How long to let baby cry it out at naptime?

As a new mother, you might be green on some aspects of child development.

This is from trying to understand when babies roll over, to figuring out when is baby ready for finger foods, to how long to let baby cry it out at naptime?

It will make the crying unmanageable for both you and your precious little one. How about letting her cry it out for a set period, maybe 10 minutes for a start?

However, you will still be a victim of sleepless nights due to your newborn’s wails.

And during the day, your little one may stay awake for longer hours and deprive you of that break that you need.

So let’s look at how long to let baby cry it out at naptime, plus helpful tips in your parenting journey.

There are a variety of approaches starting with staying with your baby until they fall asleep, letting them cry it out, or skipping naptime.

But as for the skipping naptime approach, you may be doing more harm than you think. So, lets look through some solutions for you and baby.

How Long To Let Baby Cry For Nap?

In this article, we will take you through the cry it out technique that is safe for the development of your little one.

You could also explore other effective ways of sleep training your little one.

When it is nap time, avoid letting your baby cry until she falls asleep.

It will make the crying unmanageable. Let her cry it out for a set period, maybe 10 minutes for a start?

Who knows? It could work!

The cry it out method

We often think that we have to rock, feed, or hold our babies for them to fall asleep. For this method, it is the opposite.

You train your baby to sleep by letting them cry till they switch to slumber on their own.

Is it perfect for all babies? If your baby is four months or even older, she is good to go. But if she is younger, think about a different approach.

But how did this method come to be?

Back in the day, mothers were discouraged from carrying their babies frequently. This would only spread germs to the susceptible babies and get them sick.

And much later, parents realized that it was ideal for training babies to sleep.

Due to the compassionate nature of mothers, it is challenging to let your kid cry for an extended period.

And although you may want to pick your baby up, you should resist this feeling as it will defeat the purpose of sleep training.

But if the baby cries for more than 45 minutes, you should offer reassurance to them. With time, the duration of crying reduces.

And how long may it take?

By the fourth and seventh day of training, it may ultimately come to an end. 

Tips on using cry the out method

The cry it out method of sleep training is usually more difficult on you than it is on the baby.

But with the tips below, you may be able to execute it.

Look for baby cues that exhibit weariness

For success in the cry it out method, you need to be keen on the signs that your baby is exhausted. Be mindful of those signs as overtired babies have a harder time falling and staying asleep.

They include rubbing eyes, sucking thumbs, and getting grumpy. Once you notice any of those symptoms, put your baby on their bed and let them sleep.

Start your 30-to-45-minute bedtime routine

It would help if you were consistent by coming up with a routine. Some bedtime routines may include bathing, reading a book, and singing lullabies.

They may work like magic.

Put your baby on her crib every time

Is it okay to put the baby on the stroller or swing during their nap? You may let them fall asleep there.

But afterward, take them to bed, which is a flat and firm surface. But all that movement may wake them up. So, stick to the crib for naps.

Additionally, it is necessary to place her in the crib and leave the room while awake.

You should expect some protest because the toddler is not used to it. This is the bit you need to be resilient enough not to respond to the wails.

Do not re-schedule a failed nap time

Babies do not always fall asleep at a particular time, and that is okay. You can let her stay awake and try putting her to sleep an hour later. Do not wait until the next naptime!

You are probably wondering if there are any effects of doing this, and yes, there are. Your baby will be too tired, and the routine you are trying to achieve is likely to fail. 

When to start the cry it out method

The recommended age to start this sleep training method is between 4 to 6 months. And like any new thing out there, you may go through challenges and even feel discouraged.

At this age, babies are intelligent and know that one cry will lead their parent to them.

When to stop cry it out method

It would be best to be resilient and try not to give up on the sleep training until you get to two weeks.

If you get to two weeks with no progress, you can shift to alternative sleep training methods.  As for the sleeping environment, ensure that her mattress is moderately firm.

Keep away stuffed animals or pillows as they might suffocate her. And before placing her in the crib, ensure that she is not hungry or wet.

Concerns about the cry it out method

As much as there are benefits of this technique, some parents have raised concerns about the effects it may have.

Psychologists have stated that your baby may develop insecurities later in life, which is likely to affect her relationships due to a lack of trust.

Healthwise, there could be damage to the vagus nerve, and the level of stress hormones may also go up. To be safe, watch out for incorrect procedures that you may be using.

As you use the cry it out method, keep in mind factors such as the baby’s age, your lifestyle, the previous sleeping pattern, and any health condition that your baby may have.

For instance, if your baby is sickly, it may be better to consult your pediatrician before enacting any sleep training methods.

Final thoughts on How long to let baby cry it out at naptime?

As we know, our babies’ naps are essential for their growth and development.

And if you have tried all the recommended techniques and failed, it may be time to go easy on yourself and the baby and revisit it at a later time.

Get to know how to sleep train a 12 month old, as it is possible to train your kid to sleep at a later date.

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