Can an adult drink baby formula to gain weight?

Mothers who cannot provide breast milk have used baby formula to nourish their kids for decades. But can an adult drink baby formula to gain weight?

Baby formula, also known as baby milk, infant milk, or infant formula, is packed with nutrients to provide the newborn’s developmental needs.

Despite being targeted at babies, it has caught the attention of adults.

Baby formula

If you have tried all the remedies to increase breast milk at home naturally, nothing seems to work, don’t worry. This is why baby formula was developed.

It is artificially produced nourishment for babies below twelve months that comes in powder or liquid form.

 Additionally, it has been incorporated with nutrients present in breast milk. The goal of producing baby milk formula is to include as many nutrients as possible.

It may contain other elements to make it appealing. Therefor, it is filled with minerals, vitamins, and other ingredients that help muscles grow and build up the immune response; some adults have considered using it.

Can an adult drink baby formula to gain weight?

Adults can drink baby formula, but their needs differ from those of babies. Adults need more calories compared to babies.

What does the baby formula contain?

It contains nutrients like:

ARA (Arachidonic Acid)

A fatty chain acid is linked to babies’ eye and brain development. As a result, consuming 8 ounces of baby formula does not provide the body with the fatty acids it needs as it would a baby.

HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharides)

This is a specific type of carbohydrate found in breast milk. It is linked to the immune response during the first week of life to one month old.

It is recommended that an adult consumes one gram of omega-three fatty acids a week. The average amount of DHA in baby formula is 50 mg. This means you still need to finish 950 mg of omega-three.

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)

Another chain acid is responsible for eyes problem and brain problem development before birth and in the first few months of development.

Vegetable oils

Replace the cow’s fat since it is easier for babies to digest than milk fats. The baby formula contains 10 mg of fat below the recommended adult levels.


This is a mineral compound used in red blood cell development. A baby requires half a milligram, while an adult requires 8-18mg of iron.

The average baby formula contains 2mg of iron. An adult will need lots of baby formula to reach the minimum daily amount.

Cow’s milk

It forms the base of 80% of all formulas. Dairy proteins are easy to digest.

Why do adults drink baby milk?

Tastes good

Although some brand milk formulas do not taste great, some are known to entice the buds. The sweet taste of the milk draws adults to drink the formula.

To build muscles

Some adults find drinking baby formula helps to build muscle. The milk contains 5mg of protein per serving. Adults will take the milk to look all buff and develop strength.

However, one must take lots of baby formula to get daily servings.

Extra nutrients

The baby formula is packed with the proper nutrients. Adults drink it to replenish nutrients.

Is the baby formula good for your health?

Daily nutritional requirement

The adults’ daily nutritional requirement differs from that of a baby. The formula’s dietary requirements are meant to feed babies.

Adults would need to drink lots of baby formula to make up for adult’s daily nutritional needs.

Too much fat

Baby formula is full of fat since it is the baby’s developmental superfood. The fats also provide the baby with extra energy for growth. Taking too much fat as an adult is not advisable.

It may lead to high cholesterol levels, causing heart disease.

Drinking formula milk along with other high-fat foods can help in weight gain. However, if you take it on its own, you must drink it in gallons.

Too much iron

Baby formulas are fortified with iron. If you take too much iron, you may end up with an overdose of iron. Too much iron is risky for your body. It may lead to iron poisoning, vomiting, and stomach pains. Also, excess iron may lead to brain damage. 

What happens when you drink baby formula?

An adult cannot survive on baby formula alone. As a result, people experimenting with baby formula for months or weeks have not seen effective results.

You must consume lots of baby formula to meet your daily nutritional requirement. Also, drinking the baby formula in large quantities can lead to loss of appetite at some point.

Maintaining quantity leads to a need for more nutrients. This may cause the body to suffer.

What’s the difference between baby formulas vs. protein powder

The baby formula is a powder or liquid incorporating significant nutrients for kids. In contrast, protein powder contains protein foods sourced from milk, egg, and plants in powder form.

The baby powder comprises essential nutrients like fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

Thus, protein powder includes only proteins; the high quantity of protein in one serving is equivalent to the daily protein needs of an adult.

Most protein powders on the market contain 20-30mg of protein per 8-ounce serving, close to the average adult needs of 35-45mg per day.

On the other hand, the average protein content in the baby formula is low compared to the adults’ daily needs.

Consuming regular foods offers a decent amount of protein, thus disadvantaging you if you drink infant formula alone.

One last thing, can an adult drink baby formula to gain weight?

Drinking baby formula will not help an adult gain considerable weight. As an adult, you need a specific amount of nutrients for your daily requirements; hence replacing your regular food with infant milk is not an option.

Its energy content alone cannot keep you going.

Drinking baby formula alone is not sustainable. You will feel weak after a few hours or days. You also need to drink lots of formula milk to achieve your daily nutritional requirement.

To gain weight while drinking infant milk, you must consume it in large quantities.

Also, formula milk is quite expensive, and it will be a waste of money if you buy it for adult consumption.

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