Japanese girl names

Over the years, the world has been shrinking, and thanks to this, we get exposed to several cultures. Continual exposure has opened up people’s minds, and from it adopted a few things from different cultures. And the Japanese culture is one that is fascinating to people around the globe. As a result, many new parents appreciate the beautiful and unique Japanese girl names.

You will notice that most of the Japanese names you will come across, especially for your little princes, are bright, sweet, and offer such beautiful meaning you can hold on to, just like these unique celestial names. The Japanese culture takes it very seriously when it comes to naming their daughters; they pick a name that offers the best vibrant sound and still a meaningful name. It is the reason behind the recent popularity of these Japanese names.

I am sure you are looking for the perfect beautiful name you can give your beautiful daughter, a name that sounds so deep, and is sweet to listen to, one that will indeed work as a blessing to her over the years to come.

What Japanese name means pretty?

Japanese names offer a unique touch to your child’s name, and for your little angel, how about a pretty name. One of the cutest names you can come across is Mayu, a name that means ‘Gentleness or True.’ At the same time, Misato means beautiful village or beautiful knowledge, while Miyu can mean beautiful moon. Short cute names that offer your little one a unique touch. 

Popular Japanese girl names

What makes these names so popular in the west is how fashionable they are rooted in Japanese culture. A simple combination of Kanji characters constructs these names. The most interesting thing is how you can read one name in different ways, making the name unique each time; one name can be written in over 50 different Kanji combinations. Thus, you have thousands of names that you can choose from for your little angel.

Below are some of the famous names that you can consider for your little girl; these names have either been popular for the past decade, or a new hot trend in naming baby girls.

1. Airi 

In Kanji – 愛莉 or 愛梨

This name combines the words of love with either pear or Jasmine; this is a name for a famous actress called Airi Taira. Together with Meri and Eri, this name is among the hot names in the U.S.; it made the top 1,000 list.

Just a small fun fact on this name, in 2013, it was the sixth and the thirteenth most common name in Japan. The standard variation of the name was the one meaning ‘Love paired with white Jasmine.’

2. Emiko

Spelling variations – 恵美子, -笑子

This name means ‘Beautiful child,’ if you feel the same about your little princes, how about giving her such a unique name? It might not have made it the cut on the top 1,000 names in the U.S. but still a unique name to give your little girl.

3. Aoi

In Kanji – 葵

The name means Hollyhock; this name didn’t make it to the top 1,000 names in the U.S., however in 2014, it was the fourth most popular name to give you little girl. Other than meaning plant, it also means blue color; this has been represented with the different symbols of the name. 

4. Haruka

Spelling variations – 遥, 春花, 晴香

A Japanese name meaning ‘spring fragrance, distant, or spring blossom.’ The names have not been the top 1,000 in the U.S., but in 1995 this was the most popular name in Japan.

5. Fumiko

In Kanji – 富美子, 芙美子

The name means ‘Child of treasured beauty, or Hibiscus beautiful child,’ I am sure the meaning relates to how you feel about your precious angel. And many other parents thought the same as the name reached the top 1,000 US names in the years 1919, 1920, and 1923 and in 1925, this was the second most popular name in Japan. And to paint the picture of how much weight the name carries, in 2006, Forbes ranked Fumiko Hayashi as the 39th most powerful woman in the world. She was the first mayor of Yokohama, the Daiei supermarket chain CEO, and BMW Tokyo president. 

6. Hana

In Kanji – 陽菜

A name that means ‘Flower,’ and in 1993, this was among the top 1,000 names in the U.S., if you are to check through the list, you will find the names rank between the ranges of 700. And in Japan, it is the most popular name you can find in Japan.

7. Hisako

Spelling variations – 寿子

A unique name that rolls over your name so effortlessly, it means ‘Long lived child.’ The name has not been that popular in the U.S. but the fifth most popular name in Japan back in 1935.

8. Kei

Spelling variation – 恵

A name meaning blessing, just like your precious little girl, in Japan, it has been the ninth most popular name in 2017, but not as popular in the U.S. At first, the name was mostly for the boy child, but over time it is becoming a popular name for girls in Japan, primarily as its short version Keiko. 

