Hawaiian last names

The names we carry tend to carry a lot of weight; they act as a window to our culture and our family’s connection. Just a little history lesson; the natives in Hawaii didn’t have last names; it is due to western colonization that required individuals to have a last name. Therefore, this is where the Japanese and Hawaii’s given names got converted into a family name; leading to most Hawaiians having either Chinese, Japanese, or English surnames. After a small history lesson, we can now jump into it and say Aloha to these beautiful Hawaiian last names.

Hawaiian surnames

The names are just as beautiful as the island and the diverse culture, go on and read on some unique last names for your little one. 

72 Hawaiian Last Names

Some popular Hawaiian last names 

  1. Palakiko

It is a Hawaiian version of Francis, a famous English name or Francisco for the Spanish/Portuguese version.

2. Keanu

The name means ‘the cool one’ or ‘the one,’ and over the years, the name has become very popular because of Keanu Reeves.

3. Kai

The name has some Japanese origin meaning ‘forgiveness.’

4. Sophia

A popular name we have come across from time to time, one that means ‘the one who possesses great wisdom’.

5. Maui

A unique name with such a powerful meaning. ‘God of fire.’ And thanks to the movie Moana the name immediately got its prominence.

6. Nani

Thanks to Lillo and Stich movie, this name has become a favorite for most, a name meaning ‘beauty’.

7. Hale

This is a Hawaiian name that means ‘house’ or ‘home. A unique one syllable name that can be a perfect surname.

8. Haoa

The name already screams Hawaii’s uniqueness; this is the Hawaiian version of Howard, which means ‘exalted protector,’ ‘chief guardian,’ or ‘chief.

9. Haukea

A pretty name means ‘white snow,’ a unique name derived from the Hawaiian words ‘Hau and Kea’.

10. Akana

This unique name is a Japanese given name mostly for the Kanjis, a name that means ‘play the music’ and ‘bright.’

11. Akina

Thanks to the Kanjis, another unique Japanese origin name means ‘autumn,’ ‘name,’ ‘bright’ and ‘south.’

12. Pele

A name meaning ‘volcano,’ this name become famous thanks to the soccer player Pele.

13. Iokua

This name has been inspired by the Hebrew name Joshua; this was derived from two Hebrew names, ‘which means to deliver, and ‘Yahweh’, which means God. The name also means ‘God’s salvation.’

Hawaiian last names that have been inspired by religion

Besides culture, religion is also another big factor that has shaped most cultures, which is the same in Hawaiian culture. Thus, you will find that several surnames have been influenced by religion; how about looking through a few. You might find one that calls out to you for your little angel.

14. Akamu

This name means Adam, which is a biblical reference of Adam and Eve; other than that, it also means one of the red earth. And within the Hawaiian culture, it is used for children who have the earth sign.

15. Iona

This name refers to Jonah. In the bibble, Jonah was sent to warn people of the destruction that was to take place in Nineveh, a unique, strong name to consider.

16. Kealohilani

The name means the one who shines bright in the heavens, plus other beautiful heavenly connections. A name that rolls so well off your tongue with heavy spiritual meaning.

17. Mahelona

The name means Mahlon. In the bible, this is a reference to a harp, which has been considered a favorable instrument; if you are into music, probably a name that is in line with your interest could be something unique to consider.

18. Wailani

The name means heaven water making a good choice to give your little one.

Hawaiian last names that have been inspired by work and status

Like many cultures, some Hawaiian names have been inspired by the forefather’s profession, unique names you could also consider giving your little one as a Hawaiian surname.

19. Aulani

A unique name means the King’s messenger or even the royal messenger; nothing resonates with royalty better than this name.

20. Kalei

Another noble name is meaning the one who works for the King.

21. Keawe

It means bearer, a name that has been said to refer to the tribal chiefs of Hawaii.

22. Kekoa

We all hope for our children to grow up strong and healthy, so how about starting it off with a strong name. This name means warrior; thanks to its strong meaning, it is used a lot in Hawaii as the last name.

23. Kekepania

A unique name that means the victorious one. The name could refer to a winner who has been given a crown, the perfect name for your little winner.

24. Kilo

It means the one who observes the stars, a name for the daydreamers.

25. Konala

A name that means a ruler of the world, something your little one could be, or maybe a ruler within their community.

26. Nainoa

It means the protector of children, or it could also mean the guardian of children.

27. Palapala

The name means a woman of foreign origin; the name has been used for several years to describe the people who come to Hawaii from different parts of the world.

28. Mahi’ai

This name means farmer, taking care of chickens and cows, plus growing fresh vegetables gives back to the community; thus, such a profession deserves a unique name.

29. Lui

The name means the well-known warrior, a strong and powerful name for your little champ.

30. Kualili

The beloved or the famous chief.

31. Kahlil

A unique name that means the keeper of keys.

32. Ka’aukai

We couldn’t go without having a name related to swimming; this name means swimmer; with the beautiful weather in Hawaii, you understand why such a name exists.

33. Haulani

It means the ruler of the heavens.

More Hawaiian last names to explore

34. Keawe

35. Kapena

36. Aukai

37. Alaka’l

38. Ailani

39. Akamai

40. Akana

41. Ahuahu

42. Alohi

44. Ele

45. Euseboi

46. Allanna

47. Kahiau

48. Kaipo

49. Kaileah

50. Kaeo

51. Haukea

52. Havika

53. Aka

54. Keala

54. Kaylani

55. Kanani

56. Kapono

57. Klei

58. Kilohana

59. Koa

60. Leimomi

61. Louanne

62. Makali

63. Likeke

64. Malkeo

65. Malana

66. Nohea

67. Olina

68. Pakelika

69. Polunu

70. Kahue

71. Lailani

72. Makani

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