Badass Girl Names

As a new parent, you want your princess to be as unique as possible, starting with her name. A badass name means a name that is cool and powerful, just like the cute badass boy names. It is a name for someone outgoing, fun, and someone who will not allow anyone to be unfair to them or others. This is exactly what many parents wish their daughters to be like. To come up with rare yet badass girl names for your cute baby girl can be hard. You need to be creative and willing to break some traditional naming rules, like having cute warlock names. You have to try and think outside the box and avoid the boring names.

Let us face it; a name is believed to determine your baby’s character. You wouldn’t like a name with very negative reviews. Many young parents would like a badass daughter who can face anything the world throws at her. If you feel stuck on how to come up with your little baby girl’s badass name, then here are some cool names you can borrow.


A badass girl is strong and her own boss. A born leader, most girls want to be like her. She is always admired by everyone in every room she walks in. This is a compiled list of some badass girl names to go with this fiery character, you can also explore some boy names that can also be girl names, to just give her that edgy character.

1. Aila/ Ayla – The name is pronounced Ay-luh. It is of Scottish origin and means ‘the strong one.’

2. Audrey – This cute name meaning ‘one with noble strength.’

3. Avila Willow – Do you like double names? Double names are exclusive, and your little girl will love it in the future. This name right here is unique and cool.

4. Badu – This name means an authoritative and strong person, just like your little lady should be.

5. Cassandra – This is a strong female name of Greek origin, meaning warrior or defender of men.

6. Cerah – The name Cerah means a dear, beloved, or cherished one.

7. Ella – This is an English name meaning ‘Light, beautiful and fair lady. It is a short, sweet, and straightforward name that easily rolls off your tongue.

8. Eslie – This name is of Aramaic origin meaning peaceful one. If you don’t mind the confusion, the name can be confused with Elsie, but it is perfect for your little one.

9. Evanna – Evanna comes from the male name Evans. Some people use the spelling variant Ivanna, but both names mean a fearless person.

10. Gabriella – The name Gabriella commands attention, and you can always shorten it to Gaby. Cute, right?

11. Gigi – This is a simple yet beautiful name that means a goddess.

12. Goldie – The name means bright as the sun, and some say it means happiness.

13. Hazel – If you love the color green, then you can go ahead and name your new baby girl Hazel.

14. Indi – The baby girl’s name means independent, a characteristic we like to instill in our little ones.

15. June – For a baby girl born in June, you can name her after the month she was born in. This may apply for other months like May, April, August. They are all adorable but badass names.

16. Kaylie – Kaylie has its roots in Gaelic and Irish origins, meaning slim and fair

17. Lana – Lana is a sweet name that means rock. It is not very popular thus very suitable.

18. Lavender – This name stands for both the flower name and its purple color. It is a lovely name for your girl.

19. Lola – The name means a person who does not like to follow the rules. A bold name indeed.

20. Lunah – This name Lunah has a Latin origin meaning moon. We can even relate it to the Luna eclipse, which is a rare but exciting occurrence.

21. Maca – This very rare name means a person who is happy and refined.

22. Nadia – The name Nadia is of Russian origin, meaning hope. It has become popular in in the past, but it is still very badass.

23. Nia – This is a Swahili name that means a goal or a purpose. It is not popular thus very unique.

24. Norie – It is pronounced The name is an Irish name that means Light.

25. Piper – This is a musical name meaning ‘flute player.’

26. Primrose – Naming your little girl after a flower? Why not! A cute and badass name for your little princess.

27. Quinn – ‘Intelligent like a queen.’ Oh, how adorable.

28. Raven – A raven is a beautiful large bird, and the word often symbolizes wisdom. Naming your baby girl this beautiful name will reflect how wise you would like her to be.

29. Rumi – Just as the name itself sounds, it means beautiful.

30. Scarlette – Scarlette is an English name referring to the color red. It symbolizes beauty, strength, confidence, and dominance.

31. Sienna – Sienna is an Italian name that means the color reddish-brown. It became known because of the British actress Sienna Miller.

32. Sloane – This is not a common name. It stands for beauty and strength. Just the qualities a lady should possess.

33. Stormi – A modern name that shows just how powerful your princess is.

34. Sydney – The name is an Australian city which is considered very beautiful by many people.

35. Tegan – The name means a loved one or the favorite one

36. Vivian – Vivian may be a little popular but a perfect name for anyone rebellious. It is a Latin name meaning full of life, just like your little princess.

37. Venus – This rare and badass name means the goddess of beauty and love. And for sure, your princess will be a goddess of beauty.

38. Zahli – This name has an Australian origin and is pronounced as ‘Zah-lee.’ Acute name that resonates in your ears.

39. Zahra – Zahra is an Arabic name meaning flower, another pretty flower name for your little one.

40. Zuri – The name Zuri means a beautiful thing in Swahili. It is simple and easy to pronounce. And might I add unique for your little one.

One last thing

You can always come up with more badass girl names from the above inspirations. Some people combine parents’ names to come up with their babies ‘ names. Others look at stuff around them, such as colors, the weather, days, nature. Another way of coming up with rare names is by combining two names or two items. Examples are Lailie Dusk, Tai Azalia, or Dusty Rose. You can also consider following your favorite celebrities and learn their naming systems for their babies. But all in all, the extensive list above should inspire the perfect name for your little one; you can also look at the adorable baby girl names.

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