9. Ichika

Spelling variation – いちか, 伽, 佳

The name means excellent or best, attributes that we hope our children to have. To excel and be the best in everything they put their mind to. This has not been among the top 1,000 names in the U.S., But in 2015 the name was the fourth most popular name to give your baby girl in Japan.

10. Kanna

Spelling variation – 栞奈, Kana

A unique name that means pear or guidance, in 2017, this was the most popular name you could give your princes in Japan.

11. Kazuko

Spelling variation – 一子, 和子

The names have several famous people, the most prominent being the third daughter of Empress Kojun and Emperor Showa, Kazuko Princess Taka. The name means one child or peaceful child. In 1995 it was among the fifth most popular name in Japan for baby girls, maybe due to the royalty connection.

12. Keiko

Spelling variation – 慶子, 敬子, 啓子, 恵子

A respectful child, a Lucky child, or a happy child is among the meanings this name carries. In 1965 this was the fourth most popular name for baby girls in Japan. 

13. Manami

Spelling variation – 愛美

The name means beautiful love, and we have to agree this is indeed is a lovely name. And in the past 30 years in Japan, it has been the eighth most popular name, a name that still sounds good rolling off your tongue.

14. Mio

Spelling Variation – 美桜

Meaning a beautiful cherry blossom, such a sweet name you can consider for your little one. In 2017 this was the sixth most popular name in Japan, and still a hot name.

15. Mirai

Spelling variation – 未来

Meaning future and the ninth most popular name in Japan for the past 30 years. A trendy name indeed. A small fun fact of the name, Mirai Nagasu was the first American figure skater who could land the triple axel in 2018 at the Olympics. 

16. Mitsuki

Spelling variation – 美月, Mitzuki

Beautiful name meaning ‘beautiful moon,’ a name worthy for your beautiful little girl. Many parents also agree this is a lovely name for their little girl as it has been the tenth most popular name in the past 30 years in Japan. 

17. Nanami

Spelling variation – 七海

The famous namesake is the author Nanami Shiono; the name means the seven seas. It has not been a popular name in the U.S., but it is the seventh most popular name for the past 30 years in Japan.

18. Rin

Spelling variation – 凜 (Kanji), リン

The name means dignified, and the second most popular name in 2014 in Japan, it is not as famous in the U.S. but still a unique name to consider for your little one.

19. Sakura

Spelling variation – 桜, サクラ、ハル

Another beautiful name meaning ‘cherry blossom,’ in 2018 Japan was in love with this beautiful name as it was the fourth most popular name to give your little girl. A small fact around this name, Sakura Haruno was from a fictional story, and later on became the female lead of Naruto, a very popular anime and manga.

20. Setsuko

Spelling Variation – 節子

In 1945 this was the fourth most popular name you could give your little one in Japan. The name means Melody, and indeed it does sound melodious on your tongue.

21. Tomoko

Spelling Variation – 智子, 朋子

The name means wise or friendly child, and in 1975 this was the most popular name for girls. It has not been famous in the U.S., and probably with this, it should be the go to name, a unique name for your little one.

22. Yoshiko

Spelling variation – 良子, 芳子, 悦子

A Joyous child, beautiful child, or Virtuous child are some of the meanings for this name. It was the fifth most popular name back in 1925, and Japan could not get enough of this name.

More Japanese girl names to explore

23. Youko

Spelling variation – 陽子, 洋子, Yoko, Yohko

Meaning of name: beautiful child, sunshine child

24. Yui

Spelling variation – 結衣, ユイ

Meaning of name: clothing or tie

25. Yumiko

Spelling variation – 弓子, 由美子

Meaning of name: beautiful child, archery bow child

26. Yuzuki

Spelling variation – 結月

Meaning of name: Hope or grapefruit

27. Sachiko

Spelling variation – 幸子

Meaning of name: the lucky child, or the happy child

28. Nozomi

Spelling variation – 希実, 希心

Meaning of name: hopeful heart, hopeful truth

29. Miyoko

Spelling variation – 美代子

Meaning of name: a beautiful generation child

30. Kokoro

Spelling variation – 心

Meaning of name: Soul, Heart, Mind

31. Koharu

Spelling variation – 心春, 小春, コハル

Meaning of name: Late summer, Heat, or Spring

32. Hiroko

Spelling variation – 寛子, 裕子, 浩子

Meaning of name: abundant child, generous child, prosperous child

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