Can you bring baby wipes on a plane? Plus helpful tips!

When travelling we ask our selves a heap of questions like can you bring baby wipes on a plane? And the answer is yes plus other baby essentials.

If you have a little angel with you, there are several must-have items you need to get. Such as finding out how to use a boppy pillow, to make your breast-feeding experience easier to finding pacifier alternatives, so how about baby wipes on airplane?

Among them are the baby wipes making you wonder can you bring baby wipes on a plane?

We can’t even imagine what we would do without them. We still have to travel, and the plane world has its pipeline of restrictions.

There are many don’ts and do’s, and also items that you can’t take to the plane.

So, can you bring baby wipes on a plane?

Are there any limits to the amount of wet wipes you can carry?

This article gives insight to parents on what to expect when they decide to take their baby on a flying expedition from the transport security administration!

Planning to travel? Can you bring baby wipes on a plane?

Yes, you can!

Parents can smile as they can get away with pretty much all baby essentials at their airport security. These include baby wipes, diapers, bottled water, baby cream and lotion, baby formula, and breast milk.

It is also the case if you wish to incorporate disinfectant wipes such as the Lysol and Clorox wipes. The TSA rules for liquids don’t apply to wipes!

So you can go ahead and pack baby wipes with no worries, but makeup wipes is something you might need to do additional research on.

Wipes are a baby essential

Parenting is no small feat, especially for beginner parents. And the stains and spills of who-knows-what need something on the go to save the day.

And getting spills or stains is the toughest task on the block, but find out how to get spit out stains out of baby clothes.

Most parents pack wet wipes in every outing bag or one is lying around in every corner of the house or in the car.

These wetties handle various emergencies.

Staying without a pack of these essentials takes away the peace of mind. Moreover, the plane is not exactly the safest place in terms of germs and harmful organisms that settle on the armrest, tray table, or seat.

The disinfectant wipes can come in handy, and baby wipes count in such situations.

Are my baby wipes limited to a specific size or quantity?

Not at all!

Messes and babies are inseparable. And if you are traveling with your baby or young child, the messes are sure to come.

In addition, disinfecting the area around you and your baby keeps off disease-causing microorganisms.

Babies have their eating schedules too, and being in the air doesn’t stop the hunger. Wipes allow you to disinfect your hands so that your baby may not fall sick from ingesting germs.

So, can you bring along as many wipes as you want?

Yes, to some extent. For starters, baby wipes are not prohibited throughout the TSA airport security checkpoint. Large airports even have baby wipes in stores after the checkpoint.

The simple answer is you can bring any quantity and size in your carry-on bags, and you will not be penalized for it. They are not considered liquids. But opting for the smallest pack in the baby store or aisle is always safer.

Don’t wish to travel with the whole pack?

Suppose you are only traveling for thirty or forty-five minutes, you may find no need to bring the entire pack, and that’s okay.

You can find a smaller-sized container at home that is sealable and put the number of wipes you will likely need. Even a plastic baggy is good to go. Unless you expose them to air or contamination, wipes retain their functionality in any packaging.

Is there a restriction on the types of wipes?

Apart from the baby wipes, there are face wipes, alcoholic wipes, Lysol wipes, and more. The excellent news is they are all allowed on the plane, so get them on your air cruise!

You can incorporate them into your carry-on or suitcase. It only makes sense as wipes clean the tray table and the baby spills and are ideal for disinfecting your hands after the flight.

Where should I pack my baby wipes?

You can sigh with relief as your baby wipes are definitely getting on the plane.

But are they okay in any part of the bag? Although TSA doesn’t consider them liquids, it’s no secret that they have liquid and can leak. That means you should not squeeze them in anyhow.

First, ensure the pack is tightly sealed before packing.

Secondly, it is better off at the top position of the bag for easy accessibility and to prevent the potential leak from dampening other items in the travel bag.

This is especially true if the travel-leaking syndrome decides to make another appearance. That said, your packing list should leave out adequate space that your wipes will need at the top.

This will also make it easier to show TSA in case the need arises.

Are airplanes dirty?

Yes, they are. It has more to do with the invisible dirt.

Let’s put it into perspective. Imagine the thousands of people from different parts of the world that get into planes every day. And in most cases, they will not leave the plane as they found it.

Traces of common cold viruses are just a possibility, with many more. If you wish to be on top of your and your family’s safety, carrying wipes shouldn’t even be a choice.

Which plane part is the dirtiest?

Think of the spots you normally touch; thousands have touched them.

These places need more attention during the cleaning to protect your baby. Let’s list in order from the most to the least dirty; tray table, air vent, armrest, headrest, and the entertainment system.

Can you take Lysol on a plane?

Any flammable aerosol is not allowed on the hand or checked luggage unless it qualifies as medicine or toiletry.

Lysol is one of the most popular travel buddies and a great addition for any traveler, just not a plane! It is an aerosol in a pressurized container. And since it is not medicinal or toiletry like deodorant, the rules for all aerosols apply.

Can you take a disinfectant pump bottle on a plane?

Coronavirus left the world in shock by the possibilities of merely touching a surface.

And the concerns for our health have left us wondering about more tips to keep ourselves safe. Are you asking if a pump bottle disinfectant spray is to go on a plane?

Unfortunately, no! These bottles are larger than the stated 3.4 oz. Moreover, they can’t fit your hand luggage, especially the liquids bag.

Traveling soon? What to include during your flight

Hand sanitizer

Parents need to check the alcohol level of the sanitizer to ensure they don’t jeopardize their baby’s health. You should also carry a product that’s not more than 3.4 oz.

Sanitizing wipes

Any wipes, including baby wipes, are okay on a plane. You can carry them in any quantity and size.

Disinfectant sprays

Sprays are allowed on the carry-on luggage, provided they do not exceed 3.4 oz. Any larger sizes are better off in the checked luggage.

Final thoughts on Can you bring baby wipes on a plane?

Baby wipes are a savior for any parent and a must-have.

And yes, you can!

When babies or young kids are involved, accidental spills and stains are bound to be the order of the day. Wipes are a handy thing to incorporate into your carry-on bag.

Besides, they are allowed in any size or quantity; the same applies to face, sanitizing, and alcohol wipes.

While parents can participate in the hunt for the best disinfectant to keep their babies safe during travel, baby wipes couldn’t be more perfect.

This is especially true for disinfecting wipes. Get your pack ready for the short and long hauls in the air!

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