somehow connected to werewolves.

Below is a list of Japanese names that mean moon that you can choose from

Japanese Girl Names That Mean Moon

Your cute baby deserves a beautiful name like her. Let us spoil you with the variety below:


Meaning ‘Moon, help,’ you may find this moniker suitable for your baby girl.


It means ‘jade; delighted; moon.’ Remember that Jade is a gemstone name, perfect for your little princess.

It is also popular in China and Korea. And we can note down a few actresses, such as Yue Dong and Yue Hua Shen.


Meaning ‘Gazelle, beautiful eyes, resembling the moon,’ you may find the name perfect for your little angel. We can also trace it to Arabia and India.


Heard of Mika? It sounds excellent and means ‘Like God, a gift from God, beautiful increase, new moon,’ and you probably need to give it to your beautiful girl!


You are probably thinking of the Lunar Eclipse. Well, it means ‘Moon, purity, lovely, flower, lotus flower.’ And your girl is the most beautiful flower to you.


It means ‘Beautiful moonlight, superior feeling.’ It may be perfect for your fiery baby girl.


It is a form of Cynthia and is also a name of a fairy-tale heroine or moon goddess. It means ‘moon.’


How about Rona? If you like the sound, it means ‘The woman in the moon, wise ruler, powerful, my joy, rough island, light, sea.’ It is also a name of an Island.


If you are fascinated by mythology, the name belongs to a Goddess of the moon. It also means ‘blessed.’


Isn’t it sweet? Certainly! It is a short form of Tamara and a dark moon phase.


It means ‘the moon’ and is also a name of a bird. You can also trace it to India.


Are you considering Tamil and Japanese girl names? Here is one for you. This excellent moniker means ‘moonlight, born of dust.’

More cute names to explore


It means ‘moon’ and may be ideal for your little angel.


Meaning ‘moon, cherry flower,’ is also up for grabs!


How about Usagi? It means ‘moon’ and fits any baby girl out there. It is also quite popular with a few names in the limelight, such as Usagi Aso and Usagi Minagi.


Even though it has Indian descent, this Japanese name meaning ‘Full moon’ may also belong to your baby.


It means ‘moonlight, sharp night, alert.’


Meaning ‘moon,’ the Japanese name is perfect for your princess.


You probably know of Yuzuki Aikawa. The name means ‘moon.’


Meaning ‘moon,’ this name is suitable for baby girls.


The baby girl’s name means ‘moonlight night.’


It means ‘leaf-moon,’ and you may know of the Canadian actress Hazuki Kambe.


Your sweet little girl deserves a name that means ‘beautiful moon.’


This moniker means ‘beautiful moon’ or ‘water moon.’


If you do not like its Cindy variant, Cynthia may work for you. It means ‘moon’ and is the name of the moon goddess. It also means ‘born on Cynthus.’

Japanese Boy Names That Mean Moon


If you find it appealing, it means ‘moon, bright.’


This excellent choice means ‘moon’ and is somehow cool.


The name comprises two elements, ‘ Getsu’ and ‘rin.’ The first part means ‘moon,’ while the second translates to ‘ring, loop.’ And all together, we have ‘moon ring.’


It means ‘moon, sincere, standard, spring.’


This Japanese boy’s name consists of’ Getsu’ and ‘mei.’ Getsu means ‘moon’ while mei is similar to ‘bright, light.’


Are you in love with purple. Well, you may love this name, which means ‘purple moon.’


How about some mythological names? The moniker means ‘moon god.’


Meaning ‘moon,’ the name is perfect if you like how it sounds.


It results from two Japanese words, ‘Tsuki’ and ‘yomi.’ The first component means ‘moon’ while the second means ‘reading, counting.’


It means ‘moon, shadow.’


It means ‘triumph over, flower, moon, joy.’

Final thoughts on Japanese names that mean moon

Selecting a fitting Japanese name that means moon may be a good idea in trying to go unique.

However, you may still have to narrow them down to a few you like before picking the final one.

Go through the names above to find the one you like and will be proud of!

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