How To Use Boppy Pillow? And How To Select The Right One For You!

Do you want to get rid of the unnecessary hassle during breastfeeding? Then lest find out how to use boppy pillow.

Start with placing the boppy pillow on your lap and ensure you have wrapped it round your waist. The gently place your baby on their side while facing your body.

We might have the perfect solution for you. Breastfeeding is essential to both the mother and the baby.

Your little angel gets to feed on the most nutritional content while still being immune to infections. 

As for his mother, breastfeeding ensures that you avoid the adverse effects caused by not breastfeeding.

So have you ever wondered how breastfeeding affects your body? It helps your uterus to slowly shrink to its original size to losing weight while breastfeeding.

We breastfeed for as long as possible even though we may face challenges like going back to work or a low milk supply. 

Some mothers even go up to two and a half years.

Therefore, it might be good to ensure that you are comfortable during these sessions, which go up to nighttime when you are probably exhausted.

And guess what?

A boppy nursing pillow is all you need. These pillows are found in most Amazon baby registries. It is because they make breastfeeding effortless. Is it just for breastfeeding mums?

No, it also comes in handy for bottle-feeding mothers.

So, when you eventually decide to get these pillows, you will be more than grateful.

The following article seeks to educate you on the ways to use the boppy pillow.

Can newborns use boppy pillow?

The nursing pillow, loungers or any pillow like products are not considered safe for infant sleep. As these increase the risk of suffocation.

Babies tend to sleep for long periods of time, thus it increases the chances of suffocation happening.

It makes the boppy pillows or boppy loungers not safe for infant sleep.

What is a boppy lounger used for?

The boppy loungers have been designed as a perfect spot for your baby to chill and relax when you need a few minutes break from the cuddles and hugs.

You can also use the pillows when gently cradling your baby. T

hese have been designed with simple carry handles and lightweight to make it easy for you to move it from room to room.

Ways to use the boppy pillow

Select the right boppy pillow

Boppy pillows come in different shapes, sizes and designs.

Therefore, you need to select the Best nursing pillow. Remember that getting a wrong fit or shape may affect its effectiveness. And everything works differently for everyone.

There are several factors to consider before you choose the one to take home.

First and foremost, contemplate how long you are going to nurse your child.

For a variety of reasons, some mothers may have to breastfeed for only three to four months.

In such a scenario, you do not have to focus on the pillow’s size and length.

It is because, at this time, the baby would be able to fit even on the most standard boppy pillow.

And if you are lucky enough to breastfeed for longer, an oversized boppy pillow is what you need to add to your cart. It means that even when your child grows, your pillow will still be as good as new.

Nevertheless, as babies grow, they can hold their heads up and control other motor functions. So that during breastfeeding, your work will be easy.

Therefore, you can still consider a standard pillow, and once your baby is all grown, you may not need it like before.

Decide how you will sit while feeding your baby.

It would help if you kept in mind that the way you use the boppy pillow depends wholly on how you position your body while breastfeeding.

It is up to you to figure out the position that will provide you with the comfort you desire.

There are different breastfeeding positions you could take while using the boppy pillow for nursing. Each position helping you to properly latch your baby.

 For instance, you can choose to lie on your side or even your back.

These are the most common positions used for boppy pillows.

You can easily cuddle your baby by laying them right across your chest or stomach.

Other than that, you could let them lie next to you on the bed or sofa.

As much as you may not necessarily need a breastfeeding pillow in these positions, using it will enhance your comfort.

It is because the breastfeeding pillow will support the baby’s head and neck while you breastfeed.

Do you prefer tucking your baby in your underarm for more support?

You need to know that a breastfeeding pillow that is crescent in shape will serve you best.

Use the breastfeeding pillow to breastfeed

When you eventually sit down to breastfeed your child, regardless of the position you decide to sit in, or the kind of pillow you chose, the essential thing should be your child’s safety.

You may place the breastfeeding pillow along your arm, side, or lap as these are familiar places for the baby to sit while you breastfeed.

After that, take his feet and place them under your arm so that they face your back and have their tummy facing your body.

You could then ease your baby into the boppy pillow for support.

While at it, you should remember that improper positioning of your baby could lead to choking.

Try using the pillow for bottle feeding

As mentioned earlier, there are so many ways to use a boppy pillow while nursing.

And you could also try to use a bottle feeder if you have started the weaning journey.

All you need to do is find a very comfortable and safe place to sit and position the pillow right onto your lap or on your side.

After that, ensure that you lie with the arm you would use to support the baby’s head on the boppy pillow.

Your baby should lie in an inclined position with bottle-feeding to ensure his head is slightly tilted upwards.

When you use the boppy pillow to bottle feed your child, you have to use your arm most of the time to prevent the baby from excess wriggling.

Try and also figure out how many baby bottles do I need if breastfeeding?

So, is there a need for the pillow?

Yes as it makes your breastfeeding journey a little smoother.

Most mothers get a boppy pillow with the intention of easily nursing their baby, but this pillow is very versatile. and not limited to this function.

It’s a good option for tummy time especially at the stage you are wondering when do babies rollover.

It will give you massive support by taking some of the baby’s weight off you.

Furthermore, you could stay in any position for as long as you wish without difficulty.

One last thing on how to use boppy pillow

Thanks to the boppy pillow, you do not have to struggle while breastfeeding anymore.

Furthermore, it is not just for nursing.

You could find other uses that would make your work easier. For instance, you could use it during another pregnancy or for the baby’s tummy time, suitable for development.

It could also be helpful when the baby is awake, and you want some hand-free moment from approximately four months.

However, never let your baby sleep on the boppy pillow as he may slide down and harm his neck. And to make it worse, he may suffocate.

As much as the pillow is not suitable for everyone, it is an excellent tool while nursing a mini-you!

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