Boy names that can also be girl names

Getting unique gender neutral names, that is, boy names that can also be girl names are becoming a new trend. And I must say it can be charming when we are trying to give the female and male bearers some sensitivity and strength at the same time. It is the main reason we borrow a name from the other gender.

Let us take, for example, the famous names Hilary and Lindsey. These names were strictly boy’s names, which I consider a fascinating fact. And if you have been searching for the perfect name, it might be a good idea to have a boy name for your girl; I mean, how unique does this get, or you could go the classical name route of getting a name. Read on to get some name ideas you could explore.

20 Boy names that can also be girl names

A couple of years back, Harper, Addison, and Maddison started being trendy boy names used for our princesses. As the trend continues, there are more beautiful names being discovered and moving towards the girl’s side. So let’s find out some of the unique boy names that are quickly being recast for girls.

1. Aidan

This is a trendy Irish saint name that is becoming a trend as a girl name too, and the meaning behind it complements both genders. A name meaning little and fiery.

2. Alex

There are several variations of Alexandra that are being used for our princesses. Still, we have come to love the boyish charm of the name Alex. A name that is very edgy and powerful while still being feminine, a name that means ‘defender to humanity.’

3. Amari

Such a unique name, note to the male gender this is a name that you have to share with the girls, a Hebrew name meaning eternal. Don’t you think this sounds like the perfect name for our little princess?

4. Bellamy

How about this name? This makes a perfect fun baby name for your little girl, especially if you like scandal, but still, a cool name to explore, a name that has the origin of both English and Irish, which means ‘excellent friend.’

5. Blake

We have to give thanks to Blake Lively for making this name acceptable for the female gender. We have come to love how this name fits perfectly for a girl, a strong yet sweet name, a perfect fit we must say. A name that means ‘one with pale skin or hair.’

6. Cameron

There has been a rising trend of this name used on baby girls; this is also thanks to Camron Diaz. A name that means ‘crooked nose.’

7. Casey

This may be a common boy’s name, but when you repeat it, you can easily hear the feminine touch to the name. The name was derived for the Irish Gaelic word, the ‘cathasaigh,’ meaning ‘vigilant or watchful.’

8. Claude

There is a conception the name Claude is a male name while Claudia is the female version. However, this name is used for both girls and boys in France, a name that means ‘lame.’

9. Daryl

Ever since Daryl Hanna appeared as a beautiful mermaid in the splash, the name quickly made waves, a name meaning ‘open.’ Together with its meaning and edgy-cool, we can agree this is the reason it has become popular.

10. Drew

This name has gotten its popularity thanks to Drew Barrymore of doing an excellent job in the limelight, making the name sound more for the girls than for the male gender. Even when you say it repeatedly, we can agree the name has the perfect balance of sugar and spice. The name Drew originated as a short form for Andrew, but now it’s a name of its own backbone that can stand firmly on its own.

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11. Dylan

This is among the top 20 unique names for boys, and at the same time, it is slowly gaining some traction as a popular girl name. And when it crosses genders, it just sounds more melodious. A welsh baby name that means ‘son of the wave’ or if you would like ‘born near the sea’, melodious indeed.

12. Elliot

Another popular name that quickly joined the girls camp, the only small twist of the name for a girl is the spelling, Elliote, of course, to give your baby girl that extra uniqueness. A name that means ‘Jehovah God’.

13. Frankie

I must say this is one of those adorable variations I have come across of the name Frances, at first it was a trendy name for boys, buy the girls couldn’t be left behind on the trend.

14. Glenn

Just before Glenn Close, there were very few girls bearing this name, but the award-winning actress was able to propel the popularity of this name. A name that is derived from the Gaelic word ‘gleana’, a unique name meaning ‘Valley.’

15. Hendrix

A name that is vibrant and full of life, a name that has been derived for the German word Haganrih meaning ‘a ruler of an enclosure.’ A bold name that will immediately make your baby stand out.

16. Jamie

Several actors bear this prestigious name; this is from Jamie Dornan to the famous musician Jamie Foxx. A name that has become popular for both girls and boys, a name that means ‘supplanter.’

17. Jessie

If we go back in time, this was not a popular name amongst girls, because it was considered to be a name just for the male gender, but slowly this trend has changed and am sure we know a handful of girls with this beautiful name.

18. Kendall

Since the explosion of Kendall Jenner on our t.v screens the name is also popularly used for baby girls. It is of Celtic origin, meaning ‘from the bright valley.’ And just looking at the popularity of Kendall Jenner, you baby girl will also have such a beautiful future, who wouldn’t want that for their child.

19. Lyle

This is a unique Scottish name; it is one of those names that sounds cool on your daughter. A straightforward name with one syllable meaning ‘who lives on an island.’

20. Mason

The name has been super trendy for boys, and slowly it is crossing over to girls, a name that means ‘stone worker.

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Final thoughts on boy names that can also be girl names

So are you in the trend of picking cool boy names for your little princess? These are fresh, unique names that will bring out some character just in her name, masculine girl names, consider choosing one for your perfect princess.

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