Girl Names and There Meanings

23 Beautiful Girl Names and Their Meanings

When you finally need to pick out a baby name, it can be such a daunting task. Especially with the many options, you have from your friends and family, not forgetting the internet and the ever-changing trends. But read on to be inspired with the 23 beautiful girl names with meanings we have picked out.

You have the option of having a traditional name for your baby or a unique name to make your child stand out. Will it be a cool name or one that might get your child to be mocked through her young years?

As you can see, selecting the best name for your baby girl can be very daunting, and some believe that a name can define your child and their future. While you don’t know what the future holds for your baby, a safe bet would be picking a unique name that is meaningful to you. it is whether you go the traditional, unique or biblical way, we have selected a few names you can review. Read through and see if any of the names below give you butterflies.

23 girl names and their meanings

girl names and their meanings

1. Violet

If you love beautiful flowers or just like being colorful, then why not taking you inspiration from the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Rose, Violet, and Lilly are good names to consider.

2. Clara

When you are thinking of your little angel, I am sure you already see a bright future for her. How about a name like Clara to complement such a future, a female version of Clarus the Latin name that means bright, famous or clear?

3. Faye

This is a name that has been inspired by several storybooks, one that is a variation of Fay; it is derived from an Old English name that means fairy.

4. Gwyneth

This is a very famous and unique name a Welsh name that means blessed, something you will be feeling every single day when you hold your bundle of joy while she smiles back at you. A feeling that will always warm your heart.

5. Stella

You might be imagining and wondering what your little girl will be when they are all grown. And the word Stella might give you that small inspiration, a name that means Star in Latin.

6. Esperanza

It is an exquisite name to give your baby girl, one that has been derived from the Latin name Speranita. A name that comes from the Spanish verb ‘to hope.’ Hope is something that new addition to your family brings.

7. Sadie

This name has been derived from the name Sarah; it means a noblewoman or princess in Hebrew. A name that will suit the new lady joining the family.

8. Beatrice

Do you love exploring the world? if this is the case, then probably the name Beatrice would be a good fit, a name that has been derived from the Latin name Beatrix. A feminine version of Viator meaning traveler or voyager.

9. Abigail

Do we see a daddy’s girl in the near future? Then this is a good name as it means my father is joy, a perfect name for any princes who will create a strong bond with her father.

10. Brooklyn

It might not be such a special name other than being a district of New York, but this could give you a good idea name. you could name her after a meaningful place to your family, and the story behind her name will make her feel all that special, and it will also be a name that she treasures.

11. Celia

This is the short form of the name Cecilia; in the Latin language, it means Heaven. We all believe our little ones are sent from Heaven, thus, this might be a perfect name for that.

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12. Felicity

If your baby was not able to make your growing family smile all the time, then try Felicity; a name that means happiness in Old English.

13. Gabriela

This is the female version of the name Gabriel, a religious name that means ‘God is my strong man.’ A name that truly shows that God will always be watching over your little one.

14. Naomi

A name meaning pleasantness in Hebrew, but it is commonly used as a Jewish name.

15. Miranda

When you finally get a chance to see your little one, we will both agree there is no better name than wonderful. If you are thinking the same, then name your baby Miranda as it means that in the Latin Language.

16. Alina

A strong woman raises a strong lady to make the needed change in the world. If you are aspiring to raise a strong lady, then this might be the name for her. It means noble in German.

17. Amanda

The female version of Amandus, meaning loved and worthy to love. A name that is just fitting.

18. Mildred

Let’s not put down the idea of having an old fashioned name just yet. Take a second and think of all the cute nicknames you can come up with, Drew, Mil, Millie, and many more. To top it off, the name means gentle strength in Old English, quite an aspiration for your little angel.

19. Bernadette

A unique meaning attached to this name that is as brave as a bear in German. A strong name for a future strong woman in the coming generation.

20. Bridgette

This is a French origin name that means strength, but this is not all as the name has been associated with the mythological Celtic goddess of poetry and fire.

21. Divya

A name meaning divine or heavenly; if the name does not sound unique, the meaning must be blowing your mind. A name that is appropriate for your little princess.

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22. Fionnuala

Now when we talk of unique, that has got to be at the top of your list. The name has an Irish origin, which means a white shoulder. A rare name with such a unique meaning.

23. Jasmine

Yet another perfect name if you love flowers and being one with nature. The name has a Persian origin and comes from the English word that means climbing plants for the fragrant flowers.

Giving your little one a name that has a meaning close to your heart makes the name all that special; this is both to her and to your family. Hope this list has helped you identify the perfect name for your little one.

Girl names and their meanings
